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<title>Java Task</title>
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&nbsp;Java Task
<a name="definition"><h2>Definition</h2></a>
<p class="Para">A task is the basic activity for producing assets.</p>
<a name="motivation"><h2>Motivation</h2></a>
<p class="Para">A Java task is the basic technique to produce assets in Java. Example 1: patterns are processed by a Java task. Example 2: a text transformation factory component delegates in final its transformation to a text-to-text transformation Java task. The interest is to use any kind of tools with simple to sophisticated Java implementations.</p>
<a name="structure"><h2>Structure</h2></a>
<p class="Para">A java task is an activity called by an activity invocation. The task is associated to a Java class that implements the task.</p>
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<img src="./images/JavaTaskStructure.jpg" alt="Java Task structure"/>
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<i>Figure 1. Java Task Structure</i>