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<plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:html="" name="RTSC">
<release projectid="dsdp.rtsc" version="0.1"/>
<introduction><html:div xmlns="">
<p>The <a href=""><b>Real-Time Software Components (RTSC)</b></a>
project provides foundational tools and low-level runtime content to enable
component-based development using the C language targeting all embedded platforms.
While other component technologies exist for embedded systems,
RTSC is unique in that components scale down to highly resource constrained
embedded systems including DSPs and 16-bit micro-controllers and easily bridge to Rich Client Platforms.
<release_deliverables><html:div xmlns="">
Until we pass the IPzilla gate, there are no deliverables. Once this is done, we expect a
download largely equivalent to the
<a href="">XDCtools 3.X product</a> from TI
<preamble><html:div xmlns="">Since RTSC is moving an existing TI product under active development to the eclipse infrastructure the milestones below reflect progress
toward this transition rather than progress on the themes below.</html:div></preamble>
<milestone date="11/30/2008" milestone="M1"><html:div>initial source available from SVN</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="1/30/2009" milestone="M2"><html:div>weekly integration cycle on SVN</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="2/30/2008" milestone="M3"><html:div>source rebuildable outside TI</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="3/30/2009" milestone="0.1"><html:div>first open release</html:div></milestone>
<target_environments><html:div xmlns="">
XDCtools contains a number of command line tools that compiled
against version 1.5.0 of the Java Platform APIs (i.e., Java 2 Platform,
Release 1.5.0 SE), and designed to run on version 1.5.0 of the Java
Runtime Environment, Standard Edition.
<p> In addition, these tools contain several Eclipse plugins that integrate these tools into
Eclipse Platform 3.2 and the C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) 3.2 or later.
<p>Finally, there are several portable C/C++-based utilities that are currently compiled for both
a Windows (XP, ...) or Linux (Red Hat 3.4.6-8) platform.
<compatibility_with_previous_releases><html:div xmlns="">
<p>The goal of the first release of the XDCtools is to be binary backward compatible with
the XDCtools 3.10 release from TI.</p>
<p><strong>API Contract Compatibility:</strong>.
<p><strong>Binary (plug-in) Compatibility:</strong>.
<p><strong>Source Compatibility:</strong>
<p><strong>Workspace Compatibility:</strong>
<theme name="Eclipse Integration and Infrastructure Migration">
<description><html:div xmlns="">The XDCtools 3.10 Eclipse integration relies on TI-specific modifications
to an older Eclipse platform. We need to eliminate these dependencies to enable RTSC use in state-of-the-art
Eclipse platforms. In addition to work on the code base, we need to transition the code base from TI internal
infrastructure (source change control, bug tracking, builds etc.) to eclipse infrastructure
<li>migrate open bugs to bugzilla</li>
<li>get code base through IPzilla into SVN</li>
<li>separate targets and platforms from core (to enable separate updates)</li>
<theme name="Ease of Use">
<description><html:div xmlns="">More docs, primers, examples, and refinement of repository management and path tools.
<li>finish packaging primer</li>
<li>create IPackage implementation guide (includes "how to write getLibs()")</li>
<li>finish C-binding and "under-construction" topics</li>
<li>configuro and repoman refinements</li>
<theme name="Graphical Configuration">
<description><html:div xmlns="">XDCtools 3.10 has an experimental graphical configuration tool integrated into Eclipse.
This tool needs to be polished and made robust for mass-market use.
<li>improve robustness</li>
<li>implement undo, delete, and rename</li>
<li>allow user to control when validation occurs</li>
<theme name="Real-Time Analysis">
<description><html:div xmlns="">XDCtools 3.11 has an experimental tools that monitor embedded targets in real-time to provide
visibility into the current state of the system. These tools, like graphical configuration, need polishing.</html:div></description>
<theme name="Other">
<description><html:div xmlns="">
Features and bugs that we plan to address in the next release that are not categorized into one of the themes above.
<li>package validation tool</li>
<li>create mechanism for integrator to handle/override "bad" packages</li>
<li>add product bundle version meta-data to repositories</li>
<li>update prerequisites: GNU make, Antlr, Rhino, </li>