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The communication and collaboration layer is the foundation for OpenUP, reflecting the collaborative nature of the&#xD;
process. It contains all of the roles in OpenUP: stakeholder, analyst, developer, architect, tester, project manager,&#xD;
and any role. Team members taking on these roles need to collaborate to jointly capture and define the intent of&#xD;
the stakeholders, to jointly develop the solution, and to jointly manage the project.&#xD;
This foundational layer reflects and enables us to express the nature of self-organized teams, where team members must&#xD;
broaden their perspectives of what their roles are and where their responsibilities end. As an example, the&#xD;
analyst cannot say “I documented the requirements, now it is up to the developer to implement them.” The analyst's job&#xD;
is not primarily to document requirements; it is to communicate that the stakeholder intent is understood and reflected&#xD;
in a validated build. Documenting requirements may help you achieve that objective, but it is only one of&#xD;
many available tools. Other tools you can use include working with developers on the design, working with testers on what&#xD;
needs to be tested, and using the build to ensure that it does what the stakeholders need it to do.&#xD;
To help the team collaborate effectively, the foundational collaboration layer provides you with a set of&#xD;
practices organized by &lt;a class=&quot;elementLinkWithUserText&quot; href=&quot;./../../openup/customcategories/core_principles_category_8075133D.html&quot; guid=&quot;_UCOtoMXwEduywMSzPTUUwA&quot;>core&#xD;
principles&lt;/a> that have been shown to motivate effective collaboration. These practices apply to work done in the&#xD;
other layers too.&#xD;