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<title>What's New in EGF 0.2.3</title>
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&nbsp;What's New in EGF 0.2.3
<p class="Para">The <a href="">EGF Roadmap</a> is accessible on the Wiki</p>
<h3>EGF 0.2.3 - Eclipse 3.5.1:</h3>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">Task inheritance</li>
<h3>EGF 0.2.2 - Eclipse 3.5.1:</h3>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">EGF structure: generation workflow - In/Out/Output parameter management complete</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Pattern: Introduction of pattern injection and model-driven pattern strategy</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Portfolio: EMF wrapper</li>
<h3>EGF 0.2.1 - Eclipse 3.5.1:</h3>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">EGF structure: improvement of the generation workflow</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Pattern: Introduction of a method template editor and pattern strategy; improvement of pattern call</li>
<h3>EGF 0.2.0 - Eclipse 3.5:</h3>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">Common features: Persistence of factory components and tasks in fcore files; dynamic execution of factory component and task; UI improvement</li>
<li CLASS="Item">EGF structure: Extensibility of EGF in order to support contributions (e.g. new viewpoints); support of output, input/output parameters for workflow definition</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Pattern: Introduction of pattern inheritance, pattern call; infrastructure able to support new engines</li>
<h3>EGF 0.1.0 - Eclipse 3.5:</h3>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">Edition and execution of factory component</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Generation Pattern edition and execution with Jet-1</li>