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+			<h4>Riena has published its Release as part of the Galileo release train (24 June 2009)</h4>
+			<p>Release is final and available for download. 
+			   The Wiki page <a href="http://wiki.eclipse.org/Riena_Getting_started">Getting Started</a> contains the download links and all that.
+			   For a list of features that very added since 1.0.0 look at <a href="http://wiki.eclipse.org/Riena_New_And_Noteworthy#">New and Noteworthy</a> section.
+			   </p>
 			<h4>Riena is participating in the Galileo release train</h4>
 			<p>Details about currently available milestones can be found in <a href="http://wiki.eclipse.org/Riena_Getting_started">Getting Started</a>.</p>
 			<h4>Riena has published its first Release 1.0.0 (30 January 2009)</h4>