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This project requires tools.jar from a Java JDK in its build path. Due to licensing issues we do not deliver this.
How to fix:
1) Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs
2) Edit on Default JRE
3) Add External Jars
4) Select <your JDK folder>/lib/tools.jar
This works because the project's JRE is the default JRE set in Eclipse.
It will not work if the project is set to an Execution Environment because
that prevents the com.sun.javadoc packages from being visible.
The advantage of the above method is that the tracked files (e.g. .classpath) does
not need to be modified. However, If it is not possible to modify the default
JRE for the current Eclipse workspace, the alternatives are:
- Add tools.jar as an external jar on a non-default JRE and
edit the project settings (Java -> Build Path -> Libraries ->
JRE System Library -> Edit -> Select the correct JRE)
- Add tools.jar as an external jar on this project (Java ->
Build Path -> Libraries -> Add External JARs -> select
<your JDK folder>/lib/tools.jar)