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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<org.eclipse.epf.uma:ContentDescription xmi:version="2.0"
xmlns:xmi="" xmlns:org.eclipse.epf.uma=""
xmlns:epf="" epf:version="1.5.0" xmi:id="_yG6kZNnmEdmO6L4XMImrsA"
name="document,_yG6kY9nmEdmO6L4XMImrsA" guid="_yG6kZNnmEdmO6L4XMImrsA">
<mainDescription>A document is a collection of information intended to be represented on paper, or in a medium using a paper metaphor. The&#xD;
paper metaphor includes the concept of pages, and it has either an implicit or explicit sequence of contents. The&#xD;
information is in text or two-dimensional pictures. Examples of paper metaphors are word processor documents, spreadsheets,&#xD;
schedules, Gantt charts, web-pages,&amp;nbsp;and overhead slide presentations.</mainDescription>