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The estimated work remaining in the sprint is calculated daily and graphed, resulting in a &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot;&#xD;
href=&quot;./../../Scrum/workproducts/sprint_burndown_chart_F647C347.html&quot; guid=&quot;_YzmSIF8sEd22Gu98eFOlrQ&quot;>Sprint Burndown&#xD;
Chart&lt;/a> The vertical axis displays the hours of effort remaining for the Sprint.&amp;nbsp; The horizontal axis displays&#xD;
the days of the Sprint.&amp;nbsp; The burndown is supposed to be shown by the line of descent from the start of the Sprint&#xD;
with the starting hours, down to the end of the Sprint with no hours remaining.&amp;nbsp;&#xD;
&lt;img height=&quot;300&quot; alt=&quot;&quot; src=&quot;./resources/sprintburndown.jpg&quot; width=&quot;400&quot; />&#xD;
The team does its best to pull the right amount of work into the sprint but sometimes too much or too little work is&#xD;
pulled in during the &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot; href=&quot;./../../Scrum/tasks/sprint_planning_meeting_9F0B8F28.html&quot;&#xD;
guid=&quot;_4gCKAOF9Edyp34pwdTOSVQ&quot;>Sprint Planning Meeting&lt;/a> in this case the team needs to add or remove tasks. In the&#xD;
above sprint burndown chart you can see that the team had pulled in too much work initially and still had nearly 600&#xD;
hours to go on 5/16/02. In this case the &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot; href=&quot;./../../Scrum/roles/product_owner_10E7BD3.html&quot;&#xD;
guid=&quot;_QcnRMOF5Edyp34pwdTOSVQ&quot;>Product Owner&lt;/a> was consulted and it was agreed to remove some work from the sprint,&#xD;
which resulted in the big drop on the chart between 5/16/02 (619 hours) and 5/17/02. From there the team made good&#xD;
consistent progress and finished the sprint successfully.&#xD;
&lt;br />&#xD;
<purpose>Used by the team to gauge how well the Sprint is going.</purpose>