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The main result of a sprint is the partial product which implements, in addition to what was yet implmented at the&#xD;
beginning of the sprint,&amp;nbsp;additionnal requirements developed during this sprint.&#xD;
3 usages can be made -after the demo during sprint review- out of the partial product obtained at the end of iteration:&#xD;
it is not used outside of the team. It has been produced in order to minimize risks linked to technology and team's&#xD;
capability to integrate to produce a &lt;q>build&lt;/q>. It usually happens at the beginning of a new product.&#xD;
It is used by beta customers, in addition to the product owner. It allows them to play with it, which gives&#xD;
feedback and reduces risks associated to UI and ergonomy. Feedbacks will feed the backlog for later consideration.&#xD;
It is deployed or shipped and used by its end users. It's obviously what needs to be targeted since each version&#xD;
brings up value. It's desirable to release it as soon as possible and available. But it is not generally possible&#xD;
to deploy/ship at the end of each sprint: too much time would be spent to pass release tests on the whole system,&#xD;
build and release on production environment, write user manuals, prepare and provide training to users... That is&#xD;
why this particular work oftenly requires a preparation activity for deployment. But if one manages to perform all&#xD;
these tasks in a limited time, deployment/shipping can be done more often than at the end of releases.&#xD;
The product evolves during its lifecycle until its end of life.&#xD;
<briefOutline>The partial product can be deployed in the production environment or simply made available to users.</briefOutline>