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Scenario Tests - to be run on all platforms
- Install the figures demo by checking it out from the 'test projects' directory under org.eclipse.ajdt.test in CVS
- Open 'Code Snippets.jpage'
- Follow instructions 1 and 2 WITHOUT saving the file.
- Look in the outline view and ensure that "declare warning: "Canvas....." and the canvasHistoryUpdate()
pointcuts are shown. (SCENARIO_1)
- Look in the package explorer for the same thing. (SCENARIO_2)
- Save the file.
- Look in the Cross References view and ensure that 4 matches are shown for the declared warning. (SCENARIO_3)
- Double click on one of these and ensure that the correct file is opened in the editor. (SCENARIO_4)
- There should be a declare warning icon in the editor margin. (SCENARIO_5)
- There should also be 4 problems shown in the problems view. (SCENARIO_6)
- Open the Aspect Visualization perspective and select 'Figures Demo' in the projects view.
- 4 yellow stripes should be seen - 2 on Line and 2 on Point. (SCENARIO_7)