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Method Composer is generic term that is used to apply to EPF Composer and its extensions, such as Rational (R) Method&#xD;
Composer.&amp;nbsp; Method Composer has two purposes:&#xD;
1. To provide a knowledge base of intellectual capital.&amp;nbsp; This knowledge base can be used for reference and&#xD;
education.&amp;nbsp; It can be used to communicate best practices across an organization in a consistent form.&#xD;
2. To provide process engineering capabilities by supporting process engineers and project managers in selecting,&#xD;
tailoring, and rapidly assembling processes for different kinds of development projects. Method Composer provides&#xD;
catalogs of pre-defined processes for typical project situations that can be adapted to individual needs. It also&#xD;
provides process building blocks that represent best development practices for specific disciplines, technologies, or&#xD;
development styles. These building blocks form a toolkit for quickly assembling processes based on project specific&#xD;
needs. The resulting processes created with Method Composer can be published and deployed as Web sites.&#xD;
For more&amp;nbsp;information on the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) project and on EPF Composer, see &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot; href=&quot;./../../core.default.tool_def.base/guidances/supportingmaterials/epf_resources_446F3946.html&quot; guid=&quot;_C2FS4F_lEd2zpKtX6B7lBg&quot;>EPF Resources&lt;/a>&#xD;
For additional information on Rational Method Composer, see &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot; href=&quot;./../../core.default.tool_def.base/guidances/supportingmaterials/rational_method_composer_resources_ADE2B192.html&quot; guid=&quot;_dlGBQF_nEd2zpKtX6B7lBg&quot;>Rational Method Composer Resources&lt;/a>.&#xD;
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