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<h1>Project Overview</h1>
<p>The WTP Incubator is a generalized incubating project to foster the creation and development of new components of
WTP subprojects, before they become part of a release.</p>
<h2>Source Editing Components</h2>
<h3>XQuery Development Tools</h3>
<p>The <a href="">XQuery Development Tools (XQDT)</a> component provides support for XQuery inside
Eclipse. Our goal is to have seamless integration with the Eclipse
platform and the existing XQuery engines but also to create a user
experience consistent with both XQuery and Eclipse standards. The
<a href="">eclipse wiki</a> page contains information about the project status,
user guides, tutorials, and other useful information.</p>
<h3>XML Security Tools</h3>
<p>The XML Security Tools (XST) component supports signing, verifying as well as en- and decrypting of arbitrary XML documents
based on the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium. See the <a
href="">proposal</a> and the <a
href="">XML Security Tools Wiki Page</a> for more information
about this component.</p>
<h3>Visual XML Editor (VEX)</h3>
<p>The <a href="">Visual XML Editor</a> is a set of plugins that
provide WYSIWYG editing ability for XML files. This can be used regardless of the XML involved, and uses CSS stylesheets
to provide the formatting for the presentation layer. All that is needed is an stylesheet and an appropriate XML file to
edit. It hides the XML tags from the user, allow them to have a word processor like experience but store the information
in the native XML format.</p>
<h2>JSF Components</h2>
<h3>JSF Facelets Tools Project</h3>
<p>The JSF Facelets Tools project will enable the current features of the JSF Tools Project in a dynamic web project
for Facelets. See the <a href=" Facelets Tools Proposal.html">JSF
Facelets Tools Project proposal</a> for detailed information on the project. The <a
href="">JSF Facelets Tools Project Wiki</a> has the project status
and other developer resources.</p>
<h2>Web Services Components</h2>
<p>This component seeks to build upon, and extend where necessary, the existing WTP development frameworks to
provide first-class support for developers of JAX-WS Web services. See <a href="">JAX-WS
Tools wiki</a></p>
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