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<p><font class="indextop" size="+2">Eclipse Tools GEF Proposal</font><font size="+2"><BR>
class=indexsub>graphical editor framework - tools subproject</FONT></font></p>
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<P>The Graphical Editor Framework (GEF) allows developers to take an existing
application model and easily create a rich graphical editor.&nbsp;GEF
allows a developer to quickly map any existing model to a graphical editing
environment. The graphical environment is the SWT-based drawing plugin
"draw2d" (which is part of the overall "GEF" component). The developer
can take advantage of the many common operations provided in GEF and/or
extend them for the specific domain. GEF is suitable for creating a wide
variety of applications, including: flow builders, GUI builders, UML diagram
editors (such as work-flow and class modeling diagrams), and even WYSIWYG
text editors like HTML. GEF does not assume that you must build one of
these applications and is application domain neutral.</P>
<P> Check out the sample application <a href="gefcapture.gif"> screenshot</a>.
<P>GEF is divided into two plugins: GEF, and draw2d.</P>
<H3><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">Draw2d</SPAN></H3>
<P>The <B>draw2d</B> plug-in provides a standalone rendering and layout
package for an SWT Canvas.&nbsp; It includes common shapes and layouts
that can be assembled to render almost anything.</P>
<LI>Double buffered painting and optimized layouts
<LI>Various Figure and Layouts implementations
<LI>Simple event routing to figures (mouse and keyboard)
<LI>Border support on figures
<LI>Cursor and tooltip support
<LI>Connection anchoring, routing and decorating
<LI>Multiple layers
<LI>Flexible coordinate systems
<LI>Overview window (thumbnail with scrolling)</LI>
<H3><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">GEF</SPAN></H3>
<P>The GEF plug-in uses draw2d for rendering, but adds a rich MVC editing
framework on top of it.&nbsp; This framework helps ensure that most
graphical applications look and behave in a similar way.</P>
<P>We are looking for contributors who are familiar with graphical editing,
including: laying-out "nodes", routing "connections", UI interaction,
accessibility, zoom, printing, etc.&nbsp; We are also looking for clients
who can help debug and stress the code on different Eclipse platforms
and locales.</P>
<LI>Tools like Selection, Creation, Connection and Marquee tools
<LI>A Palette for displaying those tools
<LI>Handles for resizing objects and bending connections
<LI>Two types of GEF Viewers (Graphical and Tree)
<LI> A Controller framework for mapping the business Model to a View
<LI>Plug-in policies for mapping interactions with the view to changes
in the model
<LI>Various implementations for showing feedback and adding selection
<LI>Various request types and tools or actions that send these requests
to the controllers</LI>
<LI>Undo/Redo support via Commands and a CommandStack</LI>
<H3><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">People</SPAN></H3>
<P>GEF was developed by Randy Hudson (hudsonr <B>at</B> and
others at IBM.&nbsp; Randy is the proposed lead for the GEF subproject.
He is currently looking for people who would like to help on this project.
<H3><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">Status</SPAN></H3>
<P>GEF is being used in several existing commercial products. The API
is stable, but we have not claimed binary compatibility with future
major releases like the Eclipse Platform.</P>
<H3><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">Platforms</SPAN></H3>
<P>The plugins are written in Java with no native code and thus may be
ported to any platform supported by Eclipse.</P>
<H3><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">Content</SPAN></H3>
<P>5 plugins are included:</P>
<LI> - The draw2d plug-in
<LI> - The GEF plug-in (requires draw2d)
<LI> - ISV integrated Help
<LI> - ISV integrated Help
<LI> - An example that show containers, nodes,
and connections. </LI>
<H3><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">Development plan</SPAN></H3>
<BLOCKQUOTE>The following line items are under current development:
<LI>Drag and Drop support using Delegating Drag/Drop objects.
<LI>Reusing JFace CellEditors for direct edit behavior
<LI>Alignment Actions (align center, bottom, left, etc.) </LI>
<P>The following items are in various stages of development and are uncommitted
for the 2.0 release of Eclipse:</P>
<H4><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">Draw2d</SPAN></H4>
<LI>Zoom support
<LI>Negative scrolling/scrolling based on connection bendpoints
<LI>Rich Text figures/Wrapping labels
<LI>Enhanced connection routing
<LI>Focus traversal/Accessibility
<LI>Overview window background updating.
<LI>Enhanced connection routing (automatic collision avoidance)
<LI>Context menu support </LI>
<H4><SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">GEF</SPAN></H4>
<LI>Constrained Resize (e.g. holding down the Shift and/or Control key)
<LI>AutoScroll during Tool and DND interactions
<LI>Palette UI changes
<LI>Guide support
<LI>Print support </LI>
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