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<title>Sirius - What's New in Sirius 4.1</title>
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<h1 class="page_title">What's New in Sirius 5.1</h1>
<p>This new release brings several improvements:</p>
<li><a href="#auto-scale">Auto-scaled exported images</a></li>
<li><a href="#edges-layout">Improved edges layout</a></li>
<h2><a name="auto-scale"></a>Auto-scaled exported images</h2>
<p>A new option allows the user to export a diagram automatically scaled to the maximum size allowed by his OS.</p>
<p><img class="shadow" src="../images/whatsnew5_1/sirius51_auto-scale-1.png"></p>
<p>With small diagrams this option will result in larger images (with a higher resolution). On the contrary, very large diagrams will result in smaller images (with a lower resolution).</p>
<p><img src="../images/whatsnew5_1/sirius51_auto-scale-2.png" width="800"></p>
<h2><a name="edges-layout"></a>Improved edges layout</h2>
<p>Several new options allow the user to better arrange the layout of edges.</p>
<h3>New straighten actions</h3>
<p>Four new layout actions have been added to straighten edges :</p>
<li>with top side pinned</li>
<li>with bottom side pinned</li>
<li>with left side pinned</li>
<li>with right side pinned</li>
<p>With this new actions, the chosen side of the selected edges (top, bottom, left or right) is kept unchanged: only the opposite side is moved.</p>
<p><img src="../images/whatsnew5_1/sirius51_edges-3.png" width="800"></p>
<h3>Straighten actions in the tab-bar menu</h3>
<p>A new tab-bar menu has been added to select straighten actions applicable on selected edges</p>
<p><img src="../images/whatsnew5_1/sirius51_edges-1.png"></p>
<p>These straighten action are now available even if it is not applicable on one of the selected edges. In this case it will only affect compatible edges.</p>
<h3>Bend-points removing</h3>
<p>The removing of bend-points (the inflection points) has been improved to also apply on rectilinear edges.</p>
<p><img src="../images/whatsnew5_1/sirius51_edges-2.png"></p>
<h3>No more automatic reveal</h3>
<p>In a diagram, when selecting an edge or a node that are not fully displayed in the editor, now, the display area is not moved anymore to automatically reveal the object.</p>
<p>If the user wants to fully see the selected element, he may still drag the editor content using the center mouse button, the outline view or the scroll bars.</p>
<h2><a name="more"></a>And even more</h2>
<p>A comprehensive list of Sirius 5.1 changes can be found in the <a href="" target="_blank">Official Release Notes</a>.</p>
<h2><a name="config"></a>Previous versions</h2>
<p>Read <a href="" title="New & Noteworthy">What's new in Sirius 5.0</a> to see the new and noteworthy features of previous version.</p>
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