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Q: 13:27:13 From Amine Mortaji To All Panelists : I have a question: while using webwizard, i dont get always the right informations for example the location of traffic lights.
A: Part of this may be input data issues which can only be fixed manually. Some of this is interpretation of the input data. Make sure to use the recommended options: If input data is lacking your best option may be heuristic generation: (tls.guess,
Q: 13:28:26 From John Pinder : i cant find the tools folder with in, have i not installed it correctly?
A: if you downloaded the installer, check to target of the link in your start menu. If you downloaded the zip it should be in there.
Q: 13:30:09 From Guang Wu To All Panelists : Can stop sign be created by osmWebWizard? It seems stop sign is not from auto-generated .xml files?
A: 13:30:45 From Michael Behrisch : No stop signs but the priorities of the junctions are usually correct
A: At the moment, no. The relevant information is currently not extracted from OSM. You can manually change the junction type to priority_stop though.
Q: 13:30:49 From Mohit Garg To All Panelists : There are some other files I saw somewhere .emi.xml and poi.xml files. What are they for?
A: .poi.xml is the customary extension for points of interest which are loaded mostly for cosmetical purposes. .emi.xml is not a customary extensions and could be anything (i.e. user defined additional input files to declare outputs
Q: 13:33:03 From John Pinder : where is the default install path in ubuntu?
A: 13:33:16 From Michael Behrisch : /usr/share/sumo
Q: 13:34:15 From Ei Ei Mon To All Panelists : can we get the flow and route information instead of trip.xml after using osmwebwizard?
A: 13:34:54 From Michael Behrisch : Not directly but you can simply call duarouter for that. You can also add -r "route.rou.xml" to the randomTrips call in build.bat
A: 13:37:54 From Sasan Amini : is it possible to import the sattelite images in NETEDIT? or they only work in SUMO_GUI?
Q: 13:38:46 From Michael Behrisch : Satellite images work in netedit as well
Q: 13:42:32 From Behzad Bamdad Mehrabani To All Panelists : Does importing large scale network, the same as what Jakob did right now? Is it possible to import large scale network?
A: 13:45:34 From Michael Behrisch : You can import large scale networks, but probably you would not use the webWizard but download the osm file separately.
A: see
Q: 13:43:29 From Mario Krumnow To All Panelists : Nice idea to have osm tag's for actuation mode of the traffic light and for detectors as well ;-)
A: 13:46:51 From Michael Behrisch : Having more information about the traffic light in OSM is an ongoing discussion and the OpenStreetMap people do not always like the idea (some are very map focussed)
Q: 13:46:11 From Levente Alekszejenkó : Are there a shortcut for changing the type of all traffic lights back to the static behaviour? (Or is there a script which changes it in input files?)
A: 13:47:48 From Lara Codeca : @Levente: I usually change it in the netconvert config file, using the default.
A 13:52:29 From Giuliana Armellini To All Panelists : @Levante: you can use the selection mode in netedit to select all traffic lights (or only the ones with actuated type) and then in the inspection mode change all to static type
Q: 13:46:49 From Jackie Zhang To All Panelists : If I want to use SUMO in Linux, the latest version 1.7.0, Ubuntu 18.04LTS or 20.04LTS, which one is better, or either is fine
A: 13:47:15 From Michael Behrisch : We test SUMO on 18.04 but both should be fine.
Q: 13:50:05 From Narayana Raju To All Panelists : can we induce a new car following model for the vehicles with traci??
A: 13:50:50 From Michael Behrisch : @Naranya (Changing CF model via traci): Yes, you can change the vehicle type and the car following model is a part of that
Q: 13:51:35 From Narayana Raju To All Panelists : thanks, like I code my own new model and assign it to the vehicles
A: 13:53:13 From Michael Behrisch : @Narayana: You can use your own model either by coding the whole model with traci (setting the speed /position in every step) or by implementing the model in C++ and then selecting it in the vehicle type.
Q: 13:55:00 From souhir bennaya To All Panelists : hello -what is the role of random when applying activitygen (what is the difference between running the simulation with and without the random option)?
A: 13:56:29 From Michael Behrisch : @souhir Please read here:
Q: 13:55:33 From 云阳 史 To All Panelists : Hi, I want to konw if sumo supports a custom area to let the vehicle drive freely on it(similar to being in an area of a parking lot), thanks!
A: 13:58:03 From Michael Behrisch : @ 云阳 史 (free movement of vehicles) is not possible with the standard models but you can achieve it with traci.
Q: 14:02:43 From Tobias Ferfers To All Panelists : Hey, whats a good way to evaluate the count data like in this tutorial scenario? Placing some detectors?
A: 14:04:21 From Michael Behrisch : @Tobias (How to evaluate counts): It depends whether you need only local data or the whole network. The format is usually more like meandata
Q: 14:05:06 From John Pinder : can you do similar things for busses
A: 14:06:30 From Michael Behrisch : @John The vehicle type does not matter
Q: 14:03:40 From Yukon_Red To All Panelists : ooo use the taxi functionality to show how Tesla autonomous taxis will upset the market
A: 14:08:33 From Michael Behrisch : @Yukon_Red (use this for autonomous taxis) Yes, that is the idea, although you need probably a more elaborated dipatching / scheduling here.
Q: 14:09:18 From Gerald Richter : can the operation of taxis be intermodal, e.g. taking ppl to park&ride points with swapping to train?
A: Yes
Q: 14:09:50 From Benedikt Buhk : Is there a database for real counting data of cars on real streets? (To simulate random traffic but near to reality in certain cities)
A: 14:16:53 From Michael Behrisch : @Benedikt (Zähldaten) For German Autobahnen there is data like that:
A: 14:28:34 From Gabriel Tilg : @Benedikt Buhk: You will find some loop detector data for urban traffic here:
Q: 14:10:00 From Gerald Richter : can the pickup at pt stops be limited to just a certain subset of those?
A: At the moment no. It's an obvious (and simple) enhancement though
Q: 14:15:53 From Inna Morozova : Is it possible to use the same lane in both directions,if one direction has priority to pass this lane?
A: Yes.
Q: 14:14:01 From John Pinder : is there an (taxi) algorithm list that explains each use?
A: 14:15:07 From Giuliana Armellini : @John Pinder; here you can find a list of the available algorithm:
Q: 14:13:46 From Meng Long To All Panelists : If I use flow to generate vehicles, such as defining 500 vehs per hour, does this generate uniformly or followed the Poisson distribution? And how to get the average delay of the whole network?
A: By default departures are uniform but you can also define a random flow:
Q: 14:24:04 From John Pinder : who can i contact for email support?
A: 14:25:45 From Michael Behrisch : @John see
Q: 14:26:19 From Samuel Würtz To All Panelists : what can I expect from the "public transport in meso"? how does it differ from current posiiblities to simulate public transport busses?
A: 14:27:14 From Michael Behrisch : @Samuel meso is much faster so it would allow for larger networks or more simulations done in shorter time
Q: 14:25:50 From praveen pandey To All Panelists : I am interested in knowing how in sumo network link freespeed and capacity is controlled.
A: 14:29:03 From Michael Behrisch : @praveen (how to control freespeed and capacity) those are emergent properties from the car following and the road properties and not controlled directly
Q: 14:32:09 From Tristan Stull To All Panelists : can someone point me to the documentation for SAGA? Thanks.
A: 14:35:02 From Michael Behrisch : @tristan (SAGA docs):
Q: 14:34:35 From Narayana Raju : can we code our own lane change models using traci?
A: 14:35:34 From Michael Behrisch : @Narayana yes
Q: 14:36:05 From Jackie Zhang To All Panelists : Is it possible to get the Edge ID list and Junction ID list by TraCI functions, is yes, which one should be used?
A: 14:36:57 From Michael Behrisch : @Jackie (get edge and lane ids via traci): Yes, getIDList is part of the edge and the junction module
Q: 14:40:18 From Jackie Zhang To All Panelists : Thanks, but the getIDList function is for the all the objects in the road network, is it possible to separate the edges and junction ID ?
A: No. traci.edge.getIDList and traci.junction.getIDList return distinct lists
Q: 14:36:26 From Tobias Ferfers To All Panelists : @Jakob You mentioned it is possible to "mix" car following models (a tool), could you give me a keyword to look for?
A: 14:39:10 From Michael Behrisch : @Tobias (mix following models) you can generate vehicle type distributions using
Q: 14:37:39 From Vikash Kumar To All Panelists : Does latest version of SUMO which is 1.7.0 supports sumo web3D simulaltion on browser or we have to use the older version which is SUMO 0.3.2
A: 14:39:47 From Michael Behrisch : @Vikash (support for web3D) We do not test this regularly, so we cannot tell.
A: 14:39:50 From Robert Hilbrich : Vikash: web3d was built by Side walk labs for SUMO 0.31 … not sure if it still runs with 1.7.0, I think it should … but we did not test
Q: 14:51:46 From Eduardo Perez Guzman To All Panelists : Hi team! Thank you for the nice introduction. We have been using SUMO for some years and we jumped into meso at the time it was introduced, being it a real experience. What would be the best way to interact with you in terms of getting advice, gathering suggestions, or doing evaluation?
A: 14:53:45 From Robert Hilbrich : @Eduardo: you can reach us on our regular support channels (sumo-user mailinglist, mattermost, twitter) where we provide free support; the German Aerospace Center is a choice for a more elaborate research collaboration and we have a spin-off - the - for professional consultancy and support (and less research)
Q: 14:59:38 From Eduardo Perez Guzman To All Panelists : Thanks a lot for the Information. And do you have any advice from your experience about getting traffic lights Information in Germany (Lichtsignalanlagen)? Is it something DLR makes use of? This turns to be a key point for large scale simulations like the ones we perform.
A: It's difficult and involves lots of handcrafting. Some relevant tools: See and
Q: 14:46:29 From Daniel Schleicher To All Panelists : Is it possible to put some kind of business model to a taxi driver to calculate the profits?
A: You could do this when controlling the taxis via TraCI
Q: 14:43:03 From Meng Long To All Panelists : Is there any tutorial or example for signal timing optimization by reinforcement Learning using traci?
A: No.
Q: 14:38:58 From Maria Laura Clemente To All Panelists : Are there car following model configurations which better simulate specific places, such as Italian traffic?
A: There probably are but it's hard to make a general recommendation on this. I recommend looking at junction model parameters jmDriveAfterYellowtime, jmIgnoreKeepClearTime, jmDriveAfterRedTime, ...
Q: 14:17:07 From Giovanni Ferrara : Good evening, I'd like to ask if is possible to change the driver agent
A: Yes. Take a look at,_Vehicle_Types,_and_Routes.html#car-following_models
Q: 14:09:10 From Ken SHIRAHATA To All Panelists : When adding lanes in the left-hand traffic, can we add "right-turn lane" on the right side of the road?
A: Yes. You can define arbitrary lanes and connections via Netedit
Q: 14:13:08 From Linyang Wang To All Panelists : Is it possible to control the matching strategy of specific taxi and passenger with TraCI?
A: Yes
Q: 14:25:26 From souhir bennaya To All Panelists : -wich algorithm that acticitygen and duarouter used to the traffic affectation ?
A: Fastest part search. This optionally uses travel times from a previous simulation.
Q: 14:30:59 From Rober Younes To All Panelists : What are the possabilitys within intermodal Routings ?
A: Any combination of walking, private car, public transport and taxi use. (private car only in the first step).
Q: 14:45:18 From Ei Ei Mon To All Panelists : how can we control the lane changing behavior of left turn vehicles and buses near bus stop? thanks
A: The point at which vehicles change for strategic reasons (i.e. turning) is configured with attribute lcStrategic.