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# ====================================================================
# Copyright (c) 2014 Obeo
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
# Contributors:
# Obeo - initial API and implementation
# ====================================================================
# udpates or clone the repository pointed by $repositoryURL into working
# directory $wd. The branch to checkout is $branch or $_DEFAULT_BRANCH if
# not specified
git_updateLocalRepository() {
local gitURL="${1}"
local wd="${2}"
local branch="${3:-${_DEFAULT_BRANCH}}"
local oldPwd="$(pwd)"
if [ ! -d "${wd}/.git" ]; then
# removing all the content as cloning in an existing directory is only
# allowed in an empty directory.
LSDEBUG "Removing content of '${wd}'"
rm -fr "${wd}"
LSDEBUG "Cloning '${gitURL}'"
git clone --quiet --no-checkout --origin "${_REMOTE}" "${gitURL}" "${wd}"
LSDEBUG "Change directory to '${wd}'"
cd "${wd}"
LSDEBUG "Fetching changes of '${gitURL}' on '${branch}'"
git fetch --quiet "${_REMOTE}" "+${branch}:${branch}"
# if there are some changes in the working directory or in the index (i.e. staged
# changes), then we reset to HEAD
if ! git diff --quiet --exit-code || ! git diff --quiet --exit-code --cached; then
LSDEBUG "Resetting local changes to HEAD"
git reset --quiet --hard HEAD
# remove untracked entries from the repo
local untrackedEntries=( $( git ls-files --other --exclude-standard --directory | tr '\n' ' ' ) )
if [ ${#untrackedEntries[@]} -gt 0 ]; then
for untrackedEntry in ${untrackedEntries[@]}; do
LSDEBUG "Removing untracked entry '${untrackedEntry}'"
rm -rf "${untrackedEntry}"
if [ "$(pwd)" != "${wd}" ]; then
# this happens when cloning for the first time
LSDEBUG "Change directory to '${wd}'"
cd "${wd}"
# the head to checkout is the ref pointed by $_REMOTE/$branch
head="$( git show-ref "${_REMOTE}/${branch}" | cut -d ' ' -f1 )"
LSDEBUG "Checkouting '${head}'"
git checkout --quiet "${head}"
LSDEBUG "Going back to '${oldPwd}'"
cd "${oldPwd}"
# Adds, commits and push all the changes to the current repository. It will
# set $message as the commit message. It will update remote branch
# "refs/remotes/$_REMOTE/$branch"
git_updateRemoteRepository() {
local message="${1}"
local author="${2}"
local branch="${3:-${_DEFAULT_BRANCH}}"
git add --all
git commit --quiet --author="${author}" --message="${message}"
git push --quiet "${_REMOTE}" "HEAD:${branch}"