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<h1 id="page-message">Help Getting Projects into Babel</h1>
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<a href=""><img src="<?php echo imageRoot() ?>/large_icons/apps/system-users.png"><h2>Eager Translators</h2></a>
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If Babel is missing an Eclipse project and you would like to help translate this project, follow the steps below to open a Bugzilla bug.
Opening a bug is the first step in encourage the project to participate in Babel by letting them know translators are out there and willing to help.
<li><a target="_blank" href="">Click here</a> to start the process of opening a bug on Eclipse Bugzilla system.
<li>Follow the instructions and find the project you want included in Babel.
<li>Leave a comment that politely asks the project leads to import their project into Babel.
<br>Example:<p>"The Babel project aims to help Eclipse projects get translated into new languages. Your project is not currently integrated with Babel.
Please follow these instructions:"
<li>Submit the bug.
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