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<title>Tools PMC Project Initial Data Form</title>
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Tools PMC New Project Data</font></b><span
<p>&nbsp;</p><p><b>When creating a new project, you will need to submit
the following data</b></p>
<p><b>1) Project Name </b></p>
<p> This is the name of the project which will be used for things like the
newsgroups, mailing lists etc. This is typically a three or four letter
shortform for the project. This name ends up being the home page
so pick carefully. It also cannot conflict with other subprojects at
<p>See - <a href="project-guide.html"></a>
for more details. </p>
<p>Even though it was written for tools, we use the same information and
process for technology projects ...</p>
<p><b>2) Project description</b><br>
Summary description of the project. This for the link in the technology
page. See for other examples</p>
<p><b>3) List of initial committers in following format:</b></p>
<p>Full Name (first/last), Company, Telephone (Work telephone number is
ok) </p>
<p><b>4) List of initial CVS components</b><br>
Typical new projects will have project-home and a org.eclipse.project.
The -home is used for web and the other for code.</p>
<p>You need to provide a list of which committer has access to which component.
If you decide to have a single component then all committers can access
<p><b>5) Bugzilla modules and milestones </b><br>
This is for bugzilla problem reports. Typically, there is one component
and a default milestone created however as the project progress, you may
add and modifiy these to match the release milestones. </p>
<p><b>Phased Creation of Projects</b></p>
<p>The project is created in two steps.</p>
<p>1) CVS, user accounts, mailing-list, master home page (links to your
page in CVS), download space on, and bugzilla </p>
<p>2) The newsgroups, mailing lists and and tools main page are then connected
to your project making it &quot;live&quot;. </p>
<p>.This ensures all the core infrastructure is ready before the newsgroup.
This allows you to populate the data and set up an initial project structure.</p>
<p>Creating the newsgroup last is something we learned in doing the first
couple of new subproject in the Tools PMC. Many newsreaders actively inform
their users of the existance of a new newsgroup so when we first created
all the infrastructure in a single big bang, the subproject leaders didn't
have enough time to populate the main web page of the project before it
was &quot;pre-announced&quot; by the newsreader software. We now wait
for the main web page to be complete before the newsgroups are created.
We then post an initial message, inviting people to visit the newly created
project page to learn more about the project. </p>