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Some of you have complained about the current process for
updating the milestone and test plans since it involves
checking out and building the entire Web site, which is now
too bulky. Also, all Eclipse projects have been asked to
clean up their sites so that the old plans are not
cluttering up the Web pages.
We have been holding off doing a major reorg of the Web site
because the entire Eclipse Web site is going to be upgraded
by the Phoenix project. However, we need to update our 1.0
and 1.5 plans now and can't wait any longer for Phoenix.
This note proposes a new structure, cooked up by Lawrence
and me, that will address the build problem and simplify
cleanup at the end of each release. Please review it and
respond by Thursday. In the absence of any objections voiced
at our status call on Thursday, we'll proceed with the plan.
1. We will keep the 0.7 plans in the current structure to
avoid broken links. These pages will be moved after Phoenix
gives us automatic redirection capability.
2. We will create a new directory structure for all current
and future plans, as follows:
The directory will contain only the milestone and test plans
for that component and milestone. For example,
contains the milestone plan for M8 of the server component
of WST in WTP 1.0.
3. Each release will be a project and have a build script.
You'll only have to check out the release portion of the Web
site from CVS to update your plans. The build script will
roll up your component plans into the master plans. For
example, to update the plans for WTP 1.0, check out the
4. Tutorials will go into the community part of the Web site
and be kept current, i.e. we will not keep tutorials for all
milestones, just the current one. Users will be expected to
upgrade to the latest milestone.
5. There are some very bulky UML models with generated HTML.
These will stay in the old directory structure. However, the
source for the model (not the generated HTML) should be
checked into the development CVS repository, NOT the Web
site CVS. The HTML for the model will always be up to date,
i.e we will not have versions of the models for each
milestone since they are too bulky and are more like Javadoc
than normal Web pages. If you need an old version of a
model, get it from the dev CVS.
6. Design docs will stay in the old directory structure and
always reflect the current milestone, i.e. we do not have
per milestone design docs. The source for the design docs
should be checked in with the Java source code in the dev
7. The API Javadoc will be removed from the Web site and
packaged in the Eclipse Online Help system Web site. We will
add a redirect to the new location.
8. The top level Web pages will point to the current plans.
We will also have a page for the archived and future plans.
The above guidelines will keep the milestone-dependent parts
of the Web site lean and easy to update.