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--- RCPTT testcase ---
Format-Version: 1.0
Context-Type: org.eclipse.rcptt.ctx.ecl
Element-Name: InitialSubmit
Element-Type: context
Element-Version: 2.0
Id: _faIt4LvJEeawKoti9_0qpQ
Save-Time: 3/17/17 1:06 PM
Content-Type: text/plain
Entry-Name: .description
This context creates a new revision and submits it to the server. This allows new reviews to have a parent (this change) so that they can then be rebased.
Content-Type: text/ecl
Entry-Name: .ecl.context
/* Creates a new review and open the corresponding editor */
let [val review [create-review -server $serverURL]] {
runQueryAndOpenEditor $review
/* +2 the review and submits it to the server */
get-editor | get-button "Reply..." | click
get-menu "Code-Review +2" | click
wait -ms $defaultWaitTime
get-editor | get-button Submit | click
/* Close the editor */
get-editor | close