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<TITLE>Installation guide to use ACTF Visualization in Web/J2EE/PHP perspectives</TITLE>
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<H1>Installation guide to use ACTF Visualization in Web/J2EE/PHP perspectives</H1>
<li>Launch Eclipse Install dialog from <b>Help -&gt; Install New Software -&gt; Add</b> menu.</li>
<li>Select Galileo update site ( (see Figure 1)</li>
<li>Select <b>ACTF Visualization Extension for PDT Feature</b> (for PHP perspective) and <b>ACTF Visualization Extension for WST Feature</b> (for Web/J2EE perspective) under <b>General Purpose Tools</b> category.</li>
<li>Select <b>Next</b> and follow installation wizard.</li>
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<span>Figure 1. Install dialog</span>
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