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<mainDescription>&lt;a id=&quot;XE_rule_writer&quot; name=&quot;XE_rule_writer&quot;>&lt;/a>&lt;a id=&quot;1036295&quot; name=&quot;1036295&quot;>In a business environment, business&#xD;
policies are ultimately implemented as part of critical business applications.&amp;nbsp;Rule Writers&amp;nbsp;are experts in&#xD;
business logic and&amp;nbsp;manage executable business rules within an organization. Rule Writers are responsible for writing&#xD;
and/or enforcing the business policies of a given enterprise.&lt;/a> &lt;a id=&quot;1036296&quot; name=&quot;1036296&quot;>&lt;/a> &#xD;
&lt;p class=&quot;Body&quot;>&#xD;
In a BRMS, &lt;font color=&quot;#003399&quot;>Rule Writers&amp;nbsp;&lt;/font>participate in the initial process of extracting business&#xD;
rules from existing policy (documents, databases, etc.). This process, referred to as rule capture, is carried out with&#xD;
the business analyst whose aim is to determine the vocabulary elements that are necessary to be able to write the rules&#xD;
that implement the policy. During the rule set development life cycle the Rule Writer will use different authoring&#xD;
environments: he uses an&amp;nbsp;Integrated Development Environment like&amp;nbsp;Eclipse to develop the structure of the&#xD;
rules set, the first set of rules, the technical rules, and he can test the execution of the rules in this environment.&#xD;
Once the rule set is mature enough Rule Writer will use a web based BRMS platform. The advantage of the web based for&#xD;
rule authoring is the ubiquitous access, and the use of wizards to guide the&amp;nbsp;management of the rules and the rule&#xD;
Rule Based programming&#xD;
Object Oriented Analysis&#xD;
Business knowledge&#xD;
<synonyms>Policy Manager</synonyms>