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<TITLE>About ACTF Visualization feature</TITLE>
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<H1>About ACTF Visualization feature</H1>
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<LI>HTML Accessibility perspective</LI>
<LI><A href="overview.html">Overview of the HTML Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI><A href="workspace.html">Exploring the HTML Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI><A href="modes.html">Two types of visualization</A>
<LI>OpenDocument Accessibility perspective</LI>
<LI><A href="overviewOdf.html">Overview of the OpenDocument Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI><A href="workspaceOdf.html">Exploring the OpenDocument Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI>GUI Accessibility perspective</LI>
<LI><A href="overviewGui.html">Overview of the GUI Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI><A href="workspaceGui.html">Exploring the GUI Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI>Flash Accessibility perspective</LI>
<LI><A href="overviewFlash.html">Overview of the Flash Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI><A href="workspaceFlash.html">Exploring the Flash Accessibility perspective</A>