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# Note: if "local" users have this file first in their path, then
# the bash shell's "include source" function will find that paths version
# first, instead of this "standard" eclipse ppc one.
# this file is intentionally named "shsource" to denote this is intended to
# be included in other sh files, with "source" command, not
# executed on its own.
source buildRoot.shsource
source performance.shsource
export JAVA_4_DIR="j2sdk1.4.2_13"
export JAVA_5_DIR="jdk1.5.0_09"
export ANT_DIR="apache-ant-1.7.0"
export CC_OPTS="-Xmx256M"
export BASEOS=linux
export BASEWS=gtk
export BASEARCH=x86
# no local build properties, for production builds
export STANDARD_PROPERTIES_DIR=${BUILD_HOME}/releng.control/standardMachineProperties
export BUILD_RESULT_URL=http://turbine.xored.local:3004/cruisecontrol/buildresults
# Here this variable, SKIP_JAR_SIGNING, should be false for
# production builds. But, the variable is set elsewhere to true,
# such as in cc_config, for the R2 builds.
# There is another variable, 'sign' in each components
# to allow components to be the final say to allow signing.
# This variable, SKIP_JAR_SIGNING, should always be true for
# "local" builds.
export SKIP_JAR_SIGNING=false
# controls ANT's debug level
# setting to true will result in TONS of ouput
export USE_DEBUG=true
# this is used especially during signing, where we need to execute
# the signing script from a signer ID, while running as wtpBuild.
# should be blank or omitted in local builds