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<title>Component Teams</title>
<h1>Component Teams</h1>
<p>&quot;Component&quot; is used in many ways, so for the purposes
here, &quot;Component Team&quot;, means those committers responsible for
one or more components of code (and the corresponding components of
bugzilla, cvs, etc).</p>
<p>Component Teams have the responsibility for coming up with the
specific plans for their components (within the themes established by
the PMC, and the scope of our charter). This includes all the
&quot;normal&quot; duties of being a committer, providing JUnit tests,
participating in test phases, monitoring bugzilla, and participating on
newsgroups and mailing lists. The component team also has the right and
responsibility to vote in new committers for their component. <b>Note: </b>When new committers are nominated,
be sure to rememember to be explicit about which team they are being nominated for.</p>
<p>The component team lead (listed first in the lists below) has
responsibility to not only lead the team, but also to represent them in
documenting formal votes for release, changes to schedules, etc. where a
WTP-wide vote is needed.</p>
<p>There are two &quot;components&quot; that have automatic
membership for any committer in WTP: the website component and the
releng component. When a committer first joins WTP by being voted in a
committer to one component team, there's a certain amount of
&quot;formal&quot; things that have to happen, papers signed, IDs given,
etc. If that person is then later voted into another component, it's a
much easier process, since the &quot;WTP membership&quot; has already
been established, so its just a question of the component team member
ship. Eventually, component team membership could translate into CVS
access, but, since that can get to be hard to administer, we are in no
rush to do that (since cvs is fully traceable, we know who changed what
when, so there is no risk of someone changing something they shouldn't).
<p>Dali (JPA), JSF, and ATF are currently incubating projects, but
if/when they graduate incubation, it will be proposed they remain being
their own component teams in WTP -- for decision making, planning, etc.
as well as them &quot;voting in&quot; their own future committers that
they would find valuable.</p>
<h2>People and Plugins</h2>
<p>Note, where a feature is listed below, it is assumed to mean all
the plugins in that feature, unless the plugin is listed elsewhere
<p>The people on the teams were picked simply to reflect what people have been contributing to in WTP. </p><h3>Common</h3>
<p>Component Team that works on WST and JST Common component
<p><b>Craig Salter</b>, John Lanuti, Nitin Dahyabhai, Konstantin
Komissarchik, Peter Moogk, Chuck Bridgham, Jason Sholl, Kate Price, David Williams,
Naci Dai</p>
<ul class=".ListCompact">
<li><span class="ListCompact">org.eclipse.wst.common_core.feature</span></li>
<li><span class="ListCompact">org.eclipse.wst.common_sdk.feature</span></li>
<li><span class="ListCompact">org.eclipse.wst.common_tests.feature</span></li>
<li><span class="ListCompact">org.eclipse.wst.common_ui.feature</span></li>
<li><span class="ListCompact">org.eclipse.wst.common_userdoc.feature</span></li>
<p>Component Team that works on current WST and JST Server component
<p><b>Tim DeBoer</b>, Larry Issacs, Gorkem Ercan, Marshall
Culpepper, Rob Frost, Kate Price, David Williams, Naci Dai</p>
<h3>Datatools (RDB)</h3>
<p>Component Team that works on WST datastools component features</p>
<p><b>Der Ping Chou</b>, Shelia Sholars, Lawrence Dunnell, Dirk le Roux, Kate Price, David Williams</p>
<h3>Editors and source code models: SSE, XML, DTD, JavaScript CSS,
<p>Component Team that works on WST and JST editors and related
<p><b>David Williams</b>, Nitin Dahyabhai, Amy Wu, Craig Salter,
Keith Chong, Kate Price, Naci Dai, Valentin Baciu</p>
<h3>Web Services and WSDL</h3>
<p>Component Team that works on WST and JST Web Services</p>
<p><b>Chris Brealey</b>, Kathy Chan, Peter Moogk, Craig Salter,
Richard Mah, David Lauzon, Kate Price, David Williams, Naci Dai, Valentin Baciu</p>
<h3>Web Projects</h3>
<p>Component Team that works on current WST and JST Project models,
refactoring, etc.</p>
<p><b>Chuck Bridgham</b>, John Lanuti, Rob Frost, Naci Dai, Kate
Price, David Williams</p>
<p>Component Team that works on JST JEE and EJB</p>
<p><b>Chuck Bridgham</b>, John Lanuti, Jason Sholl, Sinan Konya, Naci Dai, Rob
Frost, Kate Price, David Williams</p>