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<p:plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns:p=""
xmlns="" name="JavaScript Development Tools">
<p:release projectid="webtools.jsdt" version="Helios" />
<div>The JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) project is a
part of the Eclipse WTP top-level Project. It provides a JavaScript
IDE for Eclipse based on the Java Development Tools (JDT).
This document describes the features and the API set in the JSDT project
for the WTP 3.2 release.</div>
code for deliverables tagged in CVS as version tagged
&quot;R3_2_0&quot;, viewable in the WebTools_Project
<a href="">CVS repository</a>
JSDT adheres to the overall
href="">WTP Milestones</a>
<p:milestone date="8/22/2008" milestone="M1"/> <p:milestone
date="9/26/2008" milestone="M2"> <div>(lengthened to avoid
conflicting with 3.0.2)</div> </p:milestone> <p:milestone
date="11/7/2008" milestone="M3"/> <p:milestone date="12/19/2008"
milestone="M4"/> <p:milestone date="2/6/2009" milestone="M5"/>
<p:milestone date="3/18/2009" milestone="M6"> <div>Feature complete,
API and UI Freeze. (EclipseCon is March 23-27)</div> </p:milestone>
<p:milestone date="5/8/2009" milestone="M7"> <div>Fixes and focused
performance tuning</div> </p:milestone> <p:milestone date="5/22/2009"
milestone="RC1"> <div>PMC approval required, 1 vote required</div>
</p:milestone> <p:milestone date="5/29/2009" milestone="RC2">
<div>PMC approval required, Normal and higher bugs only. 2 votes
required</div> </p:milestone> <p:milestone date="6/5/2009"
milestone="RC3"> <div>Document Freeze. Major and higher bugs only.
PMC approval required, 3 votes required</div> </p:milestone>
<p:milestone date="6/12/2009" milestone="RC4"> <div>Only stop-ship
defects, PMC approval required, 3 votes required</div> </p:milestone>
<p:milestone date="6/19/2009" milestone="RC5"> <div>Only <b>very</b>
compelling stop-ship defects, PMC approval required, 3 votes
required</div> </p:milestone> <p:milestone date="6/24/2009"
<p:postamble />
WTP will support the platforms certified by the Eclipse Platform
project for their 3.6 release. For a list of platforms supported in
WTP 3.2, see
href="">Eclipse Target Operating Environments</a>
<div>Internationalization and Localization will be supported.</div>
<p:compatibility_with_previous_releases />
<p>Themes and their priorities communicate the main objectives of
the project and their importance. These will be prioritized based
on the community feedback. New themes could be synthesized from the
requirements submitted by the community.
The sections to follow defines the plan items in the Source
Editing project. The plan items are grouped under the respective
themes where applicable. Each plan item corresponds to a new
feature, API or some apsects of the project that needs to be
improved. A plan item has an entry in the Eclipse Bugzilla system
that has a detailed description of the plan item. Not all plan
represent the same amount of work; some may be quite large,
quite small. Although some plan items are for work that is
pressing than others, the plan items appear in no particular
See the corresponding bugzilla items for up-to-date status
information on ongoing work and planned delivery milestones.</p>
<p:theme name="General">
<div>Following are the plan items <!-- including those not yet categorized
into a theme. -->for this release.</div>
<!-- keyword "plan" -->
bugzilla=";short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&amp;short_desc=&amp;product=JSDT&amp;target_milestone=3.2&amp;target_milestone=3.2+M1&amp;target_milestone=3.2+M2&amp;target_milestone=3.2+M3&amp;target_milestone=3.2+M4&amp;target_milestone=3.2+M5&amp;target_milestone=3.2+M6&amp;target_milestone=3.2+M7&amp;target_milestone=3.2+RC1&amp;target_milestone=3.2+RC2&amp;target_milestone=3.2+RC3&amp;target_milestone=3.2+RC4&amp;keywords=plan&amp;order=target_milestone%2Cpriority%2Cbug_id&amp;cmdtype=doit" />
<p:appendix name="References">
The general WTP plan can be found