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<h3 id="_overview">Overview</h3>
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<p>This charter was developed in accordance with the <a href="">Eclipse
Development Process</a> and will outline the mission, scope, organization,
and development process for the Eclipse Technology Project. This document
extends the <a href="">Eclipse Standard Top-Level Charter 1.2</a>, and includes the
required content and overrides which follow. It is anticipated that as
the standard charter is updated, this charter will incorporate the
changes and make adjustments as seen fit by the PMC, and with approval
from the EMO and board of directors.</p>
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<h3 id="_mission">Mission</h3>
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<p>The Technology Top-Level Project provides a space for open source projects
to explore ideas and technology areas that are new to the Eclipse Foundation
or do not otherwise fit within mission, scope, culture, or roadmap of other
Top-Level projects. It further provides a space for working groups to explore
their technology; a space to build critical mass for new top-level projects;
and a space where projects can find a measure of independence that might not
be afforded by other Top-Level Projects.</p>
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<h3 id="_scope">Scope</h3>
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<p>Any open source project that is accepted by the Eclipse Foundation is in
scope for the Eclipse Technology Top-Level Project.</p>
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