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Test suites help manage the complexity of the test implementation. Many system test efforts fail because testers get&#xD;
lost in the minutia of all of the detailed tests, and struggle to organize work and communicate results at an&#xD;
appropriate level of detail. Much like UML packages, test suites provide a hierarchy of encapsulating containers to&#xD;
help manage the test implementation. They collect tests together in related groups that can be planned, managed, and&#xD;
assessed in a meaningful way.&#xD;
This might be one or more automated regression test suites, but a test suite can also be a work plan for implementing a&#xD;
set of related manual test scripts. Test suites can be nested hierarchically, so one test suite can contain others.&#xD;
Consider creating test suites that arrange the available test scripts, in addition to other test suites, in many&#xD;
different combinations: the more variations you have, the more you'll increase coverage and the potential for finding&#xD;
errors. Give thought to a variety of test suites that will cover the breadth and depth of the target test items.&#xD;
Remember that a single test script (or test suite) may appear in many different test suites, so your tools should&#xD;
prevent unnecessarily repeated runs of the same test.&#xD;
At a minimum, it's a good practice to start by organizing suites along the lines of major functional areas in the&#xD;
application. However, test suites might also relate directly to a subsystem or other system design element, or to&#xD;
requirements such as quality dimensions,&amp;nbsp;standards compliance, and other requirements&amp;nbsp;concerns that cut&#xD;
across the internal system elements.&amp;nbsp;&#xD;
Some test automation tools provide the ability to automatically generate or assemble test suites.&#xD;