converted the e4 releng project
diff --git a/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/compare-log.txt b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/compare-log.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e78b4a0
--- /dev/null
+++ b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/compare-log.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,713 @@
+Verifying trunk
+Verifying tag R0_10
+Verifying tag R0_11
+Verifying tag R0_9
+Verifying tag R4_1
+Verifying tag R4_1_ShortBuild
+Verifying tag Root_R4_1_SDK_LONGBUILD
+Verifying tag Root_bug356997
+Verifying tag v20081114-1115
+Verifying tag v20081118-1507
+Verifying tag v20081119-1504
+Verifying tag v20081120-1110
+Verifying tag v20081120-1118
+Verifying tag v20081120-1930
+Verifying tag v20081127-1930
+Verifying tag v20081205-1150
+Verifying tag v20081205-1159
+Verifying tag v20081205-1203
+Verifying tag v20081205-1501
+Verifying tag v20081205-1513
+Verifying tag v20081205-1514
+Verifying tag v20081205-1518
+Verifying tag v20081208-2019
+Verifying tag v20081211-1930
+Verifying tag v20081212-1502
+Verifying tag v20081212-1508
+Verifying tag v20081217-1505
+Verifying tag v20081217-1800
+Verifying tag v20081218-1025
+Verifying tag v20081218-1930
+Verifying tag v20081219-1130
+Verifying tag v20081219-1240
+Verifying tag v20081219-1325
+Verifying tag v20081219-1340
+Verifying tag v20081225-1930
+Verifying tag v20081231-1200
+Verifying tag v20081231-1330
+Verifying tag v20090101-1930
+Verifying tag v20090107-1345
+Verifying tag v20090108-1930
+Verifying tag v20090113-1833
+Verifying tag v20090116-0730
+Verifying tag v20090116-0820
+Verifying tag v20090123-1500
+Verifying tag v20090129-1930
+Verifying tag v20090202-1930
+Verifying tag v20090203-0830
+Verifying tag v20090203-1930
+Verifying tag v20090204-0830
+Verifying tag v20090204-1930
+Verifying tag v20090204-2045
+Verifying tag v20090204-2115
+Verifying tag v20090205-1930
+Verifying tag v20090206-0830
+Verifying tag v20090206-1000
+Verifying tag v20090206-1045
+Verifying tag v20090212-1930
+Verifying tag v20090220-1400
+Verifying tag v20090226-1930
+Verifying tag v20090305-1930
+Verifying tag v20090312-1930
+Verifying tag v20090316-1930
+Verifying tag v20090317-0830
+Verifying tag v20090318-0830
+Verifying tag v20090318-1930
+Verifying tag v20090319-0830
+Verifying tag v20090319-1930
+Verifying tag v20090320-0830
+Verifying tag v20090320-1130
+Verifying tag v20090320-1930
+Verifying tag v20090330-1930
+Verifying tag v20090402-1930
+Verifying tag v20090409-1930
+Verifying tag v20090416-1930
+Verifying tag v20090417-1930
+Verifying tag v20090417-2130
+Verifying tag v20090420-0730
+Verifying tag v20090423-1930
+Verifying tag v20090423-2130
+Verifying tag v20090424-1130
+Verifying tag v20090424-1315
+Verifying tag v20090430-1930
+Verifying tag v20090505-1930
+Verifying tag v20090506-0830
+Verifying tag v20090506-1930
+Verifying tag v20090507-1015
+Verifying tag v20090507-1315
+Verifying tag v20090507-1930
+Verifying tag v20090508-0830
+Verifying tag v20090514-1930
+Verifying tag v20090521-1930
+Verifying tag v20090528-2000
+Verifying tag v20090605-2130
+Verifying tag v20090605-2150
+Verifying tag v20090605-2220
+Verifying tag v20090606-0830
+Verifying tag v20090606-1145
+Verifying tag v20090608-1930
+Verifying tag v20090609-1930
+Verifying tag v20090610-0745
+Verifying tag v20090610-0945
+Verifying tag v20090610-1930
+Verifying tag v20090611-0745
+Verifying tag v20090611-1930
+Verifying tag v20090612-1930
+Verifying tag v20090613-1930
+Verifying tag v20090614-1930
+Verifying tag v20090615-1930
+Verifying tag v20090616-1930
+Verifying tag v20090617-1230
+Verifying tag v20090617-1930
+Verifying tag v20090618-1630
+Verifying tag v20090618-1930
+Verifying tag v20090619-1930
+Verifying tag v20090620-1930
+Verifying tag v20090621-1930
+Verifying tag v20090622-1930
+Verifying tag v20090623-1930
+Verifying tag v20090624-1215
+Verifying tag v20090624-1930
+Verifying tag v20090625-2000
+Verifying tag v20090626-0830
+Verifying tag v20090626-1345
+Verifying tag v20090626-1830
+Verifying tag v20090626-1945
+Verifying tag v20090629-1130
+Verifying tag v20090629-1930
+Verifying tag v20090629-2115
+Verifying tag v20090630-1930
+Verifying tag v20090701-1930
+Verifying tag v20090702-1930
+Verifying tag v20090703-1930
+Verifying tag v20090704-1930
+Verifying tag v20090705-1930
+Verifying tag v20090706-1930
+Verifying tag v20090707-1930
+Verifying tag v20090708-1930
+Verifying tag v20090709-1930
+Verifying tag v20090710-1930
+Verifying tag v20090711-1930
+Verifying tag v20090712-2130
+Verifying tag v20090713-1930
+Verifying tag v20090714-1930
+Verifying tag v20090715-1930
+Verifying tag v20090716-1930
+Verifying tag v20090717-1400
+Verifying tag v20090717-1450
+Verifying tag v20090717-1930
+Verifying tag v20090718-1430
+Verifying tag v20090720-2115
+Verifying tag v20090721-1330
+Verifying tag v20090721-1930
+Verifying tag v20090721-2045
+Verifying tag v20090722-1030
+Verifying tag v20090722-1415
+Verifying tag v20090722-1420
+Verifying tag v20090722-1930
+Verifying tag v20090722-2100
+Verifying tag v20090723-1930
+Verifying tag v20090724-1930
+Verifying tag v20090725-1930
+Verifying tag v20090726-1345
+Verifying tag v20090726-1930
+Verifying tag v20090726-1945
+Verifying tag v20090726-2100
+Verifying tag v20090727-2030
+Verifying tag v20090728-1930
+Verifying tag v20090729-1930
+Verifying tag v20090826-1345
+Verifying tag v20090826-1945
+Verifying tag v20090903-2100
+Verifying tag v20090903-2204
+Verifying tag v20090908-0811
+Verifying tag v20090908-0900
+Verifying tag v20090908-1000
+Verifying tag v20090910-2100
+Verifying tag v20090924-1415
+Verifying tag v20090924-2100
+Verifying tag v20090926-1945
+Verifying tag v20091001-2100
+Verifying tag v20091008-2100
+Verifying tag v20091009-1145
+Verifying tag v20091009-1415
+Verifying tag v20091013-1430
+Verifying tag v20091016-0915
+Verifying tag v20091022-2100
+Verifying tag v20091026-1945
+Verifying tag v20091029-1314
+Verifying tag v20091029-1345
+Verifying tag v20091029-1437
+Verifying tag v20091029-2100
+Verifying tag v20091030-1215
+Verifying tag v20091105-2100
+Verifying tag v20091112-2100
+Verifying tag v20091112-2200
+Verifying tag v20091113-2100
+Verifying tag v20091114-2100
+Verifying tag v20091115-2100
+Verifying tag v20091116-2100
+Verifying tag v20091116-2200
+Verifying tag v20091117-2100
+Verifying tag v20091118-0830
+Verifying tag v20091118-2100
+Verifying tag v20091118-2115
+Verifying tag v20091119-0800
+Verifying tag v20091119-0815
+Verifying tag v20091119-1200
+Verifying tag v20091119-1450
+Verifying tag v20091119-1700
+Verifying tag v20091119-2000
+Verifying tag v20091120-1200
+Verifying tag v20091126-2100
+Verifying tag v20091203-2100
+Verifying tag v20091204-0900
+Verifying tag v20091210-2100
+Verifying tag v20091217-2100
+Verifying tag v20091224-2100
+Verifying tag v20091231-2100
+Verifying tag v20100104-2100
+Verifying tag v20100106-2100
+Verifying tag v20100107-2100
+Verifying tag v20100108-2100
+Verifying tag v20100109-2100
+Verifying tag v20100110-2100
+Verifying tag v20100111-2100
+Verifying tag v20100112-2100
+Verifying tag v20100113-2100
+Verifying tag v20100114-0900
+Verifying tag v20100114-1215
+Verifying tag v20100114-1500
+Verifying tag v20100114-1800
+Verifying tag v20100114-2115
+Verifying tag v20100121-2100
+Verifying tag v20100121-2140
+Verifying tag v20100121-2200
+Verifying tag v20100128-2100
+Verifying tag v20100129-0930
+Verifying tag v20100204-2100
+Verifying tag v20100205-0845
+Verifying tag v20100211-2100
+Verifying tag v20100218-2100
+Verifying tag v20100223-0930
+Verifying tag v20100223-2100
+Verifying tag v20100224-2100
+Verifying tag v20100225-2100
+Verifying tag v20100226-0820
+Verifying tag v20100226-1230
+Verifying tag v20100226-1500
+Verifying tag v20100227-1345
+Verifying tag v20100303-2100
+Verifying tag v20100304-0830
+Verifying tag v20100304-2100
+Verifying tag v20100305-2100
+Verifying tag v20100306-2100
+Verifying tag v20100307-2100
+Verifying tag v20100307-2115
+Verifying tag v20100308-1015
+Verifying tag v20100308-2100
+Verifying tag v20100309-2100
+Verifying tag v20100310-0615
+Verifying tag v20100310-0900
+Verifying tag v20100310-2100
+Verifying tag v20100311-2100
+Verifying tag v20100312-1500
+Verifying tag v20100312-1541
+Verifying tag v20100312-1556
+Verifying tag v20100312-2100
+Verifying tag v20100313-2100
+Verifying tag v20100314-2100
+Verifying tag v20100315-1250
+Verifying tag v20100315-1315
+Verifying tag v20100315-2100
+Verifying tag v20100316-2100
+Verifying tag v20100317-1045
+Verifying tag v20100317-1055
+Verifying tag v20100317-2100
+Verifying tag v20100318-2100
+Verifying tag v20100319-2100
+Verifying tag v20100320-2100
+Verifying tag v20100401-2100
+Verifying tag v20100405-1300
+Verifying tag v20100405-2100
+Verifying tag v20100406-2100
+Verifying tag v20100407-0830
+Verifying tag v20100407-2100
+Verifying tag v20100407-2145
+Verifying tag v20100408-1130
+Verifying tag v20100408-2100
+Verifying tag v20100409-1010
+Verifying tag v20100409-1210
+Verifying tag v20100409-1410
+Verifying tag v20100409-1930
+Verifying tag v20100411-1600
+Verifying tag v20100415-2100
+Verifying tag v20100416-1100
+Verifying tag v20100416-1400
+Verifying tag v20100416-1515
+Verifying tag v20100419-1030
+Verifying tag v20100421-1145
+Verifying tag v20100421-1900
+Verifying tag v20100422-1245
+Verifying tag v20100422-1900
+Verifying tag v20100423-1900
+Verifying tag v20100424-1930
+Verifying tag v20100428-1900
+Verifying tag v20100428-2030
+Verifying tag v20100428-2215
+Verifying tag v20100429-2000
+Verifying tag v20100503-1900
+Verifying tag v20100503-1930
+Verifying tag v20100504-2130
+Verifying tag v20100505-0745
+Verifying tag v20100506-1900
+Verifying tag v20100510-1130
+Verifying tag v20100510-1345
+Verifying tag v20100510-1400
+Verifying tag v20100510-1530
+Verifying tag v20100511-0830
+Verifying tag v20100513-1900
+Verifying tag v20100513-2110
+Verifying tag v20100514-0830
+Verifying tag v20100519-0945
+Verifying tag v20100519-1900
+Verifying tag v20100520-1215
+Verifying tag v20100520-1250
+Verifying tag v20100520-1315
+Verifying tag v20100520-1410
+Verifying tag v20100520-1445
+Verifying tag v20100520-1630
+Verifying tag v20100520-1710
+Verifying tag v20100520-1730
+Verifying tag v20100521-0905
+Verifying tag v20100521-0930
+Verifying tag v20100521-1430
+Verifying tag v20100522-1400
+Verifying tag v20100522-1910
+Verifying tag v20100523-0815
+Verifying tag v20100523-1445
+Verifying tag v20100523-2015
+Verifying tag v20100525-1900
+Verifying tag v20100525-2045
+Verifying tag v20100525-2140
+Verifying tag v20100526-1900
+Verifying tag v20100527-1900
+Verifying tag v20100528-1900
+Verifying tag v20100531-1900
+Verifying tag v20100602-1920
+Verifying tag v20100602-1925
+Verifying tag v20100603-1925
+Verifying tag v20100603-1940
+Verifying tag v20100604-1515
+Verifying tag v20100606-1520
+Verifying tag v20100606-1540
+Verifying tag v20100609-2015
+Verifying tag v20100610-2050
+Verifying tag v20100613-1930
+Verifying tag v20100613-1945
+Verifying tag v20100613-1955
+Verifying tag v20100614-1845
+Verifying tag v20100615-2115
+Verifying tag v20100616-1915
+Verifying tag v20100616-1931
+Verifying tag v20100617-2110
+Verifying tag v20100618-1245
+Verifying tag v20100618-1645
+Verifying tag v20100623-1100
+Verifying tag v20100624-1900
+Verifying tag v20100625-0600
+Verifying tag v20100627-1555
+Verifying tag v20100628-2045
+Verifying tag v20100629-2005
+Verifying tag v20100630-1010
+Verifying tag v20100630-1740
+Verifying tag v20100701-1000
+Verifying tag v20100705-0900
+Verifying tag v20100705-1930
+Verifying tag v20100706-2020
+Verifying tag v20100707-1900
+Verifying tag v20100708-1900
+Verifying tag v20100709-1115
+Verifying tag v20100709-1545
+Verifying tag v20100712-1135
+Verifying tag v20100712-1915
+Verifying tag v20100713-1150
+Verifying tag v20100713-1900
+Verifying tag v20100714-1430
+Verifying tag v20100714-1915
+Verifying tag v20100715-1830
+Verifying tag v20100716-1225
+Verifying tag v20100716-1700
+Verifying tag v20100718-2115
+Verifying tag v20100720-1945
+Verifying tag v20100721-1145
+Verifying tag v20100721-2005
+Verifying tag v20100722-1210
+Verifying tag v20100722-1910
+Verifying tag v20100722-1945
+Verifying tag v20100723-1215
+Verifying tag v20100723-1320
+Verifying tag v20100723-1900
+Verifying tag v20100724-2045
+Verifying tag v20100725-1700
+Verifying tag v20100726-1230
+Verifying tag v20100726-2045
+Verifying tag v20100727-1415
+Verifying tag v20100730-0945
+Verifying tag v20100803-1900
+Verifying tag v20100805-1900
+Verifying tag v20100806-0900
+Verifying tag v20100810-1900
+Verifying tag v20100811-1530
+Verifying tag v20100812-1315
+Verifying tag v20100817-0845
+Verifying tag v20100817-0930
+Verifying tag v20100819-1900
+Verifying tag v20100825-1320
+Verifying tag v20100825-1415
+Verifying tag v20100826-1900
+Verifying tag v20100830-0930
+Verifying tag v20100902-1900
+Verifying tag v20100909-1900
+Verifying tag v20100910-0930
+Verifying tag v20100910-1900
+Verifying tag v20100911-1900
+Verifying tag v20100912-1900
+Verifying tag v20100913-1900
+Verifying tag v20100914-0900
+Verifying tag v20100914-1900
+Verifying tag v20100915-1900
+Verifying tag v20100916-1900
+Verifying tag v20100917-1050
+Verifying tag v20100917-1230
+Verifying tag v20100921-0812
+Verifying tag v20100921-0847
+Verifying tag v20100922-0745
+Verifying tag v20100922-0810
+Verifying tag v20100923-1030
+Verifying tag v20100924-1430
+Verifying tag v20100930-1900
+Verifying tag v20101001-0810
+Verifying tag v20101003-2030
+Verifying tag v20101004-1515
+Verifying tag v20101005-1645
+Verifying tag v20101006-1115
+Verifying tag v20101006-1245
+Verifying tag v20101006-1900
+Verifying tag v20101007-1900
+Verifying tag v20101014-1900
+Verifying tag v20101020-1747
+Verifying tag v20101021-1900
+Verifying tag v20101022-1019
+Verifying tag v20101025-0500
+Verifying tag v20101025-1200
+Verifying tag v20101025-1510
+Verifying tag v20101026-0100
+Verifying tag v20101027-0100
+Verifying tag v20101028-0200
+Verifying tag v20101028-1000
+Verifying tag v20101029-0200
+Verifying tag v20101029-1030
+Verifying tag v20101104-0200
+Verifying tag v20101104-2200
+Verifying tag v20101109-2200
+Verifying tag v20101111-2200
+Verifying tag v20101118-2200
+Verifying tag v20101119
+Verifying tag v20101119-0910
+Verifying tag v20101119-1530
+Verifying tag v20101119-1700
+Verifying tag v20101122-2200
+Verifying tag v20101123-2200
+Verifying tag v20101124-1031
+Verifying tag v20101124-2200
+Verifying tag v20101125-1135
+Verifying tag v20101125-1200
+Verifying tag v20101125-2200
+Verifying tag v20101126-1042
+Verifying tag v20101201-2200
+Verifying tag v20101202-0645
+Verifying tag v20101202-0730
+Verifying tag v20101202-0815
+Verifying tag v20101202-2200
+Verifying tag v20101206-0200
+Verifying tag v20101206-1714
+Verifying tag v20101207-0200
+Verifying tag v20101208-0200
+Verifying tag v20101209-0200
+Verifying tag v20101209-1640
+Verifying tag v20101209-1653
+Verifying tag v20101210-1615
+Verifying tag v20101210-1745
+Verifying tag v20101210-1753
+Verifying tag v20101213-1130
+Verifying tag v20101214-1532
+Verifying tag v20101214-1535
+Verifying tag v20101214-1536
+Verifying tag v20101214-1555
+Verifying tag v20101214-1614
+Verifying tag v20101215-1131
+Verifying tag v20101215-2200
+Verifying tag v20101216-1200
+Verifying tag v20110105-1010
+Verifying tag v20110105-1040
+Verifying tag v20110110-1405
+Verifying tag v20110113-2200
+Verifying tag v20110114-0800
+Verifying tag v20110114-0900
+Verifying tag v20110114-0930
+Verifying tag v20110118-1443
+Verifying tag v20110118-1548
+Verifying tag v20110118-1733
+Verifying tag v20110120-2200
+Verifying tag v20110121-1000
+Verifying tag v20110121-1315
+Verifying tag v20110125-2200
+Verifying tag v20110126-1500
+Verifying tag v20110126-1700
+Verifying tag v20110126-2200
+Verifying tag v20110127-2200
+Verifying tag v20110128-2000
+Verifying tag v20110203-2002
+Verifying tag v20110204-0715
+Verifying tag v20110210-2002
+Verifying tag v20110215-1529
+Verifying tag v20110215-2000
+Verifying tag v20110216-1536
+Verifying tag v20110216-1539
+Verifying tag v20110216-1542
+Verifying tag v20110216-1546
+Verifying tag v20110216-1704
+Verifying tag v20110216-2000
+Verifying tag v20110217-2000
+Verifying tag v20110217-2100
+Verifying tag v20110218-0831
+Verifying tag v20110224-2000
+Verifying tag v20110225-1300
+Verifying tag v20110302-1530
+Verifying tag v20110303-1602
+Verifying tag v20110303-2000
+Verifying tag v20110304-1000
+Verifying tag v20110304-1022
+Verifying tag v20110304-1700
+Verifying tag v20110306-2030
+Verifying tag v20110306-2145
+Verifying tag v20110307-0900
+Verifying tag v20110307-2200
+Verifying tag v20110309-0100
+Verifying tag v20110309-0745
+Verifying tag v20110309-0840
+Verifying tag v20110309-1400
+Verifying tag v20110310-0100
+Verifying tag v20110310-1400
+Verifying tag v20110310-2200
+Verifying tag v20110311-1400
+Verifying tag v20110311-2200
+Verifying tag v20110312-1300
+Verifying tag v20110315-2000
+Verifying tag v20110316-1035
+Verifying tag v20110317-2200
+Verifying tag v20110320-2300
+Verifying tag v20110322-2200
+Verifying tag v20110323-1055
+Verifying tag v20110329-2200
+Verifying tag v20110331-2200
+Verifying tag v20110405-2200
+Verifying tag v20110407-2200
+Verifying tag v20110412-2200
+Verifying tag v20110415-1030
+Verifying tag v20110415-1243
+Verifying tag v20110419-2200
+Verifying tag v20110420-1420
+Verifying tag v20110421-0500
+Verifying tag v20110422-0200
+Verifying tag v20110425-0200
+Verifying tag v20110426-0200
+Verifying tag v20110426-0800
+Verifying tag v20110427-0200
+Verifying tag v20110427-0800
+Verifying tag v20110428-0200
+Verifying tag v20110429-0945
+Verifying tag v20110501-0200
+Verifying tag v20110503-2200
+Verifying tag v20110504-2200
+Verifying tag v20110505-0200
+Verifying tag v20110505-0950
+Verifying tag v20110505-2200
+Verifying tag v20110509-0900
+Verifying tag v20110510-1040
+Verifying tag v20110511-0815
+Verifying tag v20110511-2200
+Verifying tag v20110512-2200
+Verifying tag v20110514-0800
+Verifying tag v20110514-2200
+Verifying tag v20110515-0800
+Verifying tag v20110516-1050
+Verifying tag v20110516-1455
+Verifying tag v20110516-2200
+Verifying tag v20110517-2200
+Verifying tag v20110518-2200
+Verifying tag v20110519-2200
+Verifying tag v20110521-2200
+Verifying tag v20110522-2200
+Verifying tag v20110523-2200
+Verifying tag v20110524-1000
+Verifying tag v20110524-2200
+Verifying tag v20110526-0630
+Verifying tag v20110526-1115
+Verifying tag v20110526-1435
+Verifying tag v20110526-2200
+Verifying tag v20110527-2200
+Verifying tag v20110528-2200
+Verifying tag v20110529-2200
+Verifying tag v20110531-2201
+Verifying tag v20110601-0646
+Verifying tag v20110601-1050
+Verifying tag v20110601-2202
+Verifying tag v20110602-2201
+Verifying tag v20110603-1145
+Verifying tag v20110603-2201
+Verifying tag v20110604-2201
+Verifying tag v20110608-2201
+Verifying tag v20110609-2200
+Verifying tag v20110610-0906
+Verifying tag v20110610-1300
+Verifying tag v20110610-1515
+Verifying tag v20110610-2200
+Verifying tag v20110611-2200
+Verifying tag v20110612-2200
+Verifying tag v20110613-2055
+Verifying tag v20110614-1045
+Verifying tag v20110614-1545
+Verifying tag v20110617-0630
+Verifying tag v20110617-1015
+Verifying tag v20110620-1346
+Verifying tag v20110620-1631
+Verifying tag v20110629-1040
+Verifying tag v20110629-1315
+Verifying tag v20110630-1005
+Verifying tag v20110630-1630
+Verifying tag v20110705-1340
+Verifying tag v20110706-2200
+Verifying tag v20110713-1400
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+Verifying tag v20110721-1345
+Verifying tag v20110721-1600
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+Verifying tag v20110729-0200
+Verifying tag v20110729-2001
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+Verifying tag v20110804-1800
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+Verifying tag v20110809-2000
+Verifying tag v20110810-2000
+Verifying tag v20110816-2000
+Verifying tag v20110817-2001
+Verifying tag v20110824-1000
+Verifying tag v20110824-2000
+Verifying tag v20110826-1410
+Verifying tag v20110826-1525
+Verifying tag v20110830-2000
+Verifying tag v20110831-1030
+Verifying tag v20110831-2000
+Verifying tag v20110906-1100
+Verifying tag v20110906-2000
+Verifying tag v20110907-2000
+Verifying tag v20110909-1140
+Verifying tag v20110912-0200
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+Verifying tag v20110913-0200
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+Verifying tag v20110916-1615
+Verifying tag v20110920-2000
+Verifying tag v20110923-1625
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+Verifying tag v20110930-1625
+Verifying tag v20111004-2000
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+Verifying tag v20111027-1317
+Verifying tag v20111027-1410
+Verifying tag v20111027-1910
+Verifying tag v20111028-1100
+Verifying tag v20111101-2200
+Verifying tag v20111102-2000
+Verifying tag v20111103-2200
+Verifying tag v20111108-2200
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+Verifying tag v20111116-0810
+Verifying branch R4_1_SDK_LONGBUILD
+Verifying branch R4_1_maintenance
+Verifying branch bug356997
+PASS: ==
diff --git a/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/cvs2git.options b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/cvs2git.options
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..942118d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/cvs2git.options
@@ -0,0 +1,693 @@
+# (Be in -*- mode: python; coding: utf-8 -*- mode.)
+# ====================================================================
+# Copyright (c) 2006-2010 CollabNet.  All rights reserved.
+# This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which
+# you should have received as part of this distribution.  The terms
+# are also available at
+# If newer versions of this license are posted there, you may use a
+# newer version instead, at your option.
+# This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many
+# individuals.  For exact contribution history, see the revision
+# history and logs, available at
+# ====================================================================
+#                  #####################
+#                  ## PLEASE READ ME! ##
+#                  #####################
+# This is a template for an options file that can be used to configure
+# cvs2svn to convert to git rather than to Subversion.  See
+# www/cvs2git.html and www/cvs2svn.html for general information, and
+# see the comments in this file for information about what options are
+# available and how they can be set.
+# The program that is run to convert from CVS to git is called
+# cvs2git.  Run it with the --options option, passing it this file
+# like this:
+#     cvs2git --options=cvs2git-example.options
+# The output of cvs2git is a blob file and a dump file that can be
+# loaded into git using the "git fast-import" command.  Please read
+# www/cvs2git.html for more information.
+# Many options do not have defaults, so it is easier to copy this file
+# and modify what you need rather than creating a new options file
+# from scratch.  This file is in Python syntax, but you don't need to
+# know Python to modify it.  But if you *do* know Python, then you
+# will be happy to know that you can use arbitary Python constructs to
+# do fancy configuration tricks.
+# But please be aware of the following:
+# * In many places, leading whitespace is significant in Python (it is
+#   used instead of curly braces to group statements together).
+#   Therefore, if you don't know what you are doing, it is best to
+#   leave the whitespace as it is.
+# * In normal strings, Python treats a backslash ("\") as an escape
+#   character.  Therefore, if you want to specify a string that
+#   contains a backslash, you need either to escape the backslash with
+#   another backslash ("\\"), or use a "raw string", as in one if the
+#   following equivalent examples:
+#       cvs_executable = 'c:\\windows\\system32\\cvs.exe'
+#       cvs_executable = r'c:\windows\system32\cvs.exe'
+#   See for
+#   more information.
+# Two identifiers will have been defined before this file is executed,
+# and can be used freely within this file:
+#     ctx -- a Ctx object (see cvs2svn_lib/, which holds
+#         many configuration options
+#     run_options -- an instance of the GitRunOptions class (see
+#         cvs2svn_lib/, which holds some variables
+#         governing how cvs2git is run
+# Import some modules that are used in setting the options:
+import os
+from cvs2svn_lib import config
+from cvs2svn_lib import changeset_database
+from cvs2svn_lib.common import CVSTextDecoder
+from cvs2svn_lib.log import logger
+from cvs2svn_lib.project import Project
+from cvs2svn_lib.git_revision_collector import GitRevisionCollector
+from cvs2svn_lib.external_blob_generator import ExternalBlobGenerator
+from cvs2svn_lib.git_output_option import GitRevisionMarkWriter
+from cvs2svn_lib.git_output_option import GitOutputOption
+from cvs2svn_lib.dvcs_common import KeywordHandlingPropertySetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.revision_manager import NullRevisionCollector
+from cvs2svn_lib.rcs_revision_manager import RCSRevisionReader
+from cvs2svn_lib.cvs_revision_manager import CVSRevisionReader
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import AllBranchRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import AllTagRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import BranchIfCommitsRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import ExcludeRegexpStrategyRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import ForceBranchRegexpStrategyRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import ForceTagRegexpStrategyRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import ExcludeTrivialImportBranchRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import ExcludeVendorBranchRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import HeuristicStrategyRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import UnambiguousUsageRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import HeuristicPreferredParentRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_strategy import SymbolHintsFileRule
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_transform import ReplaceSubstringsSymbolTransform
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_transform import RegexpSymbolTransform
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_transform import IgnoreSymbolTransform
+from cvs2svn_lib.symbol_transform import NormalizePathsSymbolTransform
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import AutoPropsPropertySetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import ConditionalPropertySetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import cvs_file_is_binary
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import CVSBinaryFileDefaultMimeTypeSetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import CVSBinaryFileEOLStyleSetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import DefaultEOLStyleSetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import EOLStyleFromMimeTypeSetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import ExecutablePropertySetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import KeywordsPropertySetter
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import MimeMapper
+from cvs2svn_lib.property_setters import SVNBinaryFileKeywordsPropertySetter
+# To choose the level of logging output, uncomment one of the
+# following lines:
+#logger.log_level = logger.WARN
+#logger.log_level = logger.QUIET
+logger.log_level = logger.NORMAL
+#logger.log_level = logger.VERBOSE
+#logger.log_level = logger.DEBUG
+# The directory to use for temporary files:
+ctx.tmpdir = r'cvs2svn-tmp'
+# During FilterSymbolsPass, cvs2git records the contents of file
+# revisions into a "blob" file in git-fast-import format.  The
+# ctx.revision_collector option configures that process.  Choose one of the two ersions and customize its options.
+# This first alternative is much slower but is better tested and has a
+# chance of working with CVSNT repositories.  It invokes CVS or RCS to
+# reconstuct the contents of CVS file revisions:
+#ctx.revision_collector = GitRevisionCollector(
+    # The file in which to write the git-fast-import stream that
+    # contains the file revision contents:
+#    'cvs2svn-tmp/git-blob.dat',
+    # The following option specifies how the revision contents of the
+    # RCS files should be read.
+    #
+    # RCSRevisionReader uses RCS's "co" program to extract the
+    # revision contents of the RCS files during CollectRevsPass.  The
+    # constructor argument specifies how to invoke the "co"
+    # executable.
+    #
+    # CVSRevisionReader uses the "cvs" program to extract the revision
+    # contents out of the RCS files during OutputPass.  This option is
+    # considerably slower than RCSRevisionReader because "cvs" is
+    # considerably slower than "co".  However, it works in some
+    # situations where RCSRevisionReader fails; see the HTML
+    # documentation of the "--use-cvs" option for details.  The
+    # constructor argument specifies how to invoke the "co"
+    # executable.
+    #
+    # Uncomment one of the two following lines:
+    #RCSRevisionReader(co_executable=r'co'),
+#    CVSRevisionReader(cvs_executable=r'cvs'),
+#    )
+# This second alternative is vastly faster than the version above.  It
+# uses an external Python program to reconstruct the contents of CVS
+# file revisions:
+ctx.revision_collector = ExternalBlobGenerator('cvs2svn-tmp/git-blob.dat')
+# cvs2git doesn't need a revision reader because OutputPass only
+# refers to blobs that were output during CollectRevsPass, so leave
+# this option set to None.
+ctx.revision_reader = None
+# Change the following line to True if the conversion should only
+# include the trunk of the repository (i.e., all branches and tags
+# should be omitted from the conversion):
+ctx.trunk_only = False
+# How to convert CVS author names, log messages, and filenames to
+# Unicode.  The first argument to CVSTextDecoder is a list of encoders
+# that are tried in order in 'strict' mode until one of them succeeds.
+# If none of those succeeds, then fallback_encoder (if it is
+# specified) is used in lossy 'replace' mode.  Setting a fallback
+# encoder ensures that the encoder always succeeds, but it can cause
+# information loss.
+ctx.cvs_author_decoder = CVSTextDecoder(
+    [
+        'utf8',
+        'latin1',
+        'ascii',
+        ],
+    #fallback_encoding='ascii'
+    )
+ctx.cvs_log_decoder = CVSTextDecoder(
+    [
+        'utf8',
+        'latin1',
+        'ascii',
+        ],
+    #fallback_encoding='ascii',
+    eol_fix='\n',
+    )
+# You might want to be especially strict when converting filenames to
+# Unicode (e.g., maybe not specify a fallback_encoding).
+ctx.cvs_filename_decoder = CVSTextDecoder(
+    [
+        #'utf8',
+        #'latin1',
+        'ascii',
+        ],
+    #fallback_encoding='ascii'
+    )
+# Template for the commit message to be used for initial project
+# commits.
+ctx.initial_project_commit_message = (
+    'Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.'
+    )
+# Template for the commit message to be used for post commits, in
+# which modifications to a vendor branch are copied back to trunk.
+# This message can use '%(revnum)d' to include the SVN revision number
+# of the revision that included the change to the vendor branch
+# (admittedly rather pointless in a cvs2git conversion).
+ctx.post_commit_message = (
+    'This commit was generated by cvs2svn to track changes on a CVS '
+    'vendor branch.'
+    )
+# Template for the commit message to be used for commits in which
+# symbols are created.  This message can use '%(symbol_type)s' to
+# include the type of the symbol ('branch' or 'tag') or
+# '%(symbol_name)s' to include the name of the symbol.
+ctx.symbol_commit_message = (
+    "This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create %(symbol_type)s "
+    "'%(symbol_name)s'."
+    )
+# Template for the commit message to be used for commits in which
+# tags are pseudo-merged back to their source branch.  This message can
+# use '%(symbol_name)s' to include the name of the symbol.
+# (Not used by default unless you enable tie_tag_fixup_branches on
+# GitOutputOption.)
+ctx.tie_tag_ancestry_message = (
+    "This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to tie ancestry for "
+    "tag '%(symbol_name)s' back to the source branch."
+    )
+# Some CVS clients for MacOS store resource fork data into CVS along
+# with the file contents itself by wrapping it all up in a container
+# format called "AppleSingle".  Subversion currently does not support
+# MacOS resource forks.  Nevertheless, sometimes the resource fork
+# information is not necessary and can be discarded.  Set the
+# following option to True if you would like cvs2svn to identify files
+# whose contents are encoded in AppleSingle format, and discard all
+# but the data fork for such files before committing them to
+# Subversion.  (Please note that AppleSingle contents are identified
+# by the AppleSingle magic number as the first four bytes of the file.
+# This check is not failproof, so only set this option if you think
+# you need it.)
+ctx.decode_apple_single = False
+# This option can be set to the name of a filename to which are stored
+# statistics and conversion decisions about the CVS symbols.
+#ctx.symbol_info_filename = None
+ctx.symbol_info_filename = 'symbol-info.txt'
+# cvs2svn uses "symbol strategy rules" to help decide how to handle
+# CVS symbols.  The rules in a project's symbol_strategy_rules are
+# applied in order, and each rule is allowed to modify the symbol.
+# The result (after each of the rules has been applied) is used for
+# the conversion.
+# 1. A CVS symbol might be used as a tag in one file and as a branch
+#    in another file.  cvs2svn has to decide whether to convert such a
+#    symbol as a tag or as a branch.  cvs2svn uses a series of
+#    heuristic rules to decide how to convert a symbol.  The user can
+#    override the default rules for specific symbols or symbols
+#    matching regular expressions.
+# 2. cvs2svn is also capable of excluding symbols from the conversion
+#    (provided no other symbols depend on them.
+# 3. CVS does not record unambiguously the line of development from
+#    which a symbol sprouted.  cvs2svn uses a heuristic to choose a
+#    symbol's "preferred parents".
+# The standard branch/tag/exclude StrategyRules do not change a symbol
+# that has already been processed by an earlier rule, so in effect the
+# first matching rule is the one that is used.
+global_symbol_strategy_rules = [
+    # It is possible to specify manually exactly how symbols should be
+    # converted and what line of development should be used as the
+    # preferred parent.  To do so, create a file containing the symbol
+    # hints and enable the following option.
+    #
+    # The format of the hints file is described in the documentation
+    # for the --symbol-hints command-line option.  The file output by
+    # the --write-symbol-info (i.e., ctx.symbol_info_filename) option
+    # is in the same format.  The simplest way to use this option is
+    # to run the conversion through CollateSymbolsPass with
+    # --write-symbol-info option, copy the symbol info and edit it to
+    # create a hints file, then re-start the conversion at
+    # CollateSymbolsPass with this option enabled.
+    #SymbolHintsFileRule('symbol-hints2.txt'),
+    # To force all symbols matching a regular expression to be
+    # converted as branches, add rules like the following:
+    #ForceBranchRegexpStrategyRule(r'branch.*'),
+    # To force all symbols matching a regular expression to be
+    # converted as tags, add rules like the following:
+    #ForceTagRegexpStrategyRule(r'tag.*'),
+    # To force all symbols matching a regular expression to be
+    # excluded from the conversion, add rules like the following:
+    #ExcludeRegexpStrategyRule(r'unknown-.*'),
+    # Sometimes people use "cvs import" to get their own source code
+    # into CVS.  This practice creates a vendor branch 1.1.1 and
+    # imports the code onto the vendor branch as, then copies
+    # the same content to the trunk as version 1.1.  Normally, such
+    # vendor branches are useless and they complicate the SVN history
+    # unnecessarily.  The following rule excludes any branches that
+    # only existed as a vendor branch with a single import (leaving
+    # only the 1.1 revision).  If you want to retain such branches,
+    # comment out the following line.  (Please note that this rule
+    # does not exclude vendor *tags*, as they are not so easy to
+    # identify.)
+    ExcludeTrivialImportBranchRule(),
+    # To exclude all vendor branches (branches that had "cvs import"s
+    # on them but no other kinds of commits), uncomment the following
+    # line:
+    #ExcludeVendorBranchRule(),
+    # Usually you want this rule, to convert unambiguous symbols
+    # (symbols that were only ever used as tags or only ever used as
+    # branches in CVS) the same way they were used in CVS:
+    UnambiguousUsageRule(),
+    # If there was ever a commit on a symbol, then it cannot be
+    # converted as a tag.  This rule causes all such symbols to be
+    # converted as branches.  If you would like to resolve such
+    # ambiguities manually, comment out the following line:
+    BranchIfCommitsRule(),
+    # Last in the list can be a catch-all rule that is used for
+    # symbols that were not matched by any of the more specific rules
+    # above.  (Assuming that BranchIfCommitsRule() was included above,
+    # then the symbols that are still indeterminate at this point can
+    # sensibly be converted as branches or tags.)  Include at most one
+    # of these lines.  If none of these catch-all rules are included,
+    # then the presence of any ambiguous symbols (that haven't been
+    # disambiguated above) is an error:
+    # Convert ambiguous symbols based on whether they were used more
+    # often as branches or as tags:
+    HeuristicStrategyRule(),
+    # Convert all ambiguous symbols as branches:
+    #AllBranchRule(),
+    # Convert all ambiguous symbols as tags:
+    #AllTagRule(),
+    # The last rule is here to choose the preferred parent of branches
+    # and tags, that is, the line of development from which the symbol
+    # sprouts.
+    HeuristicPreferredParentRule(),
+    ]
+# Specify a username to be used for commits for which CVS doesn't
+# record the original author (for example, the creation of a branch).
+# This should be a simple (unix-style) username, but it can be
+# translated into a git-style name by the author_transforms map.
+ctx.username = 'cvs2svn'
+# ctx.file_property_setters and ctx.revision_property_setters contain
+# rules used to set the svn properties on files in the converted
+# archive.  For each file, the rules are tried one by one.  Any rule
+# can add or suppress one or more svn properties.  Typically the rules
+# will not overwrite properties set by a previous rule (though they
+# are free to do so).  ctx.file_property_setters should be used for
+# properties that remain the same for the life of the file; these
+# should implement FilePropertySetter.  ctx.revision_property_setters
+# should be used for properties that are allowed to vary from revision
+# to revision; these should implement RevisionPropertySetter.
+# Obviously, SVN properties per se are not interesting for a cvs2git
+# conversion, but some of these properties have side-effects that do
+# affect the git output.  FIXME: Document this in more detail.
+    # To read auto-props rules from a file, uncomment the following line
+    # and specify a filename.  The boolean argument specifies whether
+    # case should be ignored when matching filenames to the filename
+    # patterns found in the auto-props file:
+    #AutoPropsPropertySetter(
+    #    r'/home/username/.subversion/config',
+    #    ignore_case=True,
+    #    ),
+    # To read mime types from a file and use them to set svn:mime-type
+    # based on the filename extensions, uncomment the following line
+    # and specify a filename (see
+    # for information about
+    # mime.types files):
+    #MimeMapper(r'/etc/mime.types', ignore_case=False),
+    # Omit the svn:eol-style property from any files that are listed
+    # as binary (i.e., mode '-kb') in CVS:
+    CVSBinaryFileEOLStyleSetter(),
+    # If the file is binary and its svn:mime-type property is not yet
+    # set, set svn:mime-type to 'application/octet-stream'.
+    CVSBinaryFileDefaultMimeTypeSetter(),
+    # To try to determine the eol-style from the mime type, uncomment
+    # the following line:
+    #EOLStyleFromMimeTypeSetter(),
+    # Choose one of the following lines to set the default
+    # svn:eol-style if none of the above rules applied.  The argument
+    # is the svn:eol-style that should be applied, or None if no
+    # svn:eol-style should be set (i.e., the file should be treated as
+    # binary).
+    #
+    # The default is to treat all files as binary unless one of the
+    # previous rules has determined otherwise, because this is the
+    # safest approach.  However, if you have been diligent about
+    # marking binary files with -kb in CVS and/or you have used the
+    # above rules to definitely mark binary files as binary, then you
+    # might prefer to use 'native' as the default, as it is usually
+    # the most convenient setting for text files.  Other possible
+    # options: 'CRLF', 'CR', 'LF'.
+    DefaultEOLStyleSetter(None),
+    #DefaultEOLStyleSetter('native'),
+    # Prevent svn:keywords from being set on files that have
+    # svn:eol-style unset.
+    SVNBinaryFileKeywordsPropertySetter(),
+    # If svn:keywords has not been set yet, set it based on the file's
+    # CVS mode:
+    KeywordsPropertySetter(config.SVN_KEYWORDS_VALUE),
+    # Set the svn:executable flag on any files that are marked in CVS as
+    # being executable:
+    ExecutablePropertySetter(),
+    # The following causes keywords to be untouched in binary files and
+    # collapsed in all text to be committed:
+    ConditionalPropertySetter(
+        cvs_file_is_binary, KeywordHandlingPropertySetter('untouched'),
+        ),
+    KeywordHandlingPropertySetter('collapsed'),
+    ])
+    ])
+# To skip the cleanup of temporary files, uncomment the following
+# option:
+ctx.skip_cleanup = True
+# In CVS, it is perfectly possible to make a single commit that
+# affects more than one project or more than one branch of a single
+# project.  Subversion also allows such commits.  Therefore, by
+# default, when cvs2svn sees what looks like a cross-project or
+# cross-branch CVS commit, it converts it into a
+# cross-project/cross-branch Subversion commit.
+# However, other tools and SCMs have trouble representing
+# cross-project or cross-branch commits.  (For example, Trac's Revtree
+# plugin, is confused by
+# such commits.)  Therefore, we provide the following two options to
+# allow cross-project/cross-branch commits to be suppressed.
+# cvs2git only supports single-project conversions (multiple-project
+# conversions wouldn't really make sense for git anyway).  So this
+# option must be set to False:
+ctx.cross_project_commits = False
+# git itself doesn't allow commits that affect more than one branch,
+# so this option must be set to False:
+ctx.cross_branch_commits = False
+# cvs2git does not yet handle translating .cvsignore files into
+# .gitignore files, so by default, the .cvsignore files are included
+# in the conversion output.  If you would like to omit the .cvsignore
+# files from the output, set this option to False:
+ctx.keep_cvsignore = True
+# By default, it is a fatal error for a CVS ",v" file to appear both
+# inside and outside of an "Attic" subdirectory (this should never
+# happen, but frequently occurs due to botched repository
+# administration).  If you would like to retain both versions of such
+# files, change the following option to True, and the attic version of
+# the file will be written to a subdirectory called "Attic" in the
+# output repository:
+ctx.retain_conflicting_attic_files = False
+# CVS uses unix login names as author names whereas git requires
+# author names to be of the form "foo <bar>".  The default is to set
+# the git author to "cvsauthor <cvsauthor>".  author_transforms can be
+# used to map cvsauthor names (e.g., "jrandom") to a true name and
+# email address (e.g., "J. Random <>" for the
+# example shown).  All strings should be either Unicode strings (i.e.,
+# with "u" as a prefix) or 8-bit strings in the utf-8 encoding.  The
+# values can either be strings in the form "name <email>" or tuples
+# (name, email).  Please substitute your own project's usernames here
+# to use with the author_transforms option of GitOutputOption below.
+'aarcher' : ('Adam Archer', 'aarcher'),
+'ahunter' : ('Anthony Hunter', 'ahunter'),
+'airvine' : ('airvine', 'airvine'),
+'aniefer' : ('Andrew Niefer', 'aniefer'),
+'aweinand' : ('aweinand', 'aweinand'),
+'bbiggs' : ('bbiggs', 'bbiggs'),
+'bbokowski' : ('Boris Bokowski', 'bbokowski'),
+'bcabe' : ('Benjamin Cabe', 'bcabe'),
+'bdealwis' : ('Brian Dealwis', 'bdealwis'),
+'bmuskalla' : ('Benjamin Muskalla', 'bmuskalla'),
+'breynolds' : ('breynolds', 'breynolds'),
+'caniszczyk' : ('Chris Aniszczyk', 'caniszczyk'),
+'cdaniel' : ('Krzysztof Daniel', 'cdaniel'),
+'cgoldthor' : ('Chris Goldthorpe', 'cgoldthor'),
+'cknaus' : ('cknaus', 'cknaus'),
+'cmclaren' : ('cmclaren', 'cmclaren'),
+'curtispd' : ('Curtis D\'Entremont', 'curtispd'),
+'darins' : ('darins', 'darins'),
+'davids' : ('davids', 'davids'),
+'deboer' : ('Timothy Deboer', 'deboer'),
+'dejan' : ('dejan', 'dejan'),
+'dmegert' : ('Dani Megert', 'dmegert'),
+'dorme' : ('Dave Orme', 'dorme'),
+'dpollock' : ('dpollock', 'dpollock'),
+'droberts' : ('Dean Roberts', 'droberts'),
+'drubel' : ('Dan Rubel', 'drubel'),
+'dwilson' : ('dwilson', 'dwilson'),
+'ebb' : ('Ed Burnette', 'ebb'),
+'eduardo' : ('eduardo', 'eduardo'),
+'eidsness' : ('eidsness', 'eidsness'),
+'emoffatt' : ('Eric Moffatt', 'emoffatt'),
+'fuptoniv' : ('Francis Upton IV', 'fuptoniv'),
+'gheorghe' : ('Bogdan Gheorghe', 'gheorghe'),
+'gmendel' : ('gmendel', 'gmendel'),
+'gunnar' : ('Gunnar Wagenknecht', 'gunnar'),
+'hsoliwal' : ('Hitesh Soliwal', 'hsoliwal'),
+'ikhelifi' : ('ikhelifi', 'ikhelifi'),
+'jeem' : ('jeem', 'jeem'),
+'jlebrun' : ('jlebrun', 'jlebrun'),
+'jlemieux' : ('jlemieux', 'jlemieux'),
+'johna' : ('John Arthorne', 'johna'),
+'karice' : ('Karice McIntyre', 'karice'),
+'kevinh' : ('kevinh', 'kevinh'),
+'kevinm' : ('kevinm', 'kevinm'),
+'khorne' : ('khorne', 'khorne'),
+'kmaetzel' : ('kmaetzel', 'kmaetzel'),
+'kmoir' : ('Kim Moir', 'kmoir'),
+'kradloff' : ('kradloff', 'kradloff'),
+'ktoedter' : ('Kai Toedter', 'ktoedter'),
+'lkues' : ('lkues', 'lkues'),
+'lvogel' : ('Lars Vogel', 'lvogel'),
+'marcelop' : ('Marcelo Paternostro', 'marcelop'),
+'melder' : ('melder', 'melder'),
+'mhall' : ('Matthew Hall', 'mhall'),
+'mhatem' : ('mhatem', 'mhatem'),
+'mkeller' : ('Markus Keller', 'mkeller'),
+'mvalenta' : ('mvalenta', 'mvalenta'),
+'mvanmeek' : ('mvanmeek', 'mvanmeek'),
+'nick' : ('Nick Edgar', 'nick'),
+'obesedin' : ('Oleg Besedin', 'obesedin'),
+'omallo' : ('Ovidio Mallo', 'omallo'),
+'prangaraj' : ('Prakash Rangaraj', 'prangaraj'),
+'pwebster' : ('Paul Webster', 'pwebster'),
+'randyg' : ('randyg', 'randyg'),
+'rherrmann' : ('Rudiger Herrmann', 'rherrmann'),
+'rsternber' : ('Ralf Sternberg', 'rsternber'),
+'rsuen' : ('Remy Suen', 'rsuen'),
+'sarsenau' : ('sarsenau', 'sarsenau'),
+'sbeauchamp' : ('Serge Beauchamp', 'sbeauchamp'),
+'sbrandys' : ('Szymon Brandys', 'sbrandys'),
+'sdimitro' : ('Sonia Dimitrov', 'sdimitro'),
+'sfranklin' : ('Susan Franklin', 'sfranklin'),
+'sxenos' : ('sxenos', 'sxenos'),
+'tod' : ('Tod Creasey', 'tod'),
+'tschindl' : ('Thomas Schindl', 'tschindl'),
+'wchoi' : ('wchoi', 'wchoi'),
+'winchest' : ('winchest', 'winchest'),
+'wmelhem' : ('wmelhem', 'wmelhem'),
+'yvyang' : ('Yves YANG', 'yvyang'),
+#    'jrandom' : ('J. Random', ''),
+#    'mhagger' : 'Michael Haggerty <>',
+#    'brane' : (u'Branko Äibej', ''),
+#    'ringstrom' : 'Tobias Ringström <>',
+#    'dionisos' : (u'Erik Hülsmann', ''),
+    # This one will be used for commits for which CVS doesn't record
+    # the original author, as explained above.
+    'cvs2svn' : 'cvs2svn <>',
+    }
+# This is the main option that causes cvs2svn to output to a
+# "fastimport"-format dumpfile rather than to Subversion:
+ctx.output_option = GitOutputOption(
+    # The file in which to write the git-fast-import stream that
+    # contains the changesets and branch/tag information:
+    os.path.join(ctx.tmpdir, 'git-dump.dat'),
+    # The blobs will be written via the revision recorder, so in
+    # OutputPass we only have to emit references to the blob marks:
+    GitRevisionMarkWriter(),
+    # Optional map from CVS author names to git author names:
+    author_transforms=author_transforms,
+    )
+# Change this option to True to turn on profiling of cvs2svn (for
+# debugging purposes):
+run_options.profiling = False
+# Should CVSItem -> Changeset database files be memory mapped?  In
+# some tests, using memory mapping speeded up the overall conversion
+# by about 5%.  But this option can cause the conversion to fail with
+# an out of memory error if the conversion computer runs out of
+# virtual address space (e.g., when running a very large conversion on
+# a 32-bit operating system).  Therefore it is disabled by default.
+# Uncomment the following line to allow these database files to be
+# memory mapped.
+changeset_database.use_mmap_for_cvs_item_to_changeset_table = True
+# Now set the project to be converted to git.  cvs2git only supports
+# single-project conversions, so this method must only be called
+# once:
+    # The filesystem path to the part of the CVS repository (*not* a
+    # CVS working copy) that should be converted.  This may be a
+    # subdirectory (i.e., a module) within a larger CVS repository.
+    r'/shared/eclipse/e4/git/cvs/',
+    # A list of symbol transformations that can be used to rename
+    # symbols in this project.
+    symbol_transforms=[
+        # Use IgnoreSymbolTransforms like the following to completely
+        # ignore symbols matching a regular expression when parsing
+        # the CVS repository, for example to avoid warnings about
+        # branches with two names and to choose the preferred name.
+        # It is *not* recommended to use this instead of
+        # ExcludeRegexpStrategyRule; though more efficient,
+        # IgnoreSymbolTransforms are less flexible and don't exclude
+        # branches correctly.  The argument is a Python-style regular
+        # expression that has to match the *whole* CVS symbol name:
+        #IgnoreSymbolTransform(r'nightly-build-tag-.*')
+        # RegexpSymbolTransforms transform symbols textually using a
+        # regular expression.  The first argument is a Python regular
+        # expression pattern and the second is a replacement pattern.
+        # The pattern is matched against each symbol name.  If it
+        # matches the whole symbol name, then the symbol name is
+        # replaced with the corresponding replacement text.  The
+        # replacement can include substitution patterns (e.g., r'\1'
+        # or r'\g<name>').  Typically you will want to use raw strings
+        # (strings with a preceding 'r', like shown in the examples)
+        # for the regexp and its replacement to avoid backslash
+        # substitution within those strings.
+        #RegexpSymbolTransform(r'release-(\d+)_(\d+)',
+        #                      r'release-\1.\2'),
+        #RegexpSymbolTransform(r'release-(\d+)_(\d+)_(\d+)',
+        #                      r'release-\1.\2.\3'),
+        # Simple 1:1 character replacements can also be done.  The
+        # following transform, which converts backslashes into forward
+        # slashes, should usually be included:
+        ReplaceSubstringsSymbolTransform('\\','/'),
+        # This last rule eliminates leading, trailing, and repeated
+        # slashes within the output symbol names:
+        NormalizePathsSymbolTransform(),
+        ],
+    # See the definition of global_symbol_strategy_rules above for a
+    # description of this option:
+    symbol_strategy_rules=global_symbol_strategy_rules,
+    # Exclude paths from the conversion. Should be relative to
+    # repository path and use forward slashes:
+    #exclude_paths=['file-to-exclude.txt,v', 'dir/to/exclude'],
+    )
diff --git a/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/ b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e207f88
--- /dev/null
+++ b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+git tag -f R4_1_ShortBuild 7d74b6b31692f1b2ee4457d95df4a8d8a077129f^1
+git tag -f Root_bug356997 c0f07e6e66b09e8ba7aeaa1ad1599b0269a7a045^1
+git tag -f v20081114-1115 25ab4ce3fbe2475526508f7a26e743b2190ccd2b^1
+git tag -f v20081118-1507 2a88d95ac6cfa95fd6afadacfa11b8d4ed0241b7^1
+git tag -f v20081217-1800 419e7af2fd3725a34ec2e490ed285cb74f0b0e63^1
+git tag -f v20100604-1515 e1bfad7df12fe3e112dab0ce3fdcb1972f2987e7^1
+git tag -f v20101119 97c7627a681f446e7181264414478b9953d6475b^1
diff --git a/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/tag_cherrypicks.txt b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/tag_cherrypicks.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e1a3ac9
--- /dev/null
+++ b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/tag_cherrypicks.txt
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Cherrypick tag: Root_R4_1_SDK_LONGBUILD commit: e631f676a18cc0892f00de1254607347a96f6f7e
diff --git a/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/ b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..456aa47
--- /dev/null
+++ b/org.eclipse.e4.releng/pass1/
@@ -0,0 +1,708 @@
+Tag clean: R0_10 commit: 3f0bbfe85a7fd7c0e0f9cecd868c1539ebbaa4fa
+Tag clean: R0_11 commit: 98a835a8ed01f8b26df5db1541e45b7590ee9b47
+Tag clean: R0_9 commit: 44603ee02b764617c69df8167d42ebf9e21ce064
+Tag clean: R4_1 commit: 98a835a8ed01f8b26df5db1541e45b7590ee9b47
+git tag -f R4_1_ShortBuild 7d74b6b31692f1b2ee4457d95df4a8d8a077129f^1
+Cherrypick tag: Root_R4_1_SDK_LONGBUILD commit: e631f676a18cc0892f00de1254607347a96f6f7e
+git tag -f Root_bug356997 c0f07e6e66b09e8ba7aeaa1ad1599b0269a7a045^1
+git tag -f v20081114-1115 25ab4ce3fbe2475526508f7a26e743b2190ccd2b^1
+git tag -f v20081118-1507 2a88d95ac6cfa95fd6afadacfa11b8d4ed0241b7^1
+Tag clean: v20081119-1504 commit: e7af3803e5628a67e237f19e943d9f4e954cda49
+Tag clean: v20081120-1110 commit: bb692da24cbce596aaf91d0668683c1ee856faeb
+Tag clean: v20081120-1118 commit: 547a0800856a0cf542252fb0067287a0d4aad12b
+Tag clean: v20081120-1930 commit: c7f963c69831c534411db14b7c3a0158e416553f
+Tag clean: v20081127-1930 commit: b71cb2a119e9211f0a0ddf4bbed1eb20ca549cd6
+Tag clean: v20081205-1150 commit: b71cb2a119e9211f0a0ddf4bbed1eb20ca549cd6
+Tag clean: v20081205-1159 commit: c3392fe396f06386abb55f93c0a7e4a44622fa16
+Tag clean: v20081205-1203 commit: c3392fe396f06386abb55f93c0a7e4a44622fa16
+Tag clean: v20081205-1501 commit: 7c48d1be4281600091b784a52c20471baba11131
+Tag clean: v20081205-1513 commit: 7c48d1be4281600091b784a52c20471baba11131
+Tag clean: v20081205-1514 commit: 7c48d1be4281600091b784a52c20471baba11131
+Tag clean: v20081205-1518 commit: 7c48d1be4281600091b784a52c20471baba11131
+Tag clean: v20081208-2019 commit: daf3cd0f9ba4c67c2b79238d6ea710c2dc6c0c95
+Tag clean: v20081211-1930 commit: 3e9cb3a86dfadde6735b382648ac98b6002ef840
+Tag clean: v20081212-1502 commit: 06f80313f687634263f16e1595ccf0d8ca4255f9
+Tag clean: v20081212-1508 commit: b7f9a86e711f1f4f06ca80773c5233dd628cf306
+Tag clean: v20081217-1505 commit: 84e6e6b874b51ea34e599af80351a1928488b978
+git tag -f v20081217-1800 419e7af2fd3725a34ec2e490ed285cb74f0b0e63^1
+Tag clean: v20081218-1025 commit: 83d4cd2f3fa1ad31f4ba4ad7e2e4e08b4f9e02c5
+Tag clean: v20081218-1930 commit: 2a5632f224389240a3af1098da40cfe6f3e68639
+Tag clean: v20081219-1130 commit: c78e99960a4f37640253abc9a917f32d1cac748b
+Tag clean: v20081219-1240 commit: c78e99960a4f37640253abc9a917f32d1cac748b
+Tag clean: v20081219-1325 commit: c78e99960a4f37640253abc9a917f32d1cac748b
+Tag clean: v20081219-1340 commit: c78e99960a4f37640253abc9a917f32d1cac748b
+Tag clean: v20081225-1930 commit: c78e99960a4f37640253abc9a917f32d1cac748b
+Tag clean: v20081231-1200 commit: 8aea44444119490a31914edc0c9650b73edac2db
+Tag clean: v20081231-1330 commit: 6cedd5d99e3847aa2d41887fd0497bf1e478de51
+Tag clean: v20090101-1930 commit: 6cedd5d99e3847aa2d41887fd0497bf1e478de51
+Tag clean: v20090107-1345 commit: 43fdea60e822ae8402695bbd3d66d7f2394b9fec
+Tag clean: v20090108-1930 commit: ed7ad2566d30eb4f3c44d73c337a590907c20784
+Tag clean: v20090113-1833 commit: a441eaf74b65a1fb83c77fffa5b9f53182138d48
+Tag clean: v20090116-0730 commit: 94d7f056601655857f1a23b7a6eab2dc634ef488
+Tag clean: v20090116-0820 commit: 94d7f056601655857f1a23b7a6eab2dc634ef488
+Tag clean: v20090123-1500 commit: 8ea48c0ae8e97ef194d24a21d94ab4982066f239
+Tag clean: v20090129-1930 commit: ae0e7eed176ed33d91e3e8556ea61f4158abf11b
+Tag clean: v20090202-1930 commit: ae0e7eed176ed33d91e3e8556ea61f4158abf11b
+Tag clean: v20090203-0830 commit: ae0e7eed176ed33d91e3e8556ea61f4158abf11b
+Tag clean: v20090203-1930 commit: 760d798f307205bf52d06c4602329f0587cd0f02
+Tag clean: v20090204-0830 commit: 5ddbce496512aee7a710beb2e567e14c3828a03a
+Tag clean: v20090204-1930 commit: bc5d4b705834e84224f4e1e1436d5a14f8fb6041
+Tag clean: v20090204-2045 commit: dd6c8939fd5eb285fd92f647a1d45ae7f7f6fbad
+Tag clean: v20090204-2115 commit: 58a52f4c78b5b3621b4a9c25eb7262cdde2144ad
+Tag clean: v20090205-1930 commit: 77d40bf54ce3a9a3edf7a8155d261aca5c6c7ddf
+Tag clean: v20090206-0830 commit: 77d40bf54ce3a9a3edf7a8155d261aca5c6c7ddf
+Tag clean: v20090206-1000 commit: 9e82cc46184272948b7e30ef283e20865204b6ac
+Tag clean: v20090206-1045 commit: 73e150b88c61a42b7b62f4602ef75e935a8ca6c0
+Tag clean: v20090212-1930 commit: 845a0fcfeda5560254b97ccc1e6cf854c890992d
+Tag clean: v20090220-1400 commit: d891fdb7c6015bc385280803758542e0dc402c8c
+Tag clean: v20090226-1930 commit: 5a043af9fb0625582035bab8c5ae0a4b58a830ed
+Tag clean: v20090305-1930 commit: 806433091620beccd045e15d55e4b2a62b7a4d52
+Tag clean: v20090312-1930 commit: b83a9ac204d222631fda4c6e980f2a44c208d428
+Tag clean: v20090316-1930 commit: fa6577c01d397dde3b8b510e8d72a05b74942528
+Tag clean: v20090317-0830 commit: 2f62ecf26b7edae24ad1a66e47dbb33bf5797689
+Tag clean: v20090318-0830 commit: 4182c99f77fe31ccf83c7c446b63cae93f22972c
+Tag clean: v20090318-1930 commit: 1b1076dffdfe6574a12bcb7a89948bb4232d7fe8
+Tag clean: v20090319-0830 commit: b7d3341a64b0f7d793687077b0296742c3586878
+Tag clean: v20090319-1930 commit: 6b11f55a19d2f30b953fa5db0c3e766ae6c2d665
+Tag clean: v20090320-0830 commit: f1c490d4e89d045d58432e23535552a9f4c47aad
+Tag clean: v20090320-1130 commit: 60e01d40ef1dd7dc451935b2c184d83e5ba82ead
+Tag clean: v20090320-1930 commit: 2b46f5cae883c85129dd957cb5286c4284111ad9
+Tag clean: v20090330-1930 commit: 2b46f5cae883c85129dd957cb5286c4284111ad9
+Tag clean: v20090402-1930 commit: 27203e102763b9c4928454e0f9748049035e6d4e
+Tag clean: v20090409-1930 commit: 2bbbeb35206c4ae24086461fce0d7201fe441af7
+Tag clean: v20090416-1930 commit: 2bbbeb35206c4ae24086461fce0d7201fe441af7
+Tag clean: v20090417-1930 commit: 12d1e7de84d93b08f3458c53dc93cb99100ef13d
+Tag clean: v20090417-2130 commit: 12d1e7de84d93b08f3458c53dc93cb99100ef13d
+Tag clean: v20090420-0730 commit: a8fe35c50cbd92f63ee0b0066e2a0b921222052d
+Tag clean: v20090423-1930 commit: 24822f50828eec9d81b5e11ba6b8d3f2f303b268
+Tag clean: v20090423-2130 commit: 7c7c2d2df9c807f8617d2f7b9752c7d1b612a801
+Tag clean: v20090424-1130 commit: eefba584295424a551b593e5c37bde8855952afb
+Tag clean: v20090424-1315 commit: 3190a1ed6f0e811ce1cd5d2421a888169d43821a
+Tag clean: v20090430-1930 commit: 3190a1ed6f0e811ce1cd5d2421a888169d43821a
+Tag clean: v20090505-1930 commit: 3190a1ed6f0e811ce1cd5d2421a888169d43821a
+Tag clean: v20090506-0830 commit: 3190a1ed6f0e811ce1cd5d2421a888169d43821a
+Tag clean: v20090506-1930 commit: f57a4b3cb5d00ef1132cbd4f1f5d5b0a8c69b440
+Tag clean: v20090507-1015 commit: 22bce0b35fe7a882ba51190ed81466b20899fa7a
+Tag clean: v20090507-1315 commit: 75bb56e8dcee30064e5be6df662c0134cba16123
+Tag clean: v20090507-1930 commit: e013afc5653cb8a5f0e7d623445bc79ccbf3cde9
+Tag clean: v20090508-0830 commit: 5f42417ea4a3867ccbcab44d641d670a5d13c64d
+Tag clean: v20090514-1930 commit: bf3ad74c487e1d9321ffd5783d1359f5d81edc3a
+Tag clean: v20090521-1930 commit: 60056169ebf3ee728a7281eb52bbef9260d7cb95
+Tag clean: v20090528-2000 commit: 1afd0e84c1af92cfbd72e3fc7343aff1109dfd27
+Tag clean: v20090605-2130 commit: 4ff28a94827f511ee14191b258c0c542b731fa92
+Tag clean: v20090605-2150 commit: 4ff28a94827f511ee14191b258c0c542b731fa92
+Tag clean: v20090605-2220 commit: 682dd6983442a13eaa97c8ccb11bedb654dd6af7
+Tag clean: v20090606-0830 commit: 9393907fc01b61d62dfd6c7adb4f09ab607d92e5
+Tag clean: v20090606-1145 commit: 0b9701f78163aeb903d775eddf0c42838f2659cf
+Tag clean: v20090608-1930 commit: 0735e5ae718234dddd8053e0153fb3e7facc70a8
+Tag clean: v20090609-1930 commit: ffa2ced286544530a93778f57ddf3c30c39f59a2
+Tag clean: v20090610-0745 commit: ffa2ced286544530a93778f57ddf3c30c39f59a2
+Tag clean: v20090610-0945 commit: 77e04c65c1115b977cf06d11b6fb047f2aaa5aec
+Tag clean: v20090610-1930 commit: 601e361f060a6ccab6d28e7192f0cf736396d75a
+Tag clean: v20090611-0745 commit: 601e361f060a6ccab6d28e7192f0cf736396d75a
+Tag clean: v20090611-1930 commit: 14a51b558cf5868fc4d930bb49da61c58181406d
+Tag clean: v20090612-1930 commit: 29208a98b488aeaa9021023870f6ae164948ef5d
+Tag clean: v20090613-1930 commit: 29208a98b488aeaa9021023870f6ae164948ef5d
+Tag clean: v20090614-1930 commit: 29208a98b488aeaa9021023870f6ae164948ef5d
+Tag clean: v20090615-1930 commit: 2cdc1e83e11f00037402129c37044065f0ec2177
+Tag clean: v20090616-1930 commit: e8b9b77ba9019e1505429215db9b810e597d7f67
+Tag clean: v20090617-1230 commit: 8fe3eab4a4fd7dfd1d013830fc0ad6eb858a2cc0
+Tag clean: v20090617-1930 commit: d51cf331dda4fe146858f9d9d6dd9d53e98ce913
+Tag clean: v20090618-1630 commit: 2fd3aabc4ec19c16eacd5f4b1f040e9bb00e9f4e
+Tag clean: v20090618-1930 commit: 2fd3aabc4ec19c16eacd5f4b1f040e9bb00e9f4e
+Tag clean: v20090619-1930 commit: d286cd776ab3b065ae012c2353c07cc61ad9e52d
+Tag clean: v20090620-1930 commit: d286cd776ab3b065ae012c2353c07cc61ad9e52d
+Tag clean: v20090621-1930 commit: d286cd776ab3b065ae012c2353c07cc61ad9e52d
+Tag clean: v20090622-1930 commit: 9f3cea9d18b9b8c70193357170d247b08125afe7
+Tag clean: v20090623-1930 commit: a1aa9397348acec4975c6da45ec24f198e7d6bd1
+Tag clean: v20090624-1215 commit: 026a369a4ec2d85f0b076ccb4cb2a89cd92199cb
+Tag clean: v20090624-1930 commit: 5ec91da8491a9411cfeb92f6fd7886125b6b20c2
+Tag clean: v20090625-2000 commit: 01c6146ff0e45a97d07b16c95a25c5e4a2a37544
+Tag clean: v20090626-0830 commit: 01c6146ff0e45a97d07b16c95a25c5e4a2a37544
+Tag clean: v20090626-1345 commit: a7db79049178c4c5d581e18e19a51c7b79295add
+Tag clean: v20090626-1830 commit: 7956f07fa0e559d019ac778b76b36752b7bd6732
+Tag clean: v20090626-1945 commit: 7956f07fa0e559d019ac778b76b36752b7bd6732
+Tag clean: v20090629-1130 commit: 7d257f63754312de6325da482f2de3d521230bb3
+Tag clean: v20090629-1930 commit: 4ff423426e2578f3d44f513a8ce6aed33a254bc3
+Tag clean: v20090629-2115 commit: 3f2975035c094df19f4b5c19afee74c86e4c26cf
+Tag clean: v20090630-1930 commit: 5f0da6c7077a6914fe146122f828774490cc6863
+Tag clean: v20090701-1930 commit: 5f0da6c7077a6914fe146122f828774490cc6863
+Tag clean: v20090702-1930 commit: 5f0da6c7077a6914fe146122f828774490cc6863
+Tag clean: v20090703-1930 commit: 5f0da6c7077a6914fe146122f828774490cc6863
+Tag clean: v20090704-1930 commit: 5f0da6c7077a6914fe146122f828774490cc6863
+Tag clean: v20090705-1930 commit: 5f0da6c7077a6914fe146122f828774490cc6863
+Tag clean: v20090706-1930 commit: 5fbec5ce0901d7d3ac1395c83ced7e737954063b
+Tag clean: v20090707-1930 commit: f2963eee1c90fd64ec24deed01c9bde2d3fe27f4
+Tag clean: v20090708-1930 commit: 02243dab3a8c6310fd15e577a7772eb67a63e4b9
+Tag clean: v20090709-1930 commit: 924fe2dcf2eaeee0ce0484ebcabd911a195c5794
+Tag clean: v20090710-1930 commit: 7f4d71ed1eb622804bbf91d2071b7957fc544013
+Tag clean: v20090711-1930 commit: 7f4d71ed1eb622804bbf91d2071b7957fc544013
+Tag clean: v20090712-2130 commit: 0952f663dee0490dcba49b7b54a060287830ef30
+Tag clean: v20090713-1930 commit: 0952f663dee0490dcba49b7b54a060287830ef30
+Tag clean: v20090714-1930 commit: 6e25cf35010f908c32420a566b1383e4492da983
+Tag clean: v20090715-1930 commit: 9f1841a1a14c77164be7404a1b45e487468b8d05
+Tag clean: v20090716-1930 commit: 2158b2b4644bc5a836950b412c7670c500b682ca
+Tag clean: v20090717-1400 commit: 887226ab4e3856f70aebbe4768fafffdd64a077d
+Tag clean: v20090717-1450 commit: ab68103ce89ba461176861b5d667632e0d42917b
+Tag clean: v20090717-1930 commit: 9454a26381aef348f066a1edde4d309e3aff6b92
+Tag clean: v20090718-1430 commit: 2061141d2d172b06513896da382449b728911805
+Tag clean: v20090720-2115 commit: 9993dee5d8de8de568327615e29e49f630c41b06
+Tag clean: v20090721-1330 commit: 1b07829744c5bbfedea7860919e0634e2c5e682f
+Tag clean: v20090721-1930 commit: 1b07829744c5bbfedea7860919e0634e2c5e682f
+Tag clean: v20090721-2045 commit: 6e90e5ae645ade72c6909db0a9cadfbe838859d4
+Tag clean: v20090722-1030 commit: 7f27597f649c01ed3ae2c4f09c941c0c2692c796
+Tag clean: v20090722-1415 commit: 9fcb5f24f7374c3e8a641a19956a4936fd5e6cac
+Tag clean: v20090722-1420 commit: 0394cb1a157d3dd67f5e3959b25b9b72dd5adcc1
+Tag clean: v20090722-1930 commit: 0394cb1a157d3dd67f5e3959b25b9b72dd5adcc1
+Tag clean: v20090722-2100 commit: 778417b46070f2b41e87e2d19347c023b9fdc4b3
+Tag clean: v20090723-1930 commit: 70e2195ece2d54fa2785baf22abc6fd43e670289
+Tag clean: v20090724-1930 commit: 24d50f9f7986b8d4408a3d01f93e2d3aecbeceed
+Tag clean: v20090725-1930 commit: 24d50f9f7986b8d4408a3d01f93e2d3aecbeceed
+Tag clean: v20090726-1345 commit: 728dd171385d8e43f68a4de79ef40907e22e5c1d
+Tag clean: v20090726-1930 commit: 728dd171385d8e43f68a4de79ef40907e22e5c1d
+Tag clean: v20090726-1945 commit: 728dd171385d8e43f68a4de79ef40907e22e5c1d
+Tag clean: v20090726-2100 commit: 728dd171385d8e43f68a4de79ef40907e22e5c1d
+Tag clean: v20090727-2030 commit: 4f5aae1c562bae310ad08cde1f5d05724cc8726b
+Tag clean: v20090728-1930 commit: f8b010dad3e6317378c70eef8df606b029625a86
+Tag clean: v20090729-1930 commit: 44603ee02b764617c69df8167d42ebf9e21ce064
+Tag clean: v20090826-1345 commit: 44603ee02b764617c69df8167d42ebf9e21ce064
+Tag clean: v20090826-1945 commit: 44603ee02b764617c69df8167d42ebf9e21ce064
+Tag clean: v20090903-2100 commit: 2d8ade8179aee15881b4d36771421bd87067fb7a
+Tag clean: v20090903-2204 commit: 2d8ade8179aee15881b4d36771421bd87067fb7a
+Tag clean: v20090908-0811 commit: 2d8ade8179aee15881b4d36771421bd87067fb7a
+Tag clean: v20090908-0900 commit: 2d8ade8179aee15881b4d36771421bd87067fb7a
+Tag clean: v20090908-1000 commit: 2d8ade8179aee15881b4d36771421bd87067fb7a
+Tag clean: v20090910-2100 commit: 6664c79a3b44b4f3c43c31423524f44d2e733147
+Tag clean: v20090924-1415 commit: a669ad7df371eec8bfcb09d1a5c5d06f2d7cdf2a
+Tag clean: v20090924-2100 commit: d3dc7499174d5b35c985ba5a95f2551ba8197834
+Tag clean: v20090926-1945 commit: acab23f311cc0196a338bd51180a4450cad59912
+Tag clean: v20091001-2100 commit: 981d6c4c0e9890c488a05fbd3e83077b212d245d
+Tag clean: v20091008-2100 commit: 9684103f4a97fae723b18dd225ae9c6f26103cab
+Tag clean: v20091009-1145 commit: f4b09d4b8c671762e026c116779d1a357ff49e33
+Tag clean: v20091009-1415 commit: 2c968056816ff82361dcb08b13a884070537707b
+Tag clean: v20091013-1430 commit: 1c069235dbb9a5ee2b06c4c75b4610f1ab4b4dcd
+Tag clean: v20091016-0915 commit: db4a5d4e6082d45a8ce32ba9be38c66c0388a877
+Tag clean: v20091022-2100 commit: 05b94b47be6465de4b9d9364411ca1c0a6f37c9d
+Tag clean: v20091026-1945 commit: 9c96484411e451c57d31196087fdf93dc51a6cdf
+Tag clean: v20091029-1314 commit: 2900e911255bf184fc98c19c9a9ceaeab3a8dd0b
+Tag clean: v20091029-1345 commit: 70bcfe7b5276b3790c8a93fd27f864aa9bf3bca2
+Tag clean: v20091029-1437 commit: 70bcfe7b5276b3790c8a93fd27f864aa9bf3bca2
+Tag clean: v20091029-2100 commit: 4b0556468e8cee0fef6e02fee34b890c9f9d328c
+Tag clean: v20091030-1215 commit: 07dfb1422f99e2581c91fd62cac9cfbd9a5e5ad7
+Tag clean: v20091105-2100 commit: e2cdd1fea1ce1516f9cefa78ce6868f509c5c3d5
+Tag clean: v20091112-2100 commit: a379e7bb305e699992c86b2cf90908bddfbd6f7a
+Tag clean: v20091112-2200 commit: 4154bea20b4eb66a5f2d4265ff6553240b5f9507
+Tag clean: v20091113-2100 commit: 4154bea20b4eb66a5f2d4265ff6553240b5f9507
+Tag clean: v20091114-2100 commit: 158fe57a10b4bdf927bb15a5da3a898cd3c251d8
+Tag clean: v20091115-2100 commit: 158fe57a10b4bdf927bb15a5da3a898cd3c251d8
+Tag clean: v20091116-2100 commit: 4975624c9c2a176801ae990926f64b651107eb27
+Tag clean: v20091116-2200 commit: 3f93dae6823d70d6242729a45b46297914cbddad
+Tag clean: v20091117-2100 commit: 3f93dae6823d70d6242729a45b46297914cbddad
+Tag clean: v20091118-0830 commit: 8d5ac0ec79cbff9f66838a07f62a817ba7a7416d
+Tag clean: v20091118-2100 commit: 1d343be1e42f89325873ca3b4fb3b257961546a2
+Tag clean: v20091118-2115 commit: dc76092877095a5379fb0441f88d059fb2635928
+Tag clean: v20091119-0800 commit: dc76092877095a5379fb0441f88d059fb2635928
+Tag clean: v20091119-0815 commit: 233b7c5654d8e62ed4f02f16cbc37b2442569b36
+Tag clean: v20091119-1200 commit: f9b8d1b96e0860f06326f3f7dde9c9e5ffe9c566
+Tag clean: v20091119-1450 commit: 4d15e57c538705f23352ba1664ea78234d310828
+Tag clean: v20091119-1700 commit: 4d15e57c538705f23352ba1664ea78234d310828
+Tag clean: v20091119-2000 commit: 04073ac05b3a1af3264077c58140a3963d24d518
+Tag clean: v20091120-1200 commit: 04073ac05b3a1af3264077c58140a3963d24d518
+Tag clean: v20091126-2100 commit: b42cafc2eeb7a05320b37e8744d6a98674bc294d
+Tag clean: v20091203-2100 commit: 2814c3f1f2a7df92ffef3d3e00b7c71dff04a7cc
+Tag clean: v20091204-0900 commit: 9ffeaeae338dbe972338d087626fe1cf87ce0ec7
+Tag clean: v20091210-2100 commit: 0426cd61a19fb68c2a5ac6c42ad9869cd1f943a5
+Tag clean: v20091217-2100 commit: 022464c30e2ce884390a042ea1b32b5b3c07a3df
+Tag clean: v20091224-2100 commit: 8a7cfd0531e147229277526d4cab7217581bce57
+Tag clean: v20091231-2100 commit: 8a7cfd0531e147229277526d4cab7217581bce57
+Tag clean: v20100104-2100 commit: 57e88e345cf654f59d6ff62cb4a7fd866bd5d41d
+Tag clean: v20100106-2100 commit: 64a173fc76aad958d4a56a68574f9d46914d75fb
+Tag clean: v20100107-2100 commit: 64a173fc76aad958d4a56a68574f9d46914d75fb
+Tag clean: v20100108-2100 commit: cf24b3934a9eb76d22fcb7ab743aea0c8baa5b4c
+Tag clean: v20100109-2100 commit: cf24b3934a9eb76d22fcb7ab743aea0c8baa5b4c
+Tag clean: v20100110-2100 commit: cf24b3934a9eb76d22fcb7ab743aea0c8baa5b4c
+Tag clean: v20100111-2100 commit: c4e1d73e899b5fc5a7c221162dc342e0a2e1a79d
+Tag clean: v20100112-2100 commit: 3f1dc686c3e3f4edd099d619b6c069e7bebb98a7
+Tag clean: v20100113-2100 commit: edba6d404ae690939a52a1e3a3407fbcbe634cc5
+Tag clean: v20100114-0900 commit: edba6d404ae690939a52a1e3a3407fbcbe634cc5
+Tag clean: v20100114-1215 commit: 913f2307298176ddf0165e9060c5086658998701
+Tag clean: v20100114-1500 commit: d5ce5641c80e05b6788db05800b79cc4412dd6eb
+Tag clean: v20100114-1800 commit: d821c8ea7e1e79e15737d844ede1aef4f6f58560
+Tag clean: v20100114-2115 commit: 8afff405603f34990c9470cbe9a2b305586b521f
+Tag clean: v20100121-2100 commit: 5ac4f9704b50cf1c77d7bb4d8473e82d3138e690
+Tag clean: v20100121-2140 commit: 38ea7c77d499506431094720afd75ee5b9630944
+Tag clean: v20100121-2200 commit: d05447a9994bb15e6ef36595536659ca822bd4c1
+Tag clean: v20100128-2100 commit: b4bc4364e0e56e791d4186b21d81d842eee6355c
+Tag clean: v20100129-0930 commit: b0fc828a8b732bf2e26084fdd604e0a9ae6e684b
+Tag clean: v20100204-2100 commit: cccef74ac8627f20e37ea59ace2deee32eca361f
+Tag clean: v20100205-0845 commit: f4d0faf2801f17ba0a378e17841231d3fe647cae
+Tag clean: v20100211-2100 commit: e1751e5265b953b26ef33d20c8473541a33855c6
+Tag clean: v20100218-2100 commit: b9222076bfa005cdf5eda6929326ad4ec8bbbc5c
+Tag clean: v20100223-0930 commit: 0df612c95b7dd04eabc02223a01e214c032fac58
+Tag clean: v20100223-2100 commit: 4d020256c30d0cd10eb5e65da20c5a6ac765b693
+Tag clean: v20100224-2100 commit: 783e26779a3c895698194b65b0f2e360496ea5a4
+Tag clean: v20100225-2100 commit: 0db53c4b3c26bc240970006ce67e0b759bc840be
+Tag clean: v20100226-0820 commit: c6739f984cf0fdae81d71a37410da17a458d3a45
+Tag clean: v20100226-1230 commit: a6ee15d8ccd81cfcb179213fc8bfbeb07eb06639
+Tag clean: v20100226-1500 commit: 19011064254d49a9cb4015390f076bd20b3d26e2
+Tag clean: v20100227-1345 commit: 5d034d78d121c2caa0d4f538690d8f88c12a9db3
+Tag clean: v20100303-2100 commit: 4398a8d45eabab08a0b5e8e164a918e258f0fb8d
+Tag clean: v20100304-0830 commit: b23582f86619188534033ee13a5932e3f2e9ae58
+Tag clean: v20100304-2100 commit: ed9675378d234a983f61e45fe23414fb3940015c
+Tag clean: v20100305-2100 commit: 9577cf542eca692df7df86875fcf270a33702306
+Tag clean: v20100306-2100 commit: bc53aaa3fa70c7372e963ac4810a953d6fa885e8
+Tag clean: v20100307-2100 commit: 5080d5e7dc8c1d17e4188823c0a63f00456dc585
+Tag clean: v20100307-2115 commit: 7e31fe14e191e541848035b4a8d344948c962791
+Tag clean: v20100308-1015 commit: 8e26191cbf407e084b486c8e826f3b35f28a4d2d
+Tag clean: v20100308-2100 commit: 8e26191cbf407e084b486c8e826f3b35f28a4d2d
+Tag clean: v20100309-2100 commit: 02b71ce65e8b6fc3a89cba5c3f7392aa825f0ef7
+Tag clean: v20100310-0615 commit: 1edee97ecfb30574bc6c7ad082294aa2d563638b
+Tag clean: v20100310-0900 commit: 428f525fc6bc17cdff163f6631039be08bae424c
+Tag clean: v20100310-2100 commit: 428f525fc6bc17cdff163f6631039be08bae424c
+Tag clean: v20100311-2100 commit: 36531af44f4e95811772c35636876926af94d3e7
+Tag clean: v20100312-1500 commit: 5967ab4b10c4979a5adf983269dd6ab454da2245
+Tag clean: v20100312-1541 commit: 5967ab4b10c4979a5adf983269dd6ab454da2245
+Tag clean: v20100312-1556 commit: 443d3d52cc4f52ee69e785ddf5c45985d70a3d0d
+Tag clean: v20100312-2100 commit: 443d3d52cc4f52ee69e785ddf5c45985d70a3d0d
+Tag clean: v20100313-2100 commit: 1c67f63d951653e6078185fa11e39eccfebf875f
+Tag clean: v20100314-2100 commit: 113615fa7c614b87a1051892ff1c6b211d6bba24
+Tag clean: v20100315-1250 commit: 87a9d051c99b2336fb0e5261a0f06c58e6301f60
+Tag clean: v20100315-1315 commit: 87a9d051c99b2336fb0e5261a0f06c58e6301f60
+Tag clean: v20100315-2100 commit: 87a9d051c99b2336fb0e5261a0f06c58e6301f60
+Tag clean: v20100316-2100 commit: d9f916e82f1f71481e6ed1947001f08dda3ab0e5
+Tag clean: v20100317-1045 commit: 34544c0a5307dae385c3e9ecfbb491de78e9a2f3
+Tag clean: v20100317-1055 commit: 34544c0a5307dae385c3e9ecfbb491de78e9a2f3
+Tag clean: v20100317-2100 commit: 7fdb242cd3975c542ee64606ad11cbb19f46de1d
+Tag clean: v20100318-2100 commit: c1d31f55193464fd8847f048bfedec8b0773ab31
+Tag clean: v20100319-2100 commit: 0ff32ff26c9da1f1282aaa67a0880f8f34cbccea
+Tag clean: v20100320-2100 commit: 0ff32ff26c9da1f1282aaa67a0880f8f34cbccea
+Tag clean: v20100401-2100 commit: ebf60e56ddb1c4b8359938cc61943962a45718da
+Tag clean: v20100405-1300 commit: 62b0d0db486f1d36619a33ecf0c69b6c8fbd9f9c
+Tag clean: v20100405-2100 commit: 9bfd6a24437c6fd6aaac44b88f6fa9f2f2972037
+Tag clean: v20100406-2100 commit: d5e14e8305ac4cc970cde1e703a495f6ba9fd045
+Tag clean: v20100407-0830 commit: 9b842b273e073106629f4462da153d5076c953a1
+Tag clean: v20100407-2100 commit: 369d83f7d2f69f148c9e221384e4807e143294b6
+Tag clean: v20100407-2145 commit: d70ab92babe2b1f36582171a07c5792a9d780918
+Tag clean: v20100408-1130 commit: 4288e1c9acfc0e07d89e79718d9b4761c098f8bc
+Tag clean: v20100408-2100 commit: 8586fa0d95632f9074792de78011b1d7d6d2d4b1
+Tag clean: v20100409-1010 commit: 356a415647fb0d75863801453804e1ec7d01d1b1
+Tag clean: v20100409-1210 commit: d277326198f5ff02d8e1d44ba891426b85406817
+Tag clean: v20100409-1410 commit: dc5307f37f0bf5ea15227b05a9f75bf3afcf3883
+Tag clean: v20100409-1930 commit: ac50380f366f59d2107eec9e50942a3824a73156
+Tag clean: v20100411-1600 commit: 9209bf1041eb47421947a4c66d3d02690626a0e3
+Tag clean: v20100415-2100 commit: a11e31db1d5e15a6a6d467be6491b669171cb67e
+Tag clean: v20100416-1100 commit: bd69b97a91b2be8fbad64770d9c84a28f49990f1
+Tag clean: v20100416-1400 commit: b6c69a75939f29e1877b68b9f3febfbbac766c30
+Tag clean: v20100416-1515 commit: efbdf599e26513f48810a13cb455458d7fa5d3a7
+Tag clean: v20100419-1030 commit: 53a824e061a5b733db514298bb9e0640bebd5c17
+Tag clean: v20100421-1145 commit: 9b50b24fa7d49f89e6de2eea9c73d2edb945ef70
+Tag clean: v20100421-1900 commit: 3502b05233c9a5c5bd133979028591bc903b5c41
+Tag clean: v20100422-1245 commit: b170947ec851bc7349c47c7081baec05a88830d1
+Tag clean: v20100422-1900 commit: 26d0aa912da9f9cb1274d105a37c949303e11d1d
+Tag clean: v20100423-1900 commit: 26d0aa912da9f9cb1274d105a37c949303e11d1d
+Tag clean: v20100424-1930 commit: 47968f69256672e5d3474beea929277cf2da0c7c
+Tag clean: v20100428-1900 commit: 4fee4b28aa11c38d3eabcfd78af0ab14977e40eb
+Tag clean: v20100428-2030 commit: 2e60dc4d539e66db8eacacb8b292a987ec14c4f0
+Tag clean: v20100428-2215 commit: 631fe9c8fe143d88a6a3b95a618c1eee1decf5f2
+Tag clean: v20100429-2000 commit: 33f8300b4de912fde14dd4f9bffc968bd7d1f5b6
+Tag clean: v20100503-1900 commit: 8509a68affa31674099881e12cf9b61c889b07c5
+Tag clean: v20100503-1930 commit: f9e2fca767f1fd9d20815e86bc7aa104c16ce134
+Tag clean: v20100504-2130 commit: 4cd0a2a83b205f8921f1557d2fd9d24a20575d90
+Tag clean: v20100505-0745 commit: 256ee6f7291269ec96934770d74f119ee8b8490a
+Tag clean: v20100506-1900 commit: ca739efa403feffd24de960da76c69db6fc081dd
+Tag clean: v20100510-1130 commit: cc8abf27786a69cebbff430e25caf28efba85697
+Tag clean: v20100510-1345 commit: 71b41aa0a9d76ffe525ae2eb36ec9b811aa73984
+Tag clean: v20100510-1400 commit: e95800f31174ab579ba91f3a08cc75c3980f703c
+Tag clean: v20100510-1530 commit: f6d797584884c8f879033a651673a841183a0d4c
+Tag clean: v20100511-0830 commit: e7f9a3ff7562e4db8852bb67c22a29e6e3d5528a
+Tag clean: v20100513-1900 commit: 0ac340644123cee2a6cd2a7916d8fe4464b7be46
+Tag clean: v20100513-2110 commit: ce8d5e5a9c8771b76c7a9e3a040e8ed3c630a45c
+Tag clean: v20100514-0830 commit: 324993b4e8279cfe9b07e78fda8404585c3182bb
+Tag clean: v20100519-0945 commit: 0ef71500427a92e1fb64caf6ec3657f019541457
+Tag clean: v20100519-1900 commit: 0ef71500427a92e1fb64caf6ec3657f019541457
+Tag clean: v20100520-1215 commit: 36616e3254aac9d6365a9aa9b760346bbb719a1a
+Tag clean: v20100520-1250 commit: 36616e3254aac9d6365a9aa9b760346bbb719a1a
+Tag clean: v20100520-1315 commit: 36616e3254aac9d6365a9aa9b760346bbb719a1a
+Tag clean: v20100520-1410 commit: 36616e3254aac9d6365a9aa9b760346bbb719a1a
+Tag clean: v20100520-1445 commit: 374d7d2cdce5957da2c85a37ab3f6dcb8ff011e3
+Tag clean: v20100520-1630 commit: c5c3b25b6b11cfe530b3d7fdca0aa5c53b09cd3c
+Tag clean: v20100520-1710 commit: 951c167ef4f12f2c68caf607dc0d9ab15f8f02e5
+Tag clean: v20100520-1730 commit: 86aac12beb88400e1c7d4c1e316b4daf739d4788
+Tag clean: v20100521-0905 commit: 1a917a5610e8dae50db155e6092e88ec130ba6c4
+Tag clean: v20100521-0930 commit: e363899f1065f823e9cf91e82f0dff3081647766
+Tag clean: v20100521-1430 commit: fc81a6c3d9d3e34638b3408d3aaa5e7b26bdc364
+Tag clean: v20100522-1400 commit: 1c941ce8772b0f6ea73d4428796c83384178100a
+Tag clean: v20100522-1910 commit: b0dec01069f733efe154bb012af76752677424aa
+Tag clean: v20100523-0815 commit: b0dec01069f733efe154bb012af76752677424aa
+Tag clean: v20100523-1445 commit: 7dae44ec22673ca4c2b71de0ad4cdce3d88fd333
+Tag clean: v20100523-2015 commit: a585acae8b40bd5fa94c912b182f16d80c701914
+Tag clean: v20100525-1900 commit: 361e2f253af73b44199e765c731b82a01cb2afdd
+Tag clean: v20100525-2045 commit: 9e50c1d4a570a95feb8765948f73bf09ecf59866
+Tag clean: v20100525-2140 commit: 9e50c1d4a570a95feb8765948f73bf09ecf59866
+Tag clean: v20100526-1900 commit: 390dc454e798e8fd6848a5c8a4dcef9ca101a780
+Tag clean: v20100527-1900 commit: af93bd9c8711be3897ef0b9c175395d7941c90c2
+Tag clean: v20100528-1900 commit: 2423e339fcba3657cba33f63e6934842d74c9e4a
+Tag clean: v20100531-1900 commit: 1ce3d7c6a42ae53f0970bf532585fd49992974b6
+Tag clean: v20100602-1920 commit: c302d2df35b641e0eb6f3ee4b73890343243824d
+Tag clean: v20100602-1925 commit: 548a2e5179a3fb1317d5a8b3ef8f5713c2f5cb98
+Tag clean: v20100603-1925 commit: a2d0d3c67473549b89fcabdb43747f24975ed324
+Tag clean: v20100603-1940 commit: f075a5aa9c59533a0c998687e4ef2ec105690ac5
+git tag -f v20100604-1515 e1bfad7df12fe3e112dab0ce3fdcb1972f2987e7^1
+Tag clean: v20100606-1520 commit: 3be2ceb1c7285a7dc9c72b99cc61e0935dc31f84
+Tag clean: v20100606-1540 commit: 22c155a1054a91135715b514d40b94125edb5471
+Tag clean: v20100609-2015 commit: d48c9fd0c1bb8a53ef5edf734c770253a656a0e7
+Tag clean: v20100610-2050 commit: 0b9c13e612e0ff3494b7b45264f1f9490ca6c2d4
+Tag clean: v20100613-1930 commit: 5999427488e06fb67b8f2fb240bbcd086f99987f
+Tag clean: v20100613-1945 commit: 249c183efea972614f107e9862531414b89adfce
+Tag clean: v20100613-1955 commit: 4e8f196fb28fbebb907644291b3acf8d8fb77a04
+Tag clean: v20100614-1845 commit: 75775e117d1d7db2f3ca05e3f922ad146b5fc14a
+Tag clean: v20100615-2115 commit: 073eee7003f20ece23561c65b6121acca68cc140
+Tag clean: v20100616-1915 commit: e4dbd9b85ef06a4e7212c7b801976896f6569ab3
+Tag clean: v20100616-1931 commit: 45939c432cc492125c0bbdd371125a1442d7d73e
+Tag clean: v20100617-2110 commit: a00828fb946e7c5a4bde4a55731e251f12bfda38
+Tag clean: v20100618-1245 commit: ebf7d96486bbad4e2a770d73e54c10e203c2f35a
+Tag clean: v20100618-1645 commit: aac839c0250d2cd041b7c2bc35a4509eedc9dfc6
+Tag clean: v20100623-1100 commit: 492688180260bc9d72a36fd561a9072516a48eed
+Tag clean: v20100624-1900 commit: 65cae16af0e2882f3d0817f6385093d38caf83dc
+Tag clean: v20100625-0600 commit: 5d92a5aa410fd066e8de43ccf303f7112bc56ed2
+Tag clean: v20100627-1555 commit: 27e471a6091671e223693d2e65d7713f57be42e7
+Tag clean: v20100628-2045 commit: 5c33acc879992386b34de9bfc065fa68f64cdb83
+Tag clean: v20100629-2005 commit: 3a64fa0b4275b0cc22d6fc536a35e857b75d2375
+Tag clean: v20100630-1010 commit: 4cfa21021e08aa2b5598b1841d37b0931a307019
+Tag clean: v20100630-1740 commit: a9aadb3486da29ca06b6bf7d06b421f6770ccf50
+Tag clean: v20100701-1000 commit: 0e5b63b8e995c3bf00f3b1f08ce9a81dfa588978
+Tag clean: v20100705-0900 commit: d3ff394eccb37179fda028ea34aec05185848cfd
+Tag clean: v20100705-1930 commit: 0de8231bdcab71cb363b50efa55139e84de14cf1
+Tag clean: v20100706-2020 commit: d1ded3ddd3a9a597a996b768b8b0cbfe077aeca4
+Tag clean: v20100707-1900 commit: 93c33dc24fa9aa02c84f895ce3c7e42c5ec34ffc
+Tag clean: v20100708-1900 commit: c6dda3d456d70125066d9855a0cb7b3d33b696bd
+Tag clean: v20100709-1115 commit: 72018be8ce0982d3a087ea169d8749b329132057
+Tag clean: v20100709-1545 commit: 69767123bc20e2dbea1a8c852c339e668338e2b5
+Tag clean: v20100712-1135 commit: 2477a0fb28b40110517bf9043a7ad99bd2ff7dfe
+Tag clean: v20100712-1915 commit: 68a955a48f64895ba38df96884695ff2c8c5a9f1
+Tag clean: v20100713-1150 commit: e4dba43f22d69620af6b34edc65e5370fefae67b
+Tag clean: v20100713-1900 commit: 29be0cf32cdbc75ecc67dbec930b24e988b5102a
+Tag clean: v20100714-1430 commit: 877cf84b8cbabbb6ceccae49dc4882391be5e722
+Tag clean: v20100714-1915 commit: 4647327674b5448d8b058b84d69e9a89d6f76220
+Tag clean: v20100715-1830 commit: 846282e9eed3333e69ad9c0c72b221b472b64212
+Tag clean: v20100716-1225 commit: 9d77aa6dc3e4c9c538885e71a3faaa3f13646d59
+Tag clean: v20100716-1700 commit: f179db2888b9ff33f95082b12f3e2e01ef30b7e4
+Tag clean: v20100718-2115 commit: ca1171f39099b4447ef7d7efec0b2ef17c5895a2
+Tag clean: v20100720-1945 commit: e8efcf13c78113e7b8f87dd70e4580046f8fd415
+Tag clean: v20100721-1145 commit: af1346aea865d4e91b40eaf6cf7f68e0d38e436d
+Tag clean: v20100721-2005 commit: b14c331b6c5f5439c7b2e6a32d722f88fe1c455c
+Tag clean: v20100722-1210 commit: 56bc8c6ddf6debf4f49a0c54964401f6ea9eb532
+Tag clean: v20100722-1910 commit: 69e6c4c6812a19c1b2e5eff862cef23fd5a3f484
+Tag clean: v20100722-1945 commit: 07de950592c415d5551c3b15ed40e573a7bc109c
+Tag clean: v20100723-1215 commit: 2b9a89efb5c2d477cb3699c66c0eb3c0498ff766
+Tag clean: v20100723-1320 commit: e7e83e93c37ee9b9f50b6e69bc7f474554941352
+Tag clean: v20100723-1900 commit: 080e77c7368563bc89da124de9b16d63a6db1abb
+Tag clean: v20100724-2045 commit: b4a927352d366495a24883d0edc99e0cdd756f2a
+Tag clean: v20100725-1700 commit: 24b7354786b20e100ae8c5d7b0e87f2c39fc683c
+Tag clean: v20100726-1230 commit: e194d2c9e61d450d2ad1b0cb5a9c524b6034c0e9
+Tag clean: v20100726-2045 commit: 871e60fb963a408d0ce2e2e28b99cbe6255be632
+Tag clean: v20100727-1415 commit: 43e9dedee0f4480821f3030c54e5f625ee192f4a
+Tag clean: v20100730-0945 commit: 876c592f1f5e3c985424da32c175559f6753f1d9
+Tag clean: v20100803-1900 commit: 876c592f1f5e3c985424da32c175559f6753f1d9
+Tag clean: v20100805-1900 commit: 506760e43575799b42af0f5a2044fed33362f14b
+Tag clean: v20100806-0900 commit: 506760e43575799b42af0f5a2044fed33362f14b
+Tag clean: v20100810-1900 commit: 506760e43575799b42af0f5a2044fed33362f14b
+Tag clean: v20100811-1530 commit: 3454833ff8fc9efc097a624cd2ec5a8ed4a5cd1f
+Tag clean: v20100812-1315 commit: 3454833ff8fc9efc097a624cd2ec5a8ed4a5cd1f
+Tag clean: v20100817-0845 commit: 8df427a8c98a0f714a5592f2ec02a6bb78633545
+Tag clean: v20100817-0930 commit: 3aa0677ebce638c264b1d9300c6a65895ddfbe39
+Tag clean: v20100819-1900 commit: 05823440d19fd883acc98cdffc16c7cc1d53db95
+Tag clean: v20100825-1320 commit: 1685d62a0c9c19ba244680c9b2b3cec3fbf1773a
+Tag clean: v20100825-1415 commit: 34fa07092d63e47da3e69b8abda277f981ef9c3e
+Tag clean: v20100826-1900 commit: 127bc502f7a250373e248f9823c20fa559f9f116
+Tag clean: v20100830-0930 commit: 3bc509864f7377a11a779de95acbe9ee519dd8d5
+Tag clean: v20100902-1900 commit: 3bc509864f7377a11a779de95acbe9ee519dd8d5
+Tag clean: v20100909-1900 commit: 5c679838fac96cf27c15c60258eb9f22ed5241e7
+Tag clean: v20100910-0930 commit: 5c679838fac96cf27c15c60258eb9f22ed5241e7
+Tag clean: v20100910-1900 commit: 5c679838fac96cf27c15c60258eb9f22ed5241e7
+Tag clean: v20100911-1900 commit: 5c679838fac96cf27c15c60258eb9f22ed5241e7
+Tag clean: v20100912-1900 commit: 5c679838fac96cf27c15c60258eb9f22ed5241e7
+Tag clean: v20100913-1900 commit: 5c679838fac96cf27c15c60258eb9f22ed5241e7
+Tag clean: v20100914-0900 commit: 147eb57b8739297f4382773154c3c047813ddf5c
+Tag clean: v20100914-1900 commit: 685ff78284d6179d9edb6d34b5da8e7ae3e5cd30
+Tag clean: v20100915-1900 commit: 874a6d53077619a3410bc5720838bbfd0d7f2b97
+Tag clean: v20100916-1900 commit: 874a6d53077619a3410bc5720838bbfd0d7f2b97
+Tag clean: v20100917-1050 commit: d5c8ee3c9335aeebd3eff0a4dbbefa2da82857e7
+Tag clean: v20100917-1230 commit: d5c8ee3c9335aeebd3eff0a4dbbefa2da82857e7
+Tag clean: v20100921-0812 commit: 540c6a24776beb0f9c4ab19241f943e3efd3b05d
+Tag clean: v20100921-0847 commit: 540c6a24776beb0f9c4ab19241f943e3efd3b05d
+Tag clean: v20100922-0745 commit: 7b007f62009171192f016099868572b251ffef2d
+Tag clean: v20100922-0810 commit: 1653f40d18d5e911caa017e1ddebb313b7ef6e4d
+Tag clean: v20100923-1030 commit: 5af4e8262149b646d474529791694c5041485ce2
+Tag clean: v20100924-1430 commit: b1975dcd8f3be14452d9d19b5bfc82bebec78f8f
+Tag clean: v20100930-1900 commit: 1db5c1779090cedb50de56f860cc66ff11296c28
+Tag clean: v20101001-0810 commit: 7c9f86728dcabb7a056b108a5bad5724c3f1f2fa
+Tag clean: v20101003-2030 commit: dee8dd1d909291a68bd101136d42d4b42b945354
+Tag clean: v20101004-1515 commit: dee8dd1d909291a68bd101136d42d4b42b945354
+Tag clean: v20101005-1645 commit: cb8c4dfe195cedb2814d48635af6d3c5db3f0b77
+Tag clean: v20101006-1115 commit: 3fbd4c5d4d1d4ce45f636b66cec32d1333f5da84
+Tag clean: v20101006-1245 commit: d5b4b9b1fba70b340f7de67722f09a33793a8fa2
+Tag clean: v20101006-1900 commit: e802a625d926eeec6b9728bb59ab5f4e0fdc1c08
+Tag clean: v20101007-1900 commit: d736c030ac179afc5bdb21b0768c004f4ec2f9d8
+Tag clean: v20101014-1900 commit: 80431410890d32366d42e63eca62b0cb585306db
+Tag clean: v20101020-1747 commit: ef54efee5175c875272fcafaf23754f19cd4407b
+Tag clean: v20101021-1900 commit: 0a8d42388a7b23d70d49b8c3b43a5ffb017ebd9b
+Tag clean: v20101022-1019 commit: 0053274ab1d782d10fc3dc13c7c529fe6153e65c
+Tag clean: v20101025-0500 commit: e411786d80b8cb0087adab343966e7cc251dd6d6
+Tag clean: v20101025-1200 commit: b7a19b91c046ce810ce81d4eebe7d5a93800ae92
+Tag clean: v20101025-1510 commit: 198b221f53c5f9c6ae397b139ba8d87c4492bf7b
+Tag clean: v20101026-0100 commit: 7dc217ac24ad843203111b865e49f91e572706a7
+Tag clean: v20101027-0100 commit: 079538cfad001466e3092dd2d45fe1bbd01b2e34
+Tag clean: v20101028-0200 commit: 35dc951ff80f5ccbb0d2798488c4f8c4129e9d5c
+Tag clean: v20101028-1000 commit: 3388728c0d637437f58a873e5bf8aca85f4a42b4
+Tag clean: v20101029-0200 commit: 3388728c0d637437f58a873e5bf8aca85f4a42b4
+Tag clean: v20101029-1030 commit: 899df5caeb99411d6774caa830a806878f2646d3
+Tag clean: v20101104-0200 commit: 899df5caeb99411d6774caa830a806878f2646d3
+Tag clean: v20101104-2200 commit: eff132e6cded2f98b6a41bd5fccb4b71fc49cacc
+Tag clean: v20101109-2200 commit: 25b331000653193608eaf1f8cece6c44e8aa9a97
+Tag clean: v20101111-2200 commit: 962c2ac7a5d9424eeeb6610128e6260c54597a79
+Tag clean: v20101118-2200 commit: 80530c14fd48cbafe00590db543eb0f9e7d37126
+git tag -f v20101119 97c7627a681f446e7181264414478b9953d6475b^1
+Tag clean: v20101119-0910 commit: 3eb9a705d5b26472cf947d9d0aa95434c59d75b4
+Tag clean: v20101119-1530 commit: 55894119d5ae47f41e3117c53957d64678d3f284
+Tag clean: v20101119-1700 commit: b5b6faacdec7ccd3b2ef5c2e8c55ba3a7c34dae9
+Tag clean: v20101122-2200 commit: 17a5f77537ec5952df0631e69455badd4d4789a6
+Tag clean: v20101123-2200 commit: 997da8179286c9296e169da435f27315821de3d2
+Tag clean: v20101124-1031 commit: a277cc4782d9d1cdfc3d8ca5ad5403d62e090622
+Tag clean: v20101124-2200 commit: 968672e972b67af2ad593b0aaaab7e51e957b8ab
+Tag clean: v20101125-1135 commit: 9b48870eb0894717ee7b03a60cccc7469fb7c91c
+Tag clean: v20101125-1200 commit: d5081d80cc60b9f4da7c98a8a251fc8fa79abea7
+Tag clean: v20101125-2200 commit: fe960f5386a50d54fe01893ee55576a673c32039
+Tag clean: v20101126-1042 commit: a83fb3ef2c3f0c4eb35ae4f94b4bf25e4d0cd6bb
+Tag clean: v20101201-2200 commit: a73a32412f62d582308602d5f433302b31a4b3fe
+Tag clean: v20101202-0645 commit: d1e327b0fb77e6027550a47c7dbcc2ac7e41a16e
+Tag clean: v20101202-0730 commit: 70b2b607c87b658c1064de90da786084d7b13f3f
+Tag clean: v20101202-0815 commit: 31eb89363fcb11958c7ef3fb67eb0a317d80977e
+Tag clean: v20101202-2200 commit: 3920a025f61b2fdef1e42ebbf85208ed007f2889
+Tag clean: v20101206-0200 commit: c0c27211090f8b36a80e90e28410b22bd678731a
+Tag clean: v20101206-1714 commit: 8b9a672f6c0f0976acb9d06ca81e5f4ade01c06a
+Tag clean: v20101207-0200 commit: e6b3aa91a4c9c4f623709ce47369109f0d7ed63a
+Tag clean: v20101208-0200 commit: e6b3aa91a4c9c4f623709ce47369109f0d7ed63a
+Tag clean: v20101209-0200 commit: 78684335fe4bd495a06c802def4e195e7886cb5f
+Tag clean: v20101209-1640 commit: a8955e3006254ff85a8c72a2ee9584ac5a8ac722
+Tag clean: v20101209-1653 commit: 0854c5e6a903532a1a9735ce28f38159e4f8d8cf
+Tag clean: v20101210-1615 commit: 0854c5e6a903532a1a9735ce28f38159e4f8d8cf
+Tag clean: v20101210-1745 commit: abb64ac777f6b65e487d9ba39150358e75e5d042
+Tag clean: v20101210-1753 commit: abb64ac777f6b65e487d9ba39150358e75e5d042
+Tag clean: v20101213-1130 commit: 253f707f1157b40b9e93f8e41520ff9d7d191157
+Tag clean: v20101214-1532 commit: 26984b84d52fda12d54892be0b9fc7602295b045
+Tag clean: v20101214-1535 commit: 26984b84d52fda12d54892be0b9fc7602295b045
+Tag clean: v20101214-1536 commit: 26984b84d52fda12d54892be0b9fc7602295b045
+Tag clean: v20101214-1555 commit: 26984b84d52fda12d54892be0b9fc7602295b045
+Tag clean: v20101214-1614 commit: 26984b84d52fda12d54892be0b9fc7602295b045
+Tag clean: v20101215-1131 commit: 1a7dee0ec4b6df83ab167787d0b232b109812e39
+Tag clean: v20101215-2200 commit: 1a7dee0ec4b6df83ab167787d0b232b109812e39
+Tag clean: v20101216-1200 commit: 253f707f1157b40b9e93f8e41520ff9d7d191157
+Tag clean: v20110105-1010 commit: 253f707f1157b40b9e93f8e41520ff9d7d191157
+Tag clean: v20110105-1040 commit: 253f707f1157b40b9e93f8e41520ff9d7d191157
+Tag clean: v20110110-1405 commit: c4f4562fa0b3adf49c3610703217944b92d0090f
+Tag clean: v20110113-2200 commit: 984531187abea1202a9245da9baf47c14cad4ffb
+Tag clean: v20110114-0800 commit: 5b9c05dd88457a2d0f62bc15fc26dbf9f4d447ce
+Tag clean: v20110114-0900 commit: 2d34d67dfa63096bdb75a3e91e6bf91f9a8f3e1e
+Tag clean: v20110114-0930 commit: 348802bc166c077428bf83f746fc6bd6937c7c59
+Tag clean: v20110118-1443 commit: 348802bc166c077428bf83f746fc6bd6937c7c59
+Tag clean: v20110118-1548 commit: 348802bc166c077428bf83f746fc6bd6937c7c59
+Tag clean: v20110118-1733 commit: 348802bc166c077428bf83f746fc6bd6937c7c59
+Tag clean: v20110120-2200 commit: 0e5afd9c1accab93d896d317ffd505e97db22bf8
+Tag clean: v20110121-1000 commit: 8b0d2a146d649e43bcd8a740ae12304b0e23267f
+Tag clean: v20110121-1315 commit: 0dcd27261f8ec100bd19dd0c8526783de799625b
+Tag clean: v20110125-2200 commit: a781231188ffe4d95998b6b3b569fed01e4297de
+Tag clean: v20110126-1500 commit: 39d3dddf6310ba3ca66eaa5d3afac69f04a7dba0
+Tag clean: v20110126-1700 commit: 1d7addcbbf4c1532e2144ca69f1fbdf61d7384d5
+Tag clean: v20110126-2200 commit: 900a94abbea06a9496231d935e5992e0f7f8a745
+Tag clean: v20110127-2200 commit: 5358927baf5ce394058d4582b464a00c400973b1
+Tag clean: v20110128-2000 commit: 5358927baf5ce394058d4582b464a00c400973b1
+Tag clean: v20110203-2002 commit: eb5457354036a90789cb702b5115061ba321b1ac
+Tag clean: v20110204-0715 commit: c5b0d1b02e0bbfaed30018036de87790ae8fd918
+Tag clean: v20110210-2002 commit: e611ed8ae7a43c1c7f1f49c1732163e25cb8e35a
+Tag clean: v20110215-1529 commit: 4851aa6e675f99287b2eb4fd2ed2172a2d6ac812
+Tag clean: v20110215-2000 commit: 1de68d41b55d6ff8ec76991ac584b7cf6024d71e
+Tag clean: v20110216-1536 commit: 3559d62b4ad9898f90e45c3a84edfed37c2c0bd7
+Tag clean: v20110216-1539 commit: 69ad2dcc063efe7d444a1388b6ab6c3b0da27e49
+Tag clean: v20110216-1542 commit: 69ad2dcc063efe7d444a1388b6ab6c3b0da27e49
+Tag clean: v20110216-1546 commit: 7a7c2fd2754c35db8cd187ed4a9c59016676c360
+Tag clean: v20110216-1704 commit: beadd58b11bf9f40169a6aee595164c69c7fb089
+Tag clean: v20110216-2000 commit: 97e3d579bc43361b9dbadfb46e28923dbb6fdc82
+Tag clean: v20110217-2000 commit: c90d6bceb52cd9bd88578de66b3a3a2dd9e4e1a4
+Tag clean: v20110217-2100 commit: 8f3d2fea2f80c83d1eb23e138dc81042e6ecd522
+Tag clean: v20110218-0831 commit: 57abe0e0695c32df16c5c93eb3d3f845e0bb03e8
+Tag clean: v20110224-2000 commit: 9f0e88a6e5109ff1cdf75d0e24b9e77beb275e2d
+Tag clean: v20110225-1300 commit: a3c78f83790a08d729f1421886bf5e1750df9d83
+Tag clean: v20110302-1530 commit: 35702afb27dc0dea8c5fbcc49e3c6873dcc76467
+Tag clean: v20110303-1602 commit: 6e0e9899db89ec12fcdf007c6b4c0508e30e4d74
+Tag clean: v20110303-2000 commit: a3f62b76c04f263a70a26c2eafbc72a46f66cdc5
+Tag clean: v20110304-1000 commit: 7cd08933f9f3b8657f7c606cd0e3e669ceea4d93
+Tag clean: v20110304-1022 commit: 459ca65ac5f3af5922d4ca1592208aa2db4f1a23
+Tag clean: v20110304-1700 commit: 73b6e2a95b3376dff264fb6f739decb3f2db5a4e
+Tag clean: v20110306-2030 commit: 8e74e7875fe13535eea457429b7228b94d9f4111
+Tag clean: v20110306-2145 commit: 69f78bbe33ef5c1de746a7eb4526874d2dd42850
+Tag clean: v20110307-0900 commit: 67927787a28781855663639d593309669a845b79
+Tag clean: v20110307-2200 commit: 4f97a2b206fe0d14e91c9a873923573729500a2a
+Tag clean: v20110309-0100 commit: e49a13b9c8a48e1c5a97e2acbc911a0fb84918fa
+Tag clean: v20110309-0745 commit: e8deb68665097966faa04ed8a46ee22a89f880af
+Tag clean: v20110309-0840 commit: e8deb68665097966faa04ed8a46ee22a89f880af
+Tag clean: v20110309-1400 commit: ac8bd0af042c853b16c40703ae953354d484b3da
+Tag clean: v20110310-0100 commit: 7b80456add0568e69611624979005c7f3cc01039
+Tag clean: v20110310-1400 commit: 8df03df83f78875c837c583dabdeb0c5c05ab8e1
+Tag clean: v20110310-2200 commit: 010351fc8face7af2c5a7600ddbd4091322bf535
+Tag clean: v20110311-1400 commit: 3f7ad9202e4c36d5a888279d54aece21aaa24754
+Tag clean: v20110311-2200 commit: 867de5632c92c73a9d2626c57c9e9817b08873f4
+Tag clean: v20110312-1300 commit: 342ad32402d838969bf312bb0c5450223ef1a1a3
+Tag clean: v20110315-2000 commit: 342ad32402d838969bf312bb0c5450223ef1a1a3
+Tag clean: v20110316-1035 commit: eaa2cb476d5e895e128ea4805d5706e684369d6a
+Tag clean: v20110317-2200 commit: 91e155765edca489dd36408ad4562b017bf06992
+Tag clean: v20110320-2300 commit: b64272a6130ee3c58c40186a42f27ff84df59534
+Tag clean: v20110322-2200 commit: 3d46915466b6ff73e91eda6ff068cca43a356187
+Tag clean: v20110323-1055 commit: ea016061f9d0d992866d97fdf7a5e1856d883dcc
+Tag clean: v20110329-2200 commit: aea1677d2dfa03e4c712db04d0d168ee803cf00e
+Tag clean: v20110331-2200 commit: 2ca451fcc07990b530a51d203335fa289a460bba
+Tag clean: v20110405-2200 commit: 2ca451fcc07990b530a51d203335fa289a460bba
+Tag clean: v20110407-2200 commit: a40f49e429d68241ea4976cc2e29e57780fd3743
+Tag clean: v20110412-2200 commit: 3f8f4b9bfa0ffb484686cc6e4e1bca4934674b6a
+Tag clean: v20110415-1030 commit: f3fe03b573d68677c5fdb346f4ef17694b4cc4bd
+Tag clean: v20110415-1243 commit: 79a77dc9360f010dd7b9febda4158585114d1302
+Tag clean: v20110419-2200 commit: d77f9dfaf8954d8b4f825a9a1abfea89bea9d814
+Tag clean: v20110420-1420 commit: 2eb23e641bd81e1cb2cac4a54d725f6b8a5d42ab
+Tag clean: v20110421-0500 commit: 2e30449d4bba8a9fe1dfd45cb61da5a212fbf624
+Tag clean: v20110422-0200 commit: 9f6ad569b691f2d4c129d6c8b03dd6d0ebf7e347
+Tag clean: v20110425-0200 commit: aa6d554cb419cef8f7d7d10ae70e967deea7beeb
+Tag clean: v20110426-0200 commit: b12dc84eeda1eaf8d6bbe735d62827a2a33ff067
+Tag clean: v20110426-0800 commit: b12dc84eeda1eaf8d6bbe735d62827a2a33ff067
+Tag clean: v20110427-0200 commit: f3962b15e1ff8406243d68ed0e74c0cec101159d
+Tag clean: v20110427-0800 commit: f3962b15e1ff8406243d68ed0e74c0cec101159d
+Tag clean: v20110428-0200 commit: 82982589b4ec86448113160667ee8a71fb85ef28
+Tag clean: v20110429-0945 commit: 01d4e0b2b690e93710f556eb4a83f801f40c3b25
+Tag clean: v20110501-0200 commit: 288cf2f76448b8560cef62c6636d95971e563822
+Tag clean: v20110503-2200 commit: 288cf2f76448b8560cef62c6636d95971e563822
+Tag clean: v20110504-2200 commit: 48ac52878b3b522ef206dd05aff49e0aa1f17362
+Tag clean: v20110505-0200 commit: 48ac52878b3b522ef206dd05aff49e0aa1f17362
+Tag clean: v20110505-0950 commit: a2f52e1eacdcf7966fb4a52f2d4d2941d47e2fcb
+Tag clean: v20110505-2200 commit: a2f52e1eacdcf7966fb4a52f2d4d2941d47e2fcb
+Tag clean: v20110509-0900 commit: b2455f166e9196a0966f898860b60ea94393e234
+Tag clean: v20110510-1040 commit: d085717d1b60424cabfda2e038251d566c5af95d
+Tag clean: v20110511-0815 commit: 99dbdbb82f75b5946188edac606a4cc47021d064
+Tag clean: v20110511-2200 commit: ceb5b14b4fb15a1cc8a664f941ad3464c0e2f4fd
+Tag clean: v20110512-2200 commit: a0c62f37cff2c5db935641a96d0be7ebb2f08bc7
+Tag clean: v20110514-0800 commit: 090491d006d76359b8bec499c57e415499cf24e3
+Tag clean: v20110514-2200 commit: 090491d006d76359b8bec499c57e415499cf24e3
+Tag clean: v20110515-0800 commit: 090491d006d76359b8bec499c57e415499cf24e3
+Tag clean: v20110516-1050 commit: de501313a029b635fa5866c176d41abd3790c6df
+Tag clean: v20110516-1455 commit: c81d288a4e088a31d5ad3a3438a3503a0cb67fa0
+Tag clean: v20110516-2200 commit: f72e0461bfc47b18a02e18fa60f5fb38952674d9
+Tag clean: v20110517-2200 commit: 9939a965e42acd869698d0d2b612f32fb6de77f1
+Tag clean: v20110518-2200 commit: c168a8baec0c93319c26989116e4776207f84314
+Tag clean: v20110519-2200 commit: 742d291ab63f86a9c08da56f11460532b158dbc7
+Tag clean: v20110521-2200 commit: a70afc11bc199c8d83102a68f916e30dcb82560c
+Tag clean: v20110522-2200 commit: a70afc11bc199c8d83102a68f916e30dcb82560c
+Tag clean: v20110523-2200 commit: a70afc11bc199c8d83102a68f916e30dcb82560c
+Tag clean: v20110524-1000 commit: a70afc11bc199c8d83102a68f916e30dcb82560c
+Tag clean: v20110524-2200 commit: 7742a71a62faa4e87bbdd9eec630166f17033a70
+Tag clean: v20110526-0630 commit: d36028eb59cc1b0beed4f0bf240d60c06b0fbd2b
+Tag clean: v20110526-1115 commit: 7b7955f0b15a61c3311d28085d6c20b87e52f5f5
+Tag clean: v20110526-1435 commit: 3f89bde228176ee1073d2570b345db60b1d940f5
+Tag clean: v20110526-2200 commit: c4dd751a972ff14844015a14f34f5e106886dea9
+Tag clean: v20110527-2200 commit: ed97bada441aa624d17ca470ef17c332256ff136
+Tag clean: v20110528-2200 commit: ed97bada441aa624d17ca470ef17c332256ff136
+Tag clean: v20110529-2200 commit: ed97bada441aa624d17ca470ef17c332256ff136
+Tag clean: v20110531-2201 commit: 3f63a3a58db390478f02e8a5c9efa547e7ee46fa
+Tag clean: v20110601-0646 commit: 79c3a2d73ff43fe677173a4b154b924984fa8ecb
+Tag clean: v20110601-1050 commit: ed56895632c7b3fa2f00f580252bef44c42bc964
+Tag clean: v20110601-2202 commit: cd76db2d557a96cf4f3be811ea87539001958e28
+Tag clean: v20110602-2201 commit: e200bb5272c9755abe50e21280801d9d3d6e8f91
+Tag clean: v20110603-1145 commit: 7ad48311a869d88afd52915cf20373d1934b4ad7
+Tag clean: v20110603-2201 commit: 3f910b080bf0ea81e3268a956a7da10d18fb7e55
+Tag clean: v20110604-2201 commit: 3f910b080bf0ea81e3268a956a7da10d18fb7e55
+Tag clean: v20110608-2201 commit: 9c0a1b411919208b030efd7169a138f3901df313
+Tag clean: v20110609-2200 commit: 657553dee96d674f8942c7efcf0ed1f1a17cb526
+Tag clean: v20110610-0906 commit: 657553dee96d674f8942c7efcf0ed1f1a17cb526
+Tag clean: v20110610-1300 commit: 657553dee96d674f8942c7efcf0ed1f1a17cb526
+Tag clean: v20110610-1515 commit: e26fb0afd0bc041f352039f33396cf49c1c5f598
+Tag clean: v20110610-2200 commit: bb7c20400849f6fd05db0af390d1f55da9312784
+Tag clean: v20110611-2200 commit: bb7c20400849f6fd05db0af390d1f55da9312784
+Tag clean: v20110612-2200 commit: 0a8b88efcf01f49765cfc8a9186336d12190188c
+Tag clean: v20110613-2055 commit: 8bbb4302c2ba653bbd97b3e94fc493299b6cb537
+Tag clean: v20110614-1045 commit: 75d993c04889b8eb0e6b1ddb56012ca7efa47684
+Tag clean: v20110614-1545 commit: 8a64199510ff7e5f4eb6af760674b659f86aa919
+Tag clean: v20110617-0630 commit: 537ac4722ab3c9f79900dd381f9a1e321524825b
+Tag clean: v20110617-1015 commit: 115531d8fdfd32229170b1b5e4927ea745f97190
+Tag clean: v20110620-1346 commit: 01d846f4039903d28eac54fceb90a1e8514d4918
+Tag clean: v20110620-1631 commit: 898bfc2ab3c686ba00cdea8676c4cb7625511322
+Tag clean: v20110629-1040 commit: 9cdac17e82058de867f834f2e7faf6753915f1f6
+Tag clean: v20110629-1315 commit: f48f6c0325c5819c86a4915d602ae48ebc7a796f
+Tag clean: v20110630-1005 commit: 587c8195b1fc02243f17e309898a7c1f88971237
+Tag clean: v20110630-1630 commit: 587c8195b1fc02243f17e309898a7c1f88971237
+Tag clean: v20110705-1340 commit: c99111b23c21ec1c8d7289c707c6edbd54de9040
+Tag clean: v20110706-2200 commit: c99111b23c21ec1c8d7289c707c6edbd54de9040
+Tag clean: v20110713-1400 commit: b2d670edeb3c2c3fae92706f87198dfe7a7a0b80
+Tag clean: v20110713-2200 commit: 863e9bebaa70394380f4f1b6ac8b1362424f2ff9
+Tag clean: v20110714-1400 commit: 863e9bebaa70394380f4f1b6ac8b1362424f2ff9
+Tag clean: v20110714-2200 commit: a0e65a1107c9e9408ffc23465cf8cdcab461b63d
+Tag clean: v20110719-2201 commit: a0e65a1107c9e9408ffc23465cf8cdcab461b63d
+Tag clean: v20110720-2200 commit: a0e65a1107c9e9408ffc23465cf8cdcab461b63d
+Tag clean: v20110721-1345 commit: c208c24fe0132729e33db744ff9b92d3e4a39841
+Tag clean: v20110721-1600 commit: c208c24fe0132729e33db744ff9b92d3e4a39841
+Tag clean: v20110726-2200 commit: ffec003dfbe80221e828afacbd25b7c78d9fb4fd
+Tag clean: v20110727-1100 commit: c821581ae01691f721bf0d3615e1dd4981de8424
+Tag clean: v20110727-2201 commit: c821581ae01691f721bf0d3615e1dd4981de8424
+Tag clean: v20110729-0200 commit: 9668bef9bde953600059fba516084f4f32db9c98
+Tag clean: v20110729-2001 commit: 9668bef9bde953600059fba516084f4f32db9c98
+Tag clean: v20110803-1400 commit: 4103ad150c87d423752dd3e6805cadea709be2dc
+Tag clean: v20110804-0200 commit: 4103ad150c87d423752dd3e6805cadea709be2dc
+Tag clean: v20110804-1005 commit: 4103ad150c87d423752dd3e6805cadea709be2dc
+Tag clean: v20110804-1221 commit: 039d40039a378ee9e231dbaaae8a24baec059ff2
+Tag clean: v20110804-1800 commit: 9846aaefe00df7ae48aee558da5de9c290ab513f
+Tag clean: v20110805-1200 commit: 904566f8a591210fcab385ca2df34fdbce9f52b5
+Tag clean: v20110809-2000 commit: 37c691aea5d9695efdeb60ac072ce7c40113fd67
+Tag clean: v20110810-2000 commit: 1336d374891b634aa254df872dff67df6f75b5d1
+Tag clean: v20110816-2000 commit: d0bd2224c1e0289127846d3fc93cb74785051260
+Tag clean: v20110817-2001 commit: b4d5850ff16771620ba4633ea49c62382ecc0d79
+Tag clean: v20110824-1000 commit: 96a2b4a0c3cc54790b8d074e31661a57c2a25920
+Tag clean: v20110824-2000 commit: 08ee5a49eda94571c5a3a8cb06e4b2670f2200d0
+Tag clean: v20110826-1410 commit: 1caf913446a80b4fcb197618a27f446640548ad2
+Tag clean: v20110826-1525 commit: 42b69b434908cd5c1c8cf45600b9f090782e0e77
+Tag clean: v20110830-2000 commit: ef13c78f350aa981ea4caa1768833c4a5b113d37
+Tag clean: v20110831-1030 commit: f1026bbddd31c9a0a815c734569145651ee67f4a
+Tag clean: v20110831-2000 commit: 99700ce4e165fd90880d3e8fb2615d67914ee6ef
+Tag clean: v20110906-1100 commit: 5ca7ceb2c21de0766bca267883be87d9dd5b9adb
+Tag clean: v20110906-2000 commit: f1026bbddd31c9a0a815c734569145651ee67f4a
+Tag clean: v20110907-2000 commit: 5ca7ceb2c21de0766bca267883be87d9dd5b9adb
+Tag clean: v20110909-1140 commit: 73a1b1ac71eec7595c276aa27e6d00e07a98c7db
+Tag clean: v20110912-0200 commit: 5086f05347acbd5cc706831dae1acad5d7303eb2
+Tag clean: v20110912-1510 commit: 3dcbe24e8282c432d0d21d47feba99c6c0795da0
+Tag clean: v20110913-0200 commit: 770defeaf67fd0c6920edf7ca143e88eb0d62bc0
+Tag clean: v20110914-0200 commit: ea2099184f8a13a5c4fb0ed00c117d4a43713d39
+Tag clean: v20110915-0200 commit: ea2099184f8a13a5c4fb0ed00c117d4a43713d39
+Tag clean: v20110916-0200 commit: cce5ecbeb9cfbad3229081dc7d6e81b1b16f128a
+Tag clean: v20110916-1615 commit: c0786fc7699be96c33abe0fe0aed771af3178b4c
+Tag clean: v20110920-2000 commit: d5b666fcb4f9253cf47be6f30e40e6e5d61c1e50
+Tag clean: v20110923-1625 commit: d5b666fcb4f9253cf47be6f30e40e6e5d61c1e50
+Tag clean: v20110927-2000 commit: 109ff952e51b276e47d0de873c147cdd19f51733
+Tag clean: v20110930-1625 commit: 109ff952e51b276e47d0de873c147cdd19f51733
+Tag clean: v20111004-2000 commit: 26595f36ac7349dd40b7d96519b4b508cd7da8c1
+Tag clean: v20111007-1625 commit: 26595f36ac7349dd40b7d96519b4b508cd7da8c1
+Tag clean: v20111011-2000 commit: cf3aa5cd99cea1a89a914fb3869652c533f689d6
+Tag clean: v20111012-2000 commit: 3dcbe24e8282c432d0d21d47feba99c6c0795da0
+Tag clean: v20111014-1625 commit: cf3aa5cd99cea1a89a914fb3869652c533f689d6
+Tag clean: v20111018-2000 commit: 6376c562b193cb3e6c854a53d9b2943b48421ca3
+Tag clean: v20111019-2000 commit: 3dcbe24e8282c432d0d21d47feba99c6c0795da0
+Tag clean: v20111021-1625 commit: 6376c562b193cb3e6c854a53d9b2943b48421ca3
+Tag clean: v20111025-1043 commit: 3d77c95c3e4027a4d43cbed8a10acb8a4d81be75
+Tag clean: v20111025-2000 commit: 3d77c95c3e4027a4d43cbed8a10acb8a4d81be75
+Tag clean: v20111026-2000 commit: 3dcbe24e8282c432d0d21d47feba99c6c0795da0
+Tag clean: v20111027-1100 commit: 8ece70334e0d1954b0795d5dae5df92cea23eb28
+Tag clean: v20111027-1317 commit: 713f84906ee02733da3b37cb6c1164e8729aad1e
+Tag clean: v20111027-1410 commit: 4f3a769cde11fbe700787b63cee3f49af0c078ea
+Tag clean: v20111027-1910 commit: f954a76bdf7bd9df8db34ca12d10558fc913cfd4
+Tag clean: v20111028-1100 commit: 047a55624e3b6a541314c689e22be61d210e4ea3
+Tag clean: v20111101-2200 commit: ca37495a6a56e4056de0424f209f325ac7fd44a9
+Tag clean: v20111102-2000 commit: 3dcbe24e8282c432d0d21d47feba99c6c0795da0
+Tag clean: v20111103-2200 commit: 638a8d0bdb41af49c12e5868beaf34ae7b35f52a
+Tag clean: v20111108-2200 commit: a8dfdd1f6bc483e9a4c4c7d013c81f30d043f067
+Tag clean: v20111109-2000 commit: d48f025d33c818893181ea9dccd8793fee5d5af7
+Tag clean: v20111110-2200 commit: a8dfdd1f6bc483e9a4c4c7d013c81f30d043f067
+Tag clean: v20111116-0810 commit: 55c2dc234b1d372275a75aee95baaf105a82f899