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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cs:cspecExtension xmlns:com="" xmlns:cs="">
each of the example projects must be listed twice in the dependency list:
- once with a component type of "osgi.bunlde" - this copy of the example project is bound
to the workspace and associated with a team provider - this is necessary for the project
to be tagged when using the Buckminster tagging support to carry out the tagging operation
- once with a component type of "unknown" - this copy is NOT bound to the workspace (making
it unsuitable for tagging using the Buckminster tagging support, BUT) preventing it from
being modified (this is in contrast to the formerly described copy) by any of the builders
the project may define - which is what we want when inserting the example project's files
into the installer bundle
<cs:dependency name="org.eclipse.xsd.example" componentType="osgi.bundle" />
<cs:dependency name="org.eclipse.xsd.example" componentType="unknown" />
<cs:private name="install.example.projects" actor="ant">
<cs:property key="buildFile" value="install.ant" />
<cs:prerequisites alias="example.projects">
<cs:attribute name="example.projects" />
<cs:products alias="output" base="${buckminster.temp}">
<cs:path path="examples/" />
<cs:private name="example.projects">
<cs:attribute component="org.eclipse.xsd.example" componentType="unknown" />
<cs:private name="jar.contents">
<cs:attribute name="install.example.projects" />