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<mainDescription>&lt;a id=&quot;XE_rule__prototyping&quot; name=&quot;XE_rule__prototyping&quot;>&lt;/a> &#xD;
&lt;p class=&quot;MsoNormal&quot; style=&quot;MARGIN: 3pt 0cm&quot;>&#xD;
&lt;span style=&quot;mso-bidi-language: HE&quot;>The goal of this activity is to evaluate the complexity of the object model, and&#xD;
what are the rule it can support. It helps also to consider some utility classes or methods to add the object model to&#xD;
simplify the rule writing. At the end it also help to build some different type of business rules to get feedback from&#xD;
the Subject Matter Expert on the rule, its usability, and maintainability.&lt;/span>&#xD;
<sections xmi:id="_tA5YEDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw" name="Create a simple rule flow" guid="_tA5YEDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw">
<sectionDescription>&lt;a id=&quot;1086688&quot; name=&quot;1086688&quot;>The ruleflow defines the execution order of rule artifacts within the context of a larger&#xD;
<sections xmi:id="_usf-QDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw" name="Prepare a simple unit test code"
The unit test should prepare the input parameter(s) and other related data to trigger the rule execution under&#xD;
development. Rule writer should work with the business user to define test data and scenario. Using the IDE to author&#xD;
and test rules the rule testing framework can be created, executed, tuned in the same environment to quickly write and&#xD;
test rules. As Agile method we recommend to use a Test Driven Development approach.&#xD;
<sections xmi:id="_6OjFIDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw" name="Code the rule under test" guid="_6OjFIDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw"/>
<sections xmi:id="_8RaUwDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw" name="Validate the execution" guid="_8RaUwDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw"/>
<sections xmi:id="_-ThWcDyIEdyA6a_I80swHw" name="Report any issue, questions, concerns for the next discovery meeting"