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# ====================================================================
# Copyright (c) 2014 Obeo
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
# Contributors:
# Obeo - initial API and implementation
# ====================================================================
updateLatest() {
local absolutePathToLatest="${1}"
local updateHome="${2}"
local prefix="${3}"
local latestRepoName="${4}"
local currentPwd=$(pwd)
cd "${updateHome}"
local allFilesWithPrefix=( $(echo "${prefix}"* | tr ' ' '\n' | grep -E '[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+.*' || true) )
cd "${currentPwd}"
if [ ${#allFilesWithPrefix[@]} -gt 0 ]; then
local latestUpdatePath=$( echo ${allFilesWithPrefix[@]} | tr ' ' '\n' | sort | tail -n 1 )
local relpath=$( relativize ${absolutePathToLatest} ${updateHome}/${latestUpdatePath} )
LSINFO "Creating redirection from '${absolutePathToLatest}' to '${latestUpdatePath}'"
createRedirect "${absolutePathToLatest}" "${relpath}" "${latestRepoName}"
LSDEBUG "There is no folder that seem to be an update site in '${updateHome}'. No one have a name that start with '${prefix}' and that match the regex '[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+.*'"
cleanNightly() {
local updateSiteToClean=$1
local streamPath=$2
local latestInStreamPath=$3
local updateSiteURLToClean="${UPDATE_NIGHTLY_URL}/${updateSiteToClean}"
local relpath=$( relativize ${streamPath} ${UPDATE_NIGHTLY_HOME}/${updateSiteToClean} )
LSINFO "Removing '${relpath}' from '${streamPath}'"
compositeRepository -location "${streamPath}" -remove "${relpath}"
##check the number of children in streamPath, if 0 remove folder (no need to check latest)
local streamPathChild=( $(compositeRepository -location "${streamPath}" -list) )
if [ ${#streamPathChild[@]} -eq 0 ]; then
LSINFO "Removing folder '${streamPath}' as it has no children anymore"
if [ "${streamPath}" = "${UPDATE_NIGHTLY_HOME}" ]; then
rm -rf "${streamPath}/"*
rm -rf "${streamPath}"
local latestUpdateSiteInStream=( $(compositeRepository -location "${latestInStreamPath}" -list) )
LSDEBUG "Current latest update site in stream '${streamPath}' is '${latestUpdateSiteInStream[@]}'"
if [ ${#latestUpdateSiteInStream[@]} -gt 0 ]; then
if [ ${#latestUpdateSiteInStream[@]} -gt 1 ]; then
LSCRITICAL "There are more than a single update site referenced in the repository ${latestInStreamPath}"
exit 1
elif [ "${updateSiteURLToClean}" = "${latestUpdateSiteInStream[0]}" ]; then
relpath=$( relativize ${latestInStreamPath} ${UPDATE_NIGHTLY_HOME}/${updateSiteToClean} )
LSINFO "Removing '${relpath}' from '${latestInStreamPath}'"
compositeRepository -location "${latestInStreamPath}" -remove "${relpath}"