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<TITLE>Line View pane (blind)</TITLE>
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<H1>Line View pane (blind)</H1>
The Line View pane is a table that presents the problems for the selected categories line by line.</P>
<H2>Provided information</H2>
<p>For each problem, the following information is given:
<LI>Type (Icon): a visual indicator for the problem. The icons used in the Line View pane in the blind mode are as follows:
<div style="margin-bottom:20px">
<table border=1><tr><td>
<IMG src="images/I_Star.gif" alt="Star icon"> </td><td>This icon appears with some other icon. The corresponding element can be highlighted in the Visualization View by selecting this line.
<div style="margin-bottom:20px">
<table border=1>
<tr><td><IMG src="images/Err.png" alt="Error"> </td>
<td>This item is an accessibility problem automatically detected.</td></tr>
<tr><td><IMG src="images/Warn.png" alt="Probably Error"> </td>
<td>This item is probably accessibility problem.</td></tr>
<tr><td><IMG src="images/Conf.png" alt="Need confirmation"> </td>
<td>This item requires user confirmation.</td></tr>
<tr><td><IMG src="images/Info.png" alt="Human check"> </td>
<td>This item requires human check based on test procedure.</td></tr>
If the problem affects to the evaluation metrics, the score will be shown with the icon.
<LI>Accessibility guidelines: The three accessibility guidelines and standards that are available for use appear to the right of the Icon column.
In the Guideline Checker preference page (opened by clicking <B>Window</B> &gt; <B>Preferences</B> &gt; <b>ACTF</b> &gt; <b>Guideline Checker</b>),
the guidelines and standards can be selected for the tool to use when it checks the accessibility and usability of webpages.
<LI>WCAG 2.0: The number of the <A href="">corresponding checkpoint</A> defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are issued by the World Wide Web Consortium.
<LI>[Section] 508: The <A href="">corresponding rule</A> in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act &sect;1194.22.
<LI>JIS: The corresponding checkpoint of the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) X8341-3.
<LI>Line: The line number in the HTML document at which the problem appears.
This will appear when the <A href="menusIcons.html#lineNumber">Line number information</A> option in the Guideline Checker preference page is selected.
<LI>Problem Description: A description of the accessibility or usability problem that will prevent blind users from accessing the page.
Left-click a line to highlight the element that corresponds to the problem in the Visualization View.
Right-click a line or press Shift+F10 to open a context menu.
<LI><B>Clear Selection</B>: Selecting this item clears (unselects) the currently selected problem (or problems) in the Line view.
This is used to stop highlighting problems in the Simulation/Visualization view.
<LI><B>View Success Criterion</B>: Selecting this item refers to the
corresponding help pages of the success criterion, which appear in a separate browser window.
If there are no relevant checkpoints, this item is not available.
<LI><B>View Techniques</B>: Selecting this item refers to the
corresponding help pages of the techniques, which appear in a separate browser window. If there are no relevant checkpoints in any guideline, this item is not available.
<LI><B>View Source HTML</B>: Selecting this item opens the HTML source viewer in which the corresponding HTML element is highlighted.
<LI><B>Copy</B>: Selecting this item copies the details of selected problem into clip-board in comma separated format.
<LI><B>Properties</B>: Selecting this item (or double clicking target problem) opens a dialog box that shows the details of selected problem.
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