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<TITLE>Exploring the OpenDocument Accessibility perspective</TITLE>
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<H1>Exploring the OpenDocument Accessibility perspective</H1>
<li><a href="#overview">Overview</a>
<li><a href="#officeView">Office View</a>
<li><a href="#presentationView">Presentation View</a>
<H2 id="overview">Overview</H2>
In OpenDocument Accessibility perspective, <A href="#officeView"><b>Office </b>View</A>,
<A href="workspace.html#simulationView"><b>Simulation </b>View</A> /
<A href="workspace.html#visualizationView"><b>Visualization </b>View</A> /
<A href="#presentationView"><b>Presentation </b>View</A> /
<A href="workspace.html#evaluationView"><b>Evaluation </b>View</A> are available (Figure 1).
<DIV class="figure">
<IMG src="images/odf/odfMode.png" alt="" width="800"><BR>
<SPAN>Figure 1. OpenDocument Accessibility perspective</SPAN>
<H2 id="officeView">Office view</H2>
Office view is in the top-left pane (Figure 2).
You can change the size of the Office view by dragging the edges.
At the top of the pane are the "Open ODF File" button, the address bar, and a GO button (a white triangle on a green circle).
The URL of an ODF file to be test can be input, and then the GO button will cause the ODF file to be opened.
<DIV class="figure">
<IMG src="images/odf/officeView.jpg" alt="" width="400"><BR>
<SPAN>Figure 2. Office view</SPAN>
<H2 id="presentationView">Presentation view</H2>
The presentation view is shown in the top-right pane (Figure 3).
The presentation view simulates how the screen of the presentation files will appear in a meeting room.
This view can simulate images for meeting rooms of different sizes.
Images or text that are difficult to see can be recognized by examining the simulated images.
<DIV class="figure">
<IMG src="images/odf/odfPresentation.jpg" alt="" width="400"><BR>
<SPAN>Figure 3. Presentation view</SPAN>
<DL><DT>Related functions</DT><DD></DD><DL>
<DT><IMG src="images/odf/ButtonSmall.gif" align="middle" alt="">Small Meeting Room (Ctrl+Shift+M)</DT>
<DD>Simulates how the slide show of a presentation files will appear in a small meeting room (the screen size is 3 feet located 10 feet from the audience).</DD>
<DT><IMG src="images/odf/ButtonMiddle.gif" align="middle" alt="">Large Meeting Room (Ctrl+Shift+G)</DT>
<DD>Simulates how the slide show of a presentation files will appear in a large meeting room (the screen size is 5 feet located 30 feet from the audience).</DD>
<DT><IMG src="images/odf/ButtonLarge.gif" align="middle" alt="">Auditorium (Ctrl+Shift+A)</DT>
<DD>Simulates how the slide show of a presentation files will appear in an auditorium (the screen size is 10 feet located 100 feet from the audience).</DD>
<H1 class="related">Related topics</H1>
<UL class="related">
<LI><A href="odf/install.html">Installation guide for OpenDocument Accessibility perspective</A>
<LI><A href="checkOdfBlind.html">Checking the accessibility and usability of a document in the Blind Usability View</A>
<LI><A href="checkOdfLv.html">Checking the accessibility and usability of a document in the Low Vision View</A>
<LI><A href="checkOdfPresentation.html">Checking how the slide show of a presentation file looks in a meeting room</A>
<LI><A href="odf/guideline.html">OpenDocument accessibility checklist</A>
<A href="index.html">Go to Index</A>
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