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<p> The Eclipse Tools Project (Tools) is an open software development project
dedicated to developing a wide range of development tools and tools-specific
components for the Eclipse Platform. Typically, this would include tools for
computer programming languages (compilers, editors), performance tools, debuggers,
and test tools. Tools which support the development lifecycle and help developers
develop more efficiently are part of this mission. The Tools PMC roadmap is
a statement of direction of the technology areas the Tools PMC is interested
in. </p>
<p>Remember folks, this is an open source project so the completion of these projects
requires contribution to the project. If you want to start a project contact
the <a href="../team-leaders.html">PMC</a>.</p>
<table width="91%" border="1">
<td><b>Technology Area</b></td>
<td><b>Current Projects</b></td>
<td>Language IDEs</td>
<td><a href="">C/C++ (CDT)</a>, <a href="">COBOL</a><br>
<td>Python, &#147;Script&#148;, *ML</td>
<td>Modeling, Design</td>
<td><a href="">EMF</a></td>
<td height="35">DevTools Productivity </td>
<td height="35">&nbsp;</td>
<td height="35">
<p>Collaboration (IM.Screen sharing), Bugzilla integration, Scriptable Eclipse
<td>Performance Analysis &amp; Test</td>
<td><a href="">Hyades</a></td>
<td>GUI Frameworks</td>
<td><a href="">GEF</a></td>
<td>GUI Builder</td>
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