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- Features
-- Fix accuracy of trace for INESS example
--- TDD EglContext#appendToFineGrainedTrace and the TraceCombiner
-- Tracing for [% out.print("abc") %] and similar statements
--- Should OutputBuffer just implement Printer, rather than use OutputBufferPrintAdaptor?
--- Should other operations of OutputBuffer be implemented with contributors, to help modularise the class?
-- TextLocations
--- TextLocation#resources should be accurate when > 1 file is generated
--- TextLocation#resources should be updated when EglLaunchConfigDelegate saves a file to disk (maybe LaunchConfigDelegate should use a template to generate the file and hence automatically update the trace)
-- Is the trace accurate when @template operations are used?
-- How to deal with model locations that are not EMF models?
-- Decide what to do with old traceability code
-- TextLocation should be updated when generating to a file
-- Find a way to turn off traceability when running outside of Eclipse
so that we don't have to maintain separate POJO and EMF domain models.
Might need to speak to Dimitris about best way to achieve this...