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<?xml version="1.0"?>
The following build script illustrates how to launch the example via ANT.
Ensure that External Tools Configuration specifies that the JRE to be used
is the same as the workspace.
1) Click External Tools Configuration... from the External Tools dropdown.
2) Select the ANT build for this build script.
3) Click the JRE tab.
4) Select the option that reads: "Run in the same JRE as the workspace."
5) Click Apply.
6) Click Run.
<project default="main">
<target name="loadModels">
<epsilon.emf.register file="../org.eclipse.epsilon.examples.metamodels/Tree.ecore"/>
<epsilon.emf.register file="../org.eclipse.epsilon.examples.metamodels/Graph.ecore"/>
<epsilon.emf.loadModel name="Tree"
read="true" store="false"/>
<epsilon.emf.loadModel name="Graph"
read="false" store="true"/>
<target name="main" depends="loadModels">
<epsilon.etl src="Tree2Graph.etl">
<model ref="Tree"/>
<model ref="Graph"/>