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Copyright (c) 2006, 2012 IBM Corporation and others.
All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
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IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
<toc label="aDesigner Guide" topic="docs/index.html">
<topic label="About aDesigner" href="docs/about.html">
<topic label="Overview of the HTML Accessibility mode" href="docs/overview.html"/>
<topic label="Exploring the HTML Accessibility mode" href="docs/workspace.html"/>
<topic label="Two types of visualization" href="docs/modes.html"/>
<topic label="Overview of the OpenDocument Accessibility mode" href="docs/overviewOdf.html"/>
<topic label="Exploring the OpenDocument Accessibility mode" href="docs/workspaceOdf.html"/>
<topic label="Overview of the GUI Accessibility mode" href="docs/overviewGui.html"/>
<topic label="Exploring the GUI Accessibility mode" href="docs/workspaceGui.html"/>
<topic label="Overview of the Flash Accessibility mode" href="docs/overviewFlash.html"/>
<topic label="Exploring the Flash Accessibility mode" href="docs/workspaceFlash.html"/>
<topic label="Using aDesigner" href="docs/usingdesigner.html">
<topic label="How to change the mode of aDesigner" href="docs/changeMode.html"/>
<topic label="HTML Accessibility mode" href="docs/usingHtmlMode.html">
<topic label="Checking the accessibility and usability of a document in the blind tab" href="docs/checkBlind.html"/>
<topic label="Checking the accessibility and usability of a document in the low vision tab" href="docs/checkLv.html"/>
<topic label="Accessibility and usability problems for blind users" href="docs/problemsBlind.html"/>
<topic label="Accessibility and usability problems for users with low vision" href="docs/problemsLv.html"/>
<topic label="Compliance and accessibility guidelines for Web content" href="docs/compliance.html"/>
<topic label="OpenDocument Accessibility mode" href="docs/usingOdfMode.html">
<topic label="Installation guide for OpenDocument Accessibility mode" href="docs/odf/install.html"/>
<topic label="Checking the accessibility and usability of a document in the blind tab" href="docs/checkOdfBlind.html"/>
<topic label="Checking the accessibility and usability of a document in the low vision tab" href="docs/checkOdfLv.html"/>
<topic label="Checking how the slide show of a presentation file looks in a meeting room" href="docs/checkOdfPresentation.html"/>
<topic label="OpenDocument accessibility checklist" href="docs/odf/guideline.html"/>
<topic label="Checking the accessibility of an application in the GUI Accessibility mode" href="docs/checkGui.html"/>
<topic label="Checking the accessibility of a webpage containing Flash content in the Flash Accessibility mode" href="docs/checkFlash.html"/>
<topic label="Reference" href="docs/reference.html">
<topic label="User interface menus and icons" href="docs/menusIcons.html"/>
<topic label="Line View pane (Blind)" href="docs/lineViewBlind.html"/>
<topic label="Line View pane (Low Vision)" href="docs/lineViewLv.html"/>
<topic label="Set the Parameters dialog box (Blind Usability Visualization)" href="docs/parametersBlind.html"/>
<topic label="Set the Parameters dialog box (Low Vision Simulation)" href="docs/parametersLv.html"/>
<topic label="ID/AccessKey/Class/CSS Inspector Panel" href="docs/elementCss.html"/>
<topic label="HTML Source viewer" href="docs/sourceViewer.html"/>
<topic label="OpenDocument Accessibility mode panel" href="docs/viewsOdf.html"/>
<topic label="GUI Accessibility mode panel" href="docs/viewsGui.html"/>
<topic label="Flash Accessibility mode panel" href="docs/viewsFlash.html"/>
<topic label="Legal" href="notices.html" />