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<title>Tools PMC Guide for Project Leads</title>
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Tools PMC Guide for Subproject Leads<span
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<p>Congratulations, you are a project lead for a tools subproject on
Now what ? This document describes the guidelines for the processes, roles
and responsibilities for the team leads in running a tools subproject.
Since projects are run as a meritocracy, you have control over the day
to day running of your project within the framework of the <a href="../eclipsetools-charter.html">tools
pmc charter</a>. This document describes the infrastructure at,
how to interact with the PMCs for day to day management of the web site
and other infrastructure related issues. </p>
<p>The is a living document, and will be updated to reflect the needs of
the tools projects at If you have a question that this document
does not answer, please <a href="../team-leaders.html">email the PMC.</a>
Please remind the PMC to update this document with the answer so we can
keep the information generally available to all subproject leads.</p>
<b>Project Conventions</b></p>
<p>Is is recommended that your project follow the conventions found <a href="" target="_top">here</a>.
This will help keep the project consistent with the rest of the projects
in which will simplify resuse and help movement of technology
into the base eclipse.</p>
I<b>nfrastructure details. </b></p>
<p>The infrastructure provided at for a project consists of
the following services. </p>
<li>Mailing List</li>
<li>Download space</li>
<li>Web site.</li>
<p>When initially starting a project, you will need to provide some information
for our infrastructure people. The form can be found <a href="new-project-data.html">here</a>.
<p>Newsgroups are hosted on These newsgroups are intended
as a place where users of the subprojects can ask questions, get support
from either the developers or the community in general and interact with
the development team. If you are a user of a project, then this is the
most likely place you will want to ask your questions. If you are a developer
working on the project, you will do most of your interactions with other
developers on the mailing lists. To get the proper use of newgroups vs
mailing lists, you will probably need to remind errant users to post on
the newsgroups instead of mailing lists. </p>
<p>Most subprojects will only have a single newsgroup. A simple naming scheme
is used, so for project <b>xyz</b>, the newgroup will be<b>xyz.</b></p>
<p><b>Mailing Lists</b></p>
<p>Each tools subproject on may have one or more mailing lists
dedicated for various aspects of the subproject. Typically, project <b>xyz</b>,
will have a main mailing list called <b></b></p>
<p>Additionally, many projects have multiple components which are often
developed independently. Each of these will typically have a mailing list
of the form <b> </b></p>
<p>Archives for each mailing list is maintained at<b>xyz-dev</b>/maillist.html</p>
<p>The mailing lists are reserved for the developers of the code and its
components. These are intended as hard-core developer lists which are
to be used by the developers for their day to day work on the project.
Activities like design reviews, code change proprosals, and voting is
all performed on these lists. </p>
<p>The project lead is responsible for dividing their project into components.
Commit access is controlled by component so for larger projects a project
lead can have finder grained control access based on developer skill.
<p>All tools projects are created in the tools repository. </p>
<p>For example, given a project structure below, you can have separate committers
for core, ui and debug. </p>
<p><br><br> <br></p>
Committers receive accounts on which is how they access
the CVS repository. Their commit access scope is controlled per component.
<p>Each subproject will have a bugzilla product created for them. Each product
will have a category for each component in the system. Each project will
create bugzilla &quot;target milestones&quot; for their components. Typically
these milestones include releases as well as milestones which come from
the subproject plan which is posted on the subproject main page. <br>
<p><b>Download Space</b><br>
The project lead will receive an account and password on
which is a high bandwith download server. For tools projects, the directory
will be /var/eclipse/tools/xyz. The download URL, is<b>xyz</b>/fileName.
<p>Due to security concerns, we require the IP range for people who will
be updating these directories. </p>
<p>Uploads to this space are via FTP or RSYNC.<br>
To use rsync, you can update your download directory using the following
command. </p>
<p>rsync --rsh=ssh local-dir</p>
<p>Each subproject has a web presense on Each subproject
will get a link of the form <b></b> which can be used
as the default home page for the project. The content for a subprojects
web pages is served directly from the tools CVS repository. The convention
is that a project has a <b>xyz-home</b> component in the tools CVS repository
and that the web pages are served from their. The committers for the &quot;xyz-home&quot;
essentially have control of the whole web for a particular subproject.
<p>There are some images which you may use in your web pages. These can
be viewed at <a href="../../images/index.html"></a>.
<p>There are some conventions we use for each subproject to simplify maintainance
of the tools main pages using an auto generated system.</p>
<table width="75%" border="1">
<div align="center"><b>Filename</b></div>
<div align="center"><b>Purpose</b></div>
<div align="center">xyz-home/main.html</div>
<div align="center">the main project page </div>
<div align="center">xyz-home/faq.html</div>
<div align="center">the project faq page</div>
<div align="center">xyz-home/download.html</div>
<div align="center">the project downloads page</div>
<div align="center">xyz-home/plan.html</div>
<div align="center">the project plan page</div>
<p><b>NOTE - the current structure varies from this, we'd like to move to
the common naming scheme for ease of use and standard migration facilities
on the eclipse main page. </b></p>
<p>Files are served from CVS using the CGI script found at
The standard main page for project <b>xyz</b> is served up via the URL.</p>
<p>This url ( can also be
used to browse the whole Tools CVS repository. </p>
<p>You may notice that there is also an
which shows the base platform CVS repository. This script also takes a
parameter which selects the other repositories on To select
the tools repository you use ?cvsroot=Tools_Project as the parameter.
<p>There is a subtle different between index.cgi and indextools.cgi. The
index.cgi script has a combo box on the page which allows you to switch
between the various CVS repositories at Currently there are
three repositories, one for each of the PMCs and it's subprojects. The
indextools.cgi is hardwired to only show the tools repository. Correspondingly,
the indextech displays the Technology PMC CVS repository.</p>
<p>In summary:</p>
<p><b>index.cgi </b>Default CVS root is ?cvsroot=Eclipse_Project, &nbsp;There
is a combo box on page to select alternate repository. The parameters
can be &nbsp;?cvsroot=Technology_Project, ?cvsroot=Tools_Project, and
of course ?cvsroot=Eclipse_Project </p>
<p>The CVS access scripts which are tools repository and technology specific
are as follows. </p>
<p><b>indextech.cgi </b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;showsTechnology_Project
roots, no ?cvsroot parameter allowed, &nbsp;no combo box on page to select
repository <br>
<b>indextools.cgi</b> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;showsTools_Project roots,
no ?cvsroot parameter allowed, &nbsp;no combo box on page to select repository
&nbsp; <br>
As a bootstrap mechanism, the PMC will have committer access to xyz-home
to assist with web maintenance</p>
<b>Builds and Downloads</b><br>
The project leads are responsible for builds and maintenance on
The frequency of these is dependent on the subproject needs. </p>
<p>It is the intent of the PMC to pursue the creation of a standard build
process infrastructure to allow to provide automated builds
and testing for project hosted on </p>
<p><b>Getting changes to your infrastructure</b></p>
<p>If you need changes to your infrastructure, you need to send an email
to This includes such things like password reset,
creating new components, adding new committers. If you have infra related
questions you can also send these to the webmaster and they will determine
how to get the right answer. When sending requests to webmaster, please
clearly identify the PMC and subproject you are working on so that requests
that require PMC approval or clarification can be properly routed to the
correct PMC by the infrastructure team.</p>