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<h1>Community Support</h1>
href="/sphinx/documentation.php">Documentation</a></b> - Find information about Sphinx</li>
rel="nofollow">Adopter Forum</a></b> - Ask questions, discuss ideas, find answers</li>
rel="nofollow">Bugzilla</a></b> - Inspect open issues
rel="nofollow">File a bug</a></b> - File bug reports and feature requests</li>
<h1>Professional Support</h1>
<p>Using Sphinx is like using any kind of open source software free of licensing fees. The same applies to the associated community support. However, when it comes to using Sphinx in real business or production contexts additional mission-critical aspects come into play, e.g.,
professional support with and reliable and reasonably short response times, professional maintenance and training, and priority handling of feature requests. They complement the open source and community support and make a value-added industry solution out of it.
a professional maintenance agreement with fixed response times is often mandatory in an industrial setting. This ensures your productivity.
<!-- EclipseSource employs several EMFStore committers and <a href="">offers professional support</a> and <a href="">training</a>.
Such freely available standard solutions however do not often meet all of the users´┐Ż needs. YAKINDU Artop professional closes this gap via individual enhancements and services.
Nevertheless: business software, built on open-source components require long-term support -
even for older versions -
as well as personnel who understand the inner workings of these components and tasks can be solved quickly and effectively.
When it comes to problems or questions, prompt and reliable help is imperative. For such cases, itemis offers an added-value package with YAKINDU Artop professional,
which guarantees personalized service and support for Artop. If desired, for example, features can be developed and tailored for specific use cases. -->