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<TITLE>Low Vision Simulation preference page</TITLE>
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<H1>Low Vision Simulation preference page</H1>
The Low Vision Simulation preference page is used to
set the low vision types and the parameters that ACTF Low Vision Simulation uses.
Three types of low vision problems are listed, and a single type or a combination of types can be selected.
<LI><B>Eyesight</B>: Selects (with a slide control) the degree of visual acuity that ACTF Low Vision Simulation checks for.
<LI><B>Color Vision Deficiency</B>: Selects the type of color vision deficiency ACTF Low Vision Simulation checks for. (Options are abnormality of red-sensitive, green-sensitive, or blue-sensitive cone pigments.)
<LI><B>Crystalline lens transparency (Age)</B>: Selects (with a slide control) the age group ACTF Low Vision Simulation checks for.
When a check box is selected or a parameter is changed, the change is reflected in the After simulation window in the bottom right window.
By comparing this image with the image in the Original window above
it, the effects of the active settings can be seen.
<B>Apply</B>: Click this button to save the current settings.<BR>
<B>OK</B>: Click this button to save the current settings and to close the preference page.<BR>
<B>Cancel</B>: Click this button to close the preference page without changing the settings.
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