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Activities are the fundamental concept for defining processes.&amp;nbsp; Activities define the breakdown as well as flow of
work.&amp;nbsp; In other words, Activities can be nested into each other defining a breakdown structure of work or they can
define predecessor relationships to other Activities defining a flow presented in Activity diagrams.&amp;nbsp; Activities
can also contain references to Task, Roles, and Work Products called &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot;
guid=&quot;_5V9HEBUEEdqrUt4zetC1gg&quot;&gt;Descriptor&lt;/a&gt;.&amp;nbsp; Activities as well as Descriptors relate to timelines by allowing
their instances to define start and/or end dates.&amp;nbsp; Further, they specify information relevant to the instantiation
of work in project such as if an Activity shall be performed several times and if so if they can be performed in
parallel (hasMultipleOccurrences attribute) or one after other (isRepeatable attribute).&amp;nbsp; Activities and Task
Descriptors can also be event driven or describing ongoing work that does not have a fixed start and end time.
UMA defines several&amp;nbsp;special Activities that allow expressing processes with terms many users are familiar
with.&amp;nbsp; For example, Phase or Iteration are just special Activities for which specific attribute values have been
set with predefined values. A process such as a &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot;
guid=&quot;1.7072348895114264E-305&quot;&gt;Capability Pattern&lt;/a&gt;&amp;nbsp;or &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot;
guid=&quot;_EhgqwO8MEdmKSqa_gSYthg&quot;&gt;Delivery Process&lt;/a&gt;&amp;nbsp;is also nothing else than just a special Activity that
contains additional documentation on why and how to use the process. Hence, because Activities could be nested into
each other, so can processes.