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<p>This page lists the people that are currently playing the PMC and subproject
leadership roles described in the <a href="eclipse-charter.html">project
charter</a>. You will notice that there are many OTI/IBM people listed...
it's not because we want to do all the work (believe us!) - its just because
we built the first release of eclipse before it became an open source
project, and others haven't had enough time yet to get involved in key
roles. We welcome new people who want to get involved and can make a contribution.
The Eclipse Project is a meritocracy. The more you contribute the more
responsibility you will earn. </p>
<p>We ask that you do not email us directly. Instead - use the <a href="../mail/index.html" target="_top">mailing
lists</a>. Mailing lists have been set up for each area of work, and are
the best way to get involved.</p>
<p>The Eclipse Project is managed by a small group known as the Eclipse
Project Management Committee (<a href="eclipse-charter.html#PMC">PMC</a>).
The work of the Project is organized into subprojects. Each subproject
has a leader who has overall responsibility for its success. Large subprojects
are further divided into component teams, each of who has a leader that
is responsible for its overall success. We have listed just the PMC and
subproject leaders here but you will encounter many dedicated eclipse
project committers and developers in the <a href="../newsgroups/index.html" target="_top">newsgroup</a>
and <a href="../mail/index.html" target="_top">mailing lists</a>.</p>