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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Version: $Id: build.xml,v 1.41 2009/10/14 17:45:00 david_williams Exp $
Ant build script for WTP Web Site.
2007-7-30: Bob Fraser <>
- No need to build the rss target or news target anymore.
2007-06-28: Bob Fraser <>
- faq.html now redirects to faq.php. Don't overwrite redirect.
2007-05-29: Bob Fraser <>
- news.html now redirects to news.php. Don't overwrite redirect.
2007-02-23: Bob Fraser <>
- Modify html target and release-info targets to not overwrite html redirect pages
2007-02-08: Bob Fraser <>
- Modify html target to not overwrite html files that redirect to Phoenix php pages
2007-01-27: Arthur Ryman <>
- create target for news
2006-06-26: Nitin Dahyabhai <>
- Added New and Noteworthy XSL and build targets for release info
2006-04-20: Arthur Ryman <>
- Added get target
2006-03-16: Lawrence Mandel <>
- Removed community build from global build as there is currently a problem when it
is run as part of the global build.
2005-09-22: Arthur Ryman <>
- Factored out plans build into separate build script.
2005-09-15: Lawrence Mandel <>
- Factored out community build into separate build script.
2005-09-14: Arthur Ryman <>
- temporarily comment out XSLT that use xalan:nodeset to avoid build problems
the offending stylesheets are community.xsl, communityresources.xsl, and pastevents.xsl
Why do these use xalan: extensions? Our stylesheets should be portable.
2005-08-26: Lawrence Mandel <>
- added community stylesheets back to the build after fixing xalan:nodeset problem
2005-08-26: Arthur Ryman <>
- temporarily comment out XSLT that use xalan:nodeset to avoid build problems
2005-08-23: Lawrence Mandel <>
- added community resources build call
- added community page build call
- added community past events build call
- added specific call for presentation archive
2005-08-10: Lawrence Mandel <>
- add faq/CommitterFaq.xml file build call
2005-08-03: Lawrence Mandel <>
- added faq/main.xml file build call
2005-07-29: Lawrence Mandel <>
- added whatsnew.xml file build call
2005-06-28: Arthur Ryman <>
- exclude all build.xml files from XSLT transformation
2005-05-16: Arthur Ryman <>
- Added call to build people folder.
2005-05-04: Arthur Ryman <>
- Added people folder.
2005-04-11: Arthur Ryman <>
- Added Presentations page.
2005-02-21 Lawrence Mandel <>
- Added force=true attribute for composite pages.
2005-02-16 Lawrence Mandel <>
- Added news page.
- Added development/main.xml page.
2005-02-14 Lawrence Mandel <>
- Created separate news.xml file and included it in main.xml.
- Added about page.
- Added transform for news XML to RSS.
2005-02-13: Arthur Ryman <>
- Added Help Wanted page.
2005-01-28: Arthur Ryman <>
- Created.
- Validate all XML and XSLT files.
- Transform all XML to HTML.
2005-02-21: Jeffrey Liu <>
- Added performance improvement plan
2007-11-25: David Williams <>
- removed development/main.xml
<project name="webtools" default="main" basedir=".">
<target name="main" depends="validate, html" description="Build WTP Web site (validate, html, rss)." />
<target name="validate" description="Validates all XML and XSLT files.">
<xmlvalidate lenient="true">
<fileset dir="." includes="**/*.xml, **/*.xsl, **/*.xsd, **/*.data" />
<xmlvalidate lenient="false">
<fileset dir="." includes="**/*.xsd"/>
<attribute name="" value="true"/>
<attribute name="" value="true"/>
<attribute name="" value="true"/>
<target name="news" description=" Generates news.html and rss." depends="rss">
<xslt in="news.xml" out="news.html" style="wtphome.xsl" force="true" />
<target name="html" depends="help-wanted, community, plans, release-info" description="Transforms XML to HTML.">
<xslt in="releases/0.7/whatsnew.xml" out="releases/0.7/whatsnew.html" style="wtphome.xsl" force="true" />
<xslt style="development/milestone_plans/stylesheets/milestone-calendar.xsl" in="development/milestone_plans/reports/report-calendar-by-developer.xml" out="development/milestone_plans/reports/report-calendar-by-developer.html" />
<xslt style="development/milestone_plans/stylesheets/milestone-overview.xsl" in="development/milestone_plans/reports/report-milestone-overview.xml" out="development/milestone_plans/reports/report-milestone-overview.html" />
<xslt style="development/milestone_plans/stylesheets/milestone-bulletList.xsl" includes="**/*milestone_plan*.xml" destdir="." />
<xslt style="development/milestone_plans/stylesheets/performance.xsl" in="development/milestone_plans/reports/report-milestone-overview.xml" out="development/milestone_plans/reports/performance.html" force="true" />
<xslt style="wtp.xsl" destdir="." includes="**/*.xml" excludes="people/**/*.*,
**/build.xml, main.xml, about.xml, releases/0.7/whatsnew.xml,
**/filelist.xml, development/milestone_plans/reports/*.xml, **/*milestone_plan*.xml,
news.xml, **/*-rss20.xml, faq/**/*.*, community/**/*.*, plans/**/*.*, releases/**/*.*,
adopters/index.xml, dali/index.xml, development/bugs/bugs.xml,
jsf/index.xml, jst/main.xml, phoenix/**/*.*, wst/main.xml, development/news/**/*.*" />
<ant dir="people" description="Builds the People pages and Contributors page and index."/>
<target name="release-info" description="Generate Release Information pages and New and Noteworthy">
<xslt style="wtp.xsl" force="false"
<!-- 1.5 N&N-->
<xslt style="wtp.xsl" force="false"
<xslt style="development/news/new_and_noteworthy.xsl" force="false"
includes="common.xml, j2ee.xml, rdb.xml, server.xml, webresources.xml webservices.xml, xml.xml"
<!-- 2.0 N&N now uses Phoenix PHP pages
<xslt style="development/news/new_and_noteworthy.xsl" force="true"
destdir="development/news/2.0M4/" />
<xslt style="development/news/new_and_noteworthy.xsl" force="true"
destdir="development/news/2.0M5/" />
<target name="help-wanted" description="generates Help Wanted page.">
<xslt style="development/milestone_plans/stylesheets/help-wanted.xsl" in="development/milestone_plans/reports/report-milestone-overview.xml" out="development/milestone_plans/reports/help-wanted.html" force="true" />
<target name="rss" description="Transforms XML to RSS.">
<xslt in="news.xml" out="wtpnews.rss" style="rss20.xsl" force="true"/>
<target name="community" description="Transforms community XML to HTML">
<echo>The community build has been disabled in the global build due to errors running as part of this build.</echo>
<echo>This module can be built using the build script in the community folder.</echo>
<ant dir="community" description="Builds the community pages."/>
<target name="plans" description="Transforms plans XML to HTML">
<ant dir="plans" description="Builds the plans pages."/>
<target name="faq" description="Transforms FAQ XML to HTML">
<ant dir="faq" description="Builds the FAQ pages."/>
<!-- =================================
target: get
================================= -->
<target name="get" description="--> gets root resources from and places then in the workspace root">
<get dest="../default_style.css" src=""/>
<get dest="../eproject-banner.html" src=""/>
<get dest="../home_nav.html" src=""/>
<get dest="../nav_style.css" src=""/>