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  1. 3ee3bf2  org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.workbench: must handle null elementId in "-" -> "." by Brian de Alwis - 2 weeks ago master I20140403-2200 I20140404-0615 I20140404-2200 I20140405-2200 I20140406-2200 I20140407-2200 I20140408-2200 I20140409-2200 I20140410-2200 I20140411-0615 I20140411-2200 I20140412-2200 I20140413-2200 I20140414-2200 I20140415-2200 I20140416-2200 I20140417-2200 I20140418-0615
  2. 994e640  org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.workbench: "icon" and "wm-tooltip" properties need to remove IPresentationEngine.OVERRIDE_* keys when present. This remove only happens when the icon/wm-tooltip values have actually changed so that subsequent IPE.OVERRIDEs work properly. by Brian de Alwis - 2 weeks ago
  3. c9fe6fa  org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.workbench: expose shared elements as children otherwise cannot address editors and views in the 3.x workbench by Brian de Alwis - 2 weeks ago
  4. 17b4631  org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.workbench: translate "." -> "-" for elementId by Brian de Alwis - 2 weeks ago
  5. ff2334e  org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.workbench: Oops: visibility isn't boolean: by Brian de Alwis - 2 weeks ago I20140401-2200 I20140402-2200
  6. 4f61bfd  First cut at a CSS engine that operates directly against the Modelled Workbench. by Brian de Alwis - 2 weeks ago
  7. 2ef17ae  Update java editor save actions by Paul Webster - 8 weeks ago I20140219-2200 I20140220-1440 I20140220-2200 I20140221-2200 I20140222-2200 I20140223-2200 I20140224-2200 I20140225-2200 I20140226-2200 I20140227-1440 I20140227-2200 I20140228-0615 I20140228-2200 I20140301-2200 I20140302-2200 I20140303-2200 I20140304-2200 I20140305-2200 I20140306-2200 I20140307-0615 I20140307-2200 I20140308-2200 I20140309-2200 I20140310-2200 I20140311-2200 I20140312-2200 I20140313-2200 I20140314-0615 I20140314-2200 I20140315-2200 I20140316-2200 I20140317-2200 I20140318-2200 I20140319-2200 I20140320-2200 I20140321-0615 I20140321-2200 I20140322-2200 I20140323-2200 I20140324-2200 I20140325-2200 I20140326-2200 I20140327-2200 I20140328-0615 I20140328-2200 I20140329-2200 I20140330-2200 I20140331-2200
  8. 309c803  refactor reader creation by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago I20140211-2200 I20140212-1610 I20140212-2200 I20140213-1440 I20140213-2200 I20140214-2200 I20140215-2200 I20140216-2200 I20140217-2200 I20140218-2200
  9. 9cf2a1a  Polish step by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago
  10. 2351845  Update model to match plugin directories. by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago I20140209-2200 I20140210-2200
  11. 056c0a2  Rename plugins to highlight they're examples. by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago
  12. c87f8f1  Have a second dynamic bundle to load. by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago
  13. d71b729  Update to use DI for reader. by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago
  14. 54898c7  Add the extended object supplier. by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago I20140208-2200
  15. 517fdef  Initial commit - a program that can dyamically respond to added bundles by Paul Webster - 10 weeks ago
  16. 26ba0b5  Bug 425978 - [releng] upgrade build to Luna by Paul Webster - 3 months ago I20140117-2200 I20140118-2200 I20140119-2200 I20140120-2200 I20140121-2200 I20140122-1520 I20140122-1610 I20140122-2200 I20140123-2200 I20140124-2200 I20140125-2200 I20140126-2200 I20140127-2200 I20140128-2200 I20140129-1610 I20140129-2200 I20140130-2200 I20140131-2200 I20140201-2200 I20140202-2200 I20140203-2200 I20140204-2200 I20140205-1610 I20140205-2200 I20140206-2200 I20140207-2200
  17. 4ed38c8  Bug 422028 - [KeyBindings] "Standard" key binding scheme by Paul Webster - 5 months ago I20131127-1400 I20131127-2200 I20131128-2200 I20131129-2200 I20131130-2200 I20131201-2200 I20131202-2200 I20131203-2200 I20131204-1400 I20131204-2200 I20131205-2200 I20131206-2200 I20131207-2200 I20131208-2200 I20131209-2200 I20131210-2200 I20131211-1400 I20131211-2200 I20131212-2200 I20131213-2200 I20131214-2200 I20131215-2200 I20131216-2200 I20131217-2200 I20131218-1400 I20131218-2200 I20131219-2200 I20131220-2200 I20131221-2200 I20131222-2200 I20131223-2200 I20131224-2200 I20131225-1400 I20131225-2200 I20131226-2200 I20131227-2200 I20131228-2200 I20131229-2200 I20131230-2200 I20131231-2200 I20140101-1400 I20140101-2200 I20140102-2200 I20140103-2200 I20140104-2200 I20140105-2200 I20140106-2200 I20140107-2200 I20140108-1400 I20140108-2200 I20140109-2200 I20140110-2200 I20140111-2200 I20140112-2200 I20140113-2200 I20140114-2200 I20140115-1400 I20140115-2200 I20140116-2200 S0_15
  18. 9a610cb  Bug 343854 - Web Application to Workbench Examples by Dean Roberts - 7 months ago I20131126-2200
  19. 3e6eb96  Update to M20121219-1200 and re-generate the Juno feature patch. by Paul Webster - 1 year, 4 months ago
  20. 1ef7e5b  Update from 0.16 to 0.17 snapshot and it fails by Paul Webster - 1 year, 4 months ago