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<org.eclipse.epf.uma:ArtifactDescription xmi:version="2.0" xmlns:xmi="" xmlns:org.eclipse.epf.uma="" epf:version="1.0.0" xmi:id="_zHZW9KYSEdmvhNXG0Oc2uA" name="uc_model,_0UCrZclgEdmt3adZL5Dmdw" guid="_zHZW9KYSEdmvhNXG0Oc2uA" changeDate="2006-12-21T09:42:02.273-0800" version="1.0.0">
This artifact presents an overview of the system's intended behavior.&amp;nbsp; It&amp;nbsp;is the basis for agreement
between&amp;nbsp;stakeholders and the project team regarding the intended functionality for the system. It also helps to
guide the various tasks in the software development lifecycle.
Tailor this artifact to support the project team's needs.
Representation options include: reports and diagrams from UML modeling tools, graphical representations created using
drawing tools, drawings on whiteboards. Most of the information in the use-case model is captured in the use-case