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<!-- Extension to the SDK Web Resources Page. -->
<extensionContent id="org.eclipse.acceleo" name="Acceleo" alt-style="css/" style="css/acceleo.css" path="webresources/@">
<group label="Acceleo" id="acceleo" style-id="content-group">
<text style-id="group-description">Resources available on internet to learn more about Acceleo. (Internet connection required)</text>
<link label="Acceleo Homepage" url="" id="acceleo" style-id="content-link">
<text>Homepage of the Acceleo project.</text>
<link label="Acceleo Wiki" url="" id="acceleo" style-id="content-link">
<text>The official Acceleo wiki.</text>
<group label="Acceleo Generators" id="acceleo-generators" style-id="content-group">
<text style-id="group-description">Open source code generators available on the Github. (Internet connection required)</text>
<link label="UML to Java generator" url="" id="generators" style-id="content-link">
<text>An open source UML to Java generator.</text>
<link label="Ecore to Scala generator" url="" id="generators" style-id="content-link">
<text>Generate Scala source code with this open source generator.</text>