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To add a migration to a new model version, the following steps need to be performed:
1. Updates in org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters.common
- Add the new version to ModelVersion
- Register the AmaltheaNamespace for the new ModelVersion in AmaltheaNamespaceRegistry
2. Create a new converter plugin with name org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters.<version>
- implement the required IConverter
- note that it is not required to implement a dedicated NamespaceConverter, as such a converter will
will be registered by default automatically.
3. Create a new converter test plugin with name org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters.<version>.tests
- implement the test cases for the new IConverter
4. Add the new converter plugin in the feature org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters.headless
- this feature is included in org.eclipse.app4mc.amalthea.converters, so the converters features does
not need to be updated
5. Add the new converter plugin to the amalthea_migration.bndrun in org.eclipse.app4mc.converters.product
- Add the bundle to the -runbundles
- this is needed so it is included in the executable jar file created by the bnd-export-maven-plugin
6. Add the test plugin to the dependencies section of the releng\org.eclipse.app4mc.converters.p2repo pom.xml
- this is needed to add the coverage report to the aggregated report in target/site/jacoco-aggregate on build