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<title>Clipboard Example</title>
<h2>Clipboard Example</h2>
<p>This example describes the usage of the clipboard framework
within the SDK. It demonstrates how to copy and paste library model
elements to and from the system clipboard respectively.</p>
<p>This example plug-in is named
<code>org.eclipse.gmf.examples.runtime.emf.clipboard</code>. This
plug-in contributes the <b>Clipboard</b> menu to the library
editor's main menu and context menu. The menu has two actions:</p>
<li><b>Copy:</b> Supports rich copy support for books and writers.
A writer's books are always copied when the writer is copied</li>
<li><b>Paste:</b> Pasting a writer into a library that already has
a writer of the same name merges the pasted writer into the
existing one (most notably, adding to its books). <b>Undo/Redo</b>
support for the paste operation uses the EMF
<code>ChangeRecorder</code> API</li>
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<p>Please refer to the tutorial <a
Tutorial</a> for reviewing the code samples within this example</p>
<img src="./clipboard.GIF" alt="Clipboard Example Contributions" />
<p>Refer to this example if you need:</p>
<li>To implement fairly complex meta-model specific semantics for
copy/paste operations, where some relationships between model
elements need special treatment</li>
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