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Generating ajdoc (bug 76903)
1. File > New > Other > AspectJ > AspectJ Examples > Spacewar > Next > Finish
2. Open the Spacewar project, and active the "debug.ajproperties" configuration
3. Select Spacewar project, then select menu Project > Generate ajdoc...
4. Choose to create ajdoc for members with "Private" visibility
5. Next > check "Open generated index file in browser" > Finish
6. Say yes if prompted to update the javadoc location.
7. Check that the ajdoc process executes, with output in the console view,
and that html documentation is opened in a browser window. (AJDOC_1)
8. Navigate to spacewar.Registry in the browser and check that the
"Constructor Summary" section contains a highlighted "Advised by:" line. (AJDOC_2)
9. Repeat steps 1-8 with the runtime workbench running with an IBM JVM - bug 80923 (AJDOC_3) (AJDOC_4)
10. Repeat steps 1-8 with the Runtime workbench running via a jre rather than an sdk
(bug 80923) (AJDOC_5) (AJDOC_6)